Group Calls On TUSD Teachers To Join Fight To End Status Quo

TUSD Kids First is calling on teachers to join them and fight the current status quo. Currently teachers are experiencing over-crowded classrooms, lack of support from central administration in disciplinary issues, and broken promises related to Prop 123 among other issues.

The mistreatment of former TUSD teacher Celeste Aho, and the reporter, Valerie Cavasos, clearly shows the lack of regard for teachers and what happens to teachers who dare to speak out in the District’s culture created by the current Board majority.

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The attempt to silence critics didn’t stop with Aho and Cavasos. In September, TUSD Kids First was forced to offer a $2,500 reward for “information that leads to the arrest and conviction of people or organizations responsible for the theft of TUSD Kids First political signs. These acts have been occurring consistently throughout the community and often within a few days of signs being placed.” The group has lost hundreds of legally placed signs.


Now the group is calling on educators to join their fight in an open letter. The letter reads:

An Open Letter to the Teachers of TUSD:

TUSD Kids First respectfully asks that you donate to help CHANGE THE BOARD. All individual donations of $25 or less (aggregated amount) are not required to be disclosed by donor and may well help improve your teaching environment. We ask that you consider the following:

1. The District “Balanced its Books with Money Intended for Teachers” (reported by Tim Steller in the 9/30/2016 AZ Daily Star.)

2. Compared to other large districts TUSD is overspending on administration costs by over $11M, money that belongs in your classrooms (numbers from the Fiscal Year 2015 AZ Auditor General).

3. The District will pillory anyone to stay in power. As shown in TUSD’s 9/30/16 “Open Letter to the Community,” the District will openly discuss your personnel records.

Donate your confidential $20 now! It is time to show your desire that TUSD put Teachers and Kids First by increasing classroom dollars and provide safe working conditions for you, our hard-working teachers.

Rich Kronberg, a long-time educator and education activist stated, “In many other parts of the country teachers and other certificated staff rely on their unions to represent them when dealing with school boards that treat their staff unfairly and create a toxic atmosphere for district employees in general. In TUSD, the Tucson Education Association abandoned its members a long time ago to play footsie with the District administration. As more and more members left TEA, the union did less and less for the members of the bargaining unit. While neither the union nor the District release actual membership numbers for TEA, it is often assumed the union membership is less than half of the members of the bargaining unit. In most states that would give the district administration the option of asking the state to hold an election asking all the members of the bargaining unit whether or not they want TEA to continue as the sole bargaining agent for the bargaining unit. It appears to many observers that TEA has cut a deal with the devil and simply nods its head and agrees with whatever Sanchez, Grijalva and their cabal want to do in exchange for the District continuing to recognize a union that fails to represent the interests of its members as the exclusive bargaining agent for the teachers in TUSD. How else can anyone explain the union’s endorsement of Foster and Juarez for re-election, two members of the Sanchez amen choir, who have rubber stamped all his policies that have harmed TUSD students and teachers?”


  1. Change the Board! Si se puede. I am at a point where I suggest all you tusd family’s get ready to remove the head of the snake.

    Vote vote vote for new board.

  2. Who cares about TUSD. It’s nothing more than an indoctrination center for children of illegals. Americans and legal residents have removed their children from the corruption of the Grijalva’s.

    And those children will leave Tucson, like most do. And then the utopia dreamed of by Tucson liberals can be claimed – Make Arizona Mexico Again!

  3. Decertify the union.
    Simple majority of bargaining unit employees, (that’s ALL teachers, not just those that are union members), BOOM! TEA is gone!
    Petition NLRB for a vote. (or the state’s equivalent).
    Step up and be counted. They can’t fire us all!
    Wait a minute, isn’t that what PATCO said?

      • A petition with 30% of the teachers signing, (secret signatures not available to outside parties) sent to NLRB will result in NLRB conducting a vote of all bargaining unit employees (again secret).
        51% of the responding members will decertify the union.
        Do not collect or discuss the petition on employer property, or when on the clock.
        If employer attempts to influence, or interfere with the process, they can be charged with an unfair labor practice.
        This process is valid in both closed shop and right to work states.
        Like I said, they can’t fire all of you!

  4. Vote out Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez, change the Board and drop your membership with TEA! Then we can sent HT Sanchez back to Texas!

    Change the Board!!

  5. Hopefully these donations will assist TUSD Teachers if filing a Law Suit against TUSD Board/Administration for Violation of Arizona Law!!

    Substantive change in TUSD will NOT come with a Change in the composition of the Board/Administration. It will only come when TUSD Teachers regain Control of their Classroom as given them by Arizona Law: Arizona Revised Statutes 1- 841, A(1)(2).

    TUSD Teachers have been Professionally Emasculated by the Board/Administration. They have permitted such to happen by NOT speaking out under the guise of Job Security and at the expense of their Students and Academic Programs

    It is a responsibility of Citizens in our Democracy to speak out openly whenever they see/experience wrong doing; particularly when such is contrary to Law as it is in TUSD. A exclusive focus on Self Interest is, in the long term, destructive to a our Democracy

    For sure there are risks! TUSD Board/Administration will make every effort to rid themselves of the “trouble makers”. But there are also Laws prohibiting “Retaliation”, and, there is Power/Protection in Numbers…if TUSD Teachers insist on the implementation of Arizona Law ( Arizona Revised Statutes 1- 841, A(1)(2))and speak with ONE voice.

    TUSD Kids First must support TUSD Teachers in Filing a Law Suit against the TUSD Board/Administration for this violation of Arizona Law!!!

    • Francis It is not TUSD Kids First who have the responsibility to take care of the teachers. The teachers need to take control of their union. TEA has been coopted by the Administration and is merely a department of 1010. In fact there aren’t even enough members to justify it’s certification. TUSD is negotiating with it’s self and obviously the union doesn’t defend teachers against abuse by HT Sanchez.

      The teachers are intelligent adults and they must take personal responsibility which is a God given right. This is still America, at least for now.

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