Dalessandro Needs To Take A Good Look In The Mirror

Andrea Dalessandro

By John Emery

I just received an email forwarding a Facebook message from Ms. Dalessandro where she is referring to the AZ Republican legislators as Nazis again. That term, in light of what the Nazis did, is possibly one of the most despicable names one human being can call another. Yet in the past Mr. Shearer, editor of the Green Valley News, shrugs off her previous rant using the word as due to frustration. Frustration? That justifies calling anyone a Nazi? Yet here she goes again. One wonders if anger management might not be appropriate for Ms. Dalessandro, and some sensitivity training for Mr. Shearer.

She says that AZ Republicans are a special kind of mean people, because Democrat legislators from other states she has met tell her the Republicans they work with aren’t mean people, and they are able to work with them. I guess Ms. Dalessandro would not refer to them as Nazis.

So, given the situation that Democrats in other state legislatures are able to work with their Republican counterparts, but Ms. Dalessandro finds it nearly impossible to work with her “Nazi-like” Republican counterparts in AZ, is it possible that the solution might be for Ms. Dalessandro to take a good look in the mirror and consider some anger management therapy so that she can bring a better attitude to the table?

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