Pima County Sheriff’s Deputies Lack Confidence In Nanos, Endorses Napier

The Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s Association and the Pima County Correction Officers Association, by an overwhelming majority their members have chosen to endorse Mark Napier. The organizations say the majority’s vote “can also be interpreted as an absolute lack of confidence in appointed Sheriff Nanos and his Chief Deputy, Chris Radtke.

In addition, the Pima County Corrections Officers Association has also endorsed Mark Napier for Sheriff. The Pima County Correction Officers Association (PCCOA) includes the vast majority of corrections officers and correction sergeants in the Pima County Sheriff’s Department. The Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (PCDSA) includes the vast majority of deputies in the Department as well.

“Given the atmosphere of intimidation, coercion and retaliation that appointed Sheriff Nanos, his chosen Chief Deputy, Chris Radtke and select members of his command staff, has promulgated within the Pima County Sheriff’s Department; these votes took a great deal of courage and should send a strong message that the rank and file has a lack of confidence in Sheriff Nanos and Chief Deputy Chris Radtke,” reads the organizations’ statement.

According to the organizations, in the PCDSA and the PCCOA’s previous endorsement, “appointed Sheriff Nanos supporters and others challenged the PCDSA’s low voter turnout of 22%. We made this fact known to our hundreds of members. This time we had greater than 75% voter turnout with a staggering 80% voting to support Mark Napier.”

“Recently Mark Napier and Sheriff Chris Nanos were invited to speak with our members in a question and answer session. Mark Napier accepted our invitation. Sheriff Nanos refused this meeting with his own people calling the Q&A session fraudulent,” continued the statement. “Our members wanted to make an informed decision prior to their vote. Apparently appointed Sheriff Nanos was unwilling to face tough questions by those he is supposed to be leading. To date, despite requests for clarification, this accusation of fraud has not been explained.”

“Therefore, without reservation, and with a great deal of hope for the future of our agency,” concluded the statement, “the Pima County Deputy Sheriff’s Association proudly endorses Mark Napier to be the next Pima County Sheriff.”

In letter advising Nanos of the vote, PCDSA Chairman Kevin E. Kubitskey, and PCCOA Chairman Gilbert Padilla noted that Sgt. Terry Staten “approached the PCDSA and the PCCOA Boards and indicated his desire to endorse Mark Napier following his loss in the primary. Terry Staten based this decision on the relationship developed between Mark Napier and him through the meetings he had following the loss. Terry described Mark Napier as altruistic, professional, and humble giving him the observation that he was the potential leader this agency desperately needs. This information was held from the PCDSA and the PCCOA to allow for a fair decision in this endorsement. Votes were taken in an electronic fashion that was secure.”

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  1. I opposed Nanos appt I said such at bos meeting where he was appointed.

    The depths of corruption, nepatisum , favoritism, good ole boy network should be no shock.

    If we change bos majority , corrupt department heads, huckleberry & staff you will all realize the depth of lies and misuse of public $$$ , trust.

    There is a outside chance for reform. One of those changes must include Sheriff. He is head of gang of criminals who wear a uniform and badge. The good men & women who protect & serve are over shadowed by Command staff who are as dirty as the day is long.

    Hell yes VOTE for anyone but Nanos.

  2. It has been said before, when appearing in a public forum and answering direct relevant questions that result in your be obligated to exercise your rights under the fifth amendment, the right to not be required to incriminate oneself, has a negative effect on the voting public. Nanos needs votes from beyond the Tucson elite, golf buddies, and country club cronies, so he needs not only cater to and protect them, but not tarnish himself with the masses by invoking his right to remain silent in reply to direct relevant questions on his candidacy.

    So, middle schoolers, child reading groups, knitting circles, bingo games, and unquestioning charitable groups will be his forum.

    And if you miss any of his facebook postings, thankfully Chief Deputy Radtke’s only official PCSD duty, out side of having Pima County fund and support his relatives businesses and deflecting criminal investigations of his family members, is to re-post and extol the virtues of all of Nanos’ face book postings.

    Who knows what Bureau Chief Lopez, Bureau Chief Woolridge, Captain Harold Janes (Nanos’ Igor from the movie Young Frankenstein) do on behalf of the county.

  3. Nanos cannot attend a forum where he may be required to formulate an answer to basic questions asked by members of the public. He failed to attend a Q&A session and answer questions for his own employees. The biggest problem he faces is losing his s*** in a public setting because he is never wromg and cannot converse like a normal human being. This is one of the symptoms of short man syndrome…exacerbated by the inconvenience of being under investigation by the FBI and facing federal indictment.

  4. The public needs to know…everything!!!
    I wonder if Nanos has friends with the local stations. They have been pretty hush hush as of late. Or is one of Radtke’s nephews working there?
    Keep on rocking ADI !
    The truth needs to be known. Nanos, Radtke and a few others need to be curbside begging for $.

    • Reporters like Lupita Murillo know where their bread is buttered. She has stayed relevant in an aging job because the “cold cases” and other leads that the Sheriff hand- feeds her. This is her way of paying it forward. She is NOT going to bite the hand that feeds her. If you are looking for unbiased mainstream local media to shed light on this,keep looking. This type of governmental control of the media, has been going on for decades, in Pima County. The kicker?!? This woman (Murillo) was given an award by the sheriff at the annual banquet last year.

      • Lipita is a good little liberal solider and always will be, maybe she can join the theif Martha Vosquez shoplifting at the mall

  5. What everyone should be finding curious is that KVOA Ch4, KGUN Ch9, KOLD Ch13 did not air anything on the voting results.

    Not biting the hand that feeds them?

    To para-phrase Catlin Schmidt, ask them (Nanos Administration) one direct question and they refuse to supply the info and and direct Ms. Schmidt to obtain the requested information through the Freedom of Information Act.

  6. In response to Junior, Napier has agreed to run the sheriffs department with integrity and honesty instead of the way Nanas does.

  7. I was just informed that the PCCOA Board voted for Napier (5 or 6 people). The entire Corrections Dept. did not vote, nor was asked for their input.

    • Let me see if I got this right. You voted for the board and they represent you. Though so. You should be thrilled to death that Napier will support your union, yet you profess yourself to be a union member and call the man a rubber stamp?? WTF? What kind of troll are you? Thought so.

      • I have never voted for a board member. I didn’t even know who was on the board until today. Anybody who works in the County knows the Unions don’t really have any power, which is why they desperately try to find a Sheriff that will do whatever they want. Ninety-nine percent of the PCCOA will tell you that they ONLY pay union dues for the legal rep. That is all. That is not trolling, that is fact.

        • Junior, awesome! First you claim no one voted, then you claim the board supposedly voted but you have NO idea who “they” even are. SO why is it exactly you have an issue? You sound uninformed, uneducated, and NOW you have issues? Sounds like you had issues before this but no one told you. Here’s a suggestion before you claim anything else or feel cheated you might try getting involved in YOUR own union or representation, at the very least attend a meeting. Because I’m not sure if proverbial “they” told you but, that’s what people who want a “voice” in their own career, benefits, future actually do. Stop blaming “they.”

        • I don’t feel cheated. I am stating the FACT that it is a lie. Nobody “voted” in the PCCOA. Nobody “voted” for the board members. This deception that somehow everyone is unhappy, and hates Nanos is a lie. Sure, some people want a change, but they are in the minority. I’m guessing most of you will find that out on election day.

  8. SO has Napier already agreed to be the rubber stamp for the unions that Nanos refused to be? That is the real reason the unions don’t like Nanos. I don’t know a SINGLE person who was given a chance to vote. In fact I just found out who my union supported in this article and I am surprised.

  9. Both these organizations as well as the Tucson police officers Association need to get the word out to the public and their members on who to vote for. Change is desperately needed at the sheriffs department and the general public needs to learn this. I have confidence the public will support the deputies and corrections officers when they realize how unhappy they are with the leadership provided by Nanas and Radtke, not to mention all the embarrassment that Radtke brings to the department with his shenanigans

  10. My whole house voted for Napier. get in there and clean house. You have a lot of great people there to build on.

    If Nanos wins the media will be under attack (comment wise) that they have let this go on indefinitely. Then the next question will be what is the link between them and Huckleberry? We must work to demand an honest press.

  11. Let`s all get the word of this endorsement out so we can elect Napier and clean up the sheriffs front office. We also need to elect Kim Demarco to assure that Huckleberry`s undue influence over law enforcement in the county is minimized.

  12. I know what. Make one of your cronies debate instead. I would like to listen to that ego driven mad man, Radtke, explain all the criminal shenanigans he has been poking his head into.
    Or how about that ‘John’ poser? That would be the show of all shows to listen to that brain washed suck-up explain all the shadey happenings with the department.

  13. Great news.
    Dont have a lot of trust in the voters of Pima County. With all the bad publicity, maybe they will open their brains and see what is going on inside the sheriffs department. Hopefully the days of Nanos in power will end in November. Or sooner if the FBI ever comes out with the results of their investigation. That would be the icing on the cake!

  14. – But hard to have any faith in the electorate given that they voted for LaWall again a few weeks ago.

    – Congratulations to Mark for the endorsements of the PCCCOA and PCDSA.

    – Congratulations to the PCCCOA & PCDSA members. It has to require courage to vote against the chief honcho.

  15. I am pleased to see that the deputies who are on the streets are recognizing publically that Nanooose is an officer who rose thourgh the ranks. As a reward for covering for the last years of Dupnik’s regiem, it was obvious that when Dupnik ran in 2012 he was going to stay on until his resigntion would result in the appointment of Nanooose.

    Just sayin why wounld Nanooose take a pay cut of over 40% to become Sheriff. How will he afford his home on the Arizona National(Raven) golf course. Hmmmm, to Serve? Doubtful.

    • I don’t know as I quit reading it because of their CommiNazi style of CENSORSHIP of the people that commented.

      My guess would be that they have, as anytime I, and others, commented on obummer the blunderer or other DEMONcratic policies that harmed “we the people”, we were CENSORED.

  16. I got to know Mark Napier while I was campaigning prior to the primary election. I have no doubt that Mark Napier is the best candidate for the job – Pima county will be very happy with his leadership in the Sheriff’s office!

  17. Very honored to have earned this endorsement. It is clear the men and women of PCSD know there must be a change in leadership. Let’s make that change happen in November.

  18. As I have posted before, the work doesn’t happen in the Sheriff’s office, it happens in the streets. That is were the deputies are and work. They need a leader that will stand behind them and allow them to do their work without fear of retaliation for childish purposes. They need leadership based on professional ethics, not jr. high popularity and cronyism. Nanos possess none of these qualification other than the Huckster’s hand picked lackey to run perhaps the most important organization in the county. The reason that Nanos was picked? So the Huckster wouldn’t have to worry about the deputies and money and Nanos will do exactly what Huckelberry tells him to do. SSDD in Pima County. Perhaps in November the idiot voters will have finally had enough and we can start to change the culture of pathetic power structure for the cronies and make and start to make it more for the people that foot the bill for all this BS. Its time to back the guys on the streets.

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