Carmona To Address Alleged Criminal Activity At PCSO

No, no, no, no, no Nanos!

On Thursday October 6, at 1:00 p.m. at the Viscount Suites Hotel, Deputy Sheriff Dr. Richard Carmona, will discuss the ongoing alleged improper, unethical and/or illegal activities in the Pima County Sheriffs Department, that have been reported by numerous deputies, corrections officers and civilian employees.

The allegations have led to an ongoing FBI police corruption investigation, directed at appointed Sheriff Chris Nanos and his two politically appointed leaders, Chief Deputy Chris Radtke and the former Chief of Staff, who committed suicide during the FBI investigation.

Many deputies and other Sheriff Department employees have been fearful of speaking out, due to the ongoing culture of retaliation and intimidation under Nanos’ leadership.  There has been limited media coverage of these ongoing issues, and the public deserves to fully informed.

Carmona, a highly decorated 30 year veteran of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, and 17th Surgeon General of the United States, will be joined by the leadership of the Pima County Deputy Sheriffs Association, the Pima County Correction Officers Association, and the Tucson Police Officers Association.

At issue is the death of Bradley Gagnepain, Pima County Sheriff’s Department Chief of Staff. Gagnepain, the focus on an FBI investigation, took his own life earlier this year.

Under FBI Investigation Pima County Sheriff Chief Gagnepain Takes Own Life

As the reported at the time, Gagnepain was considered by many to be the mastermind behind many of the more questionable practices of the Sheriff’s Department. After being appointed to replace former Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, Chris Nanos named Gagnepain, who had retired, as “Chief of Staff,” a position that had never existed before. In that position, Gagnepain oversaw the inner workings that are now under investigation by the FBI.

Nanos told employees in an email after Gagnepain’s death: “We lost one of the great leaders and visionaries in our department’s history. Brad Gagnepain was a behind the scenes leader, the man behind the curtain, who had his fingerprints on so many of the successful programs and events in our department. Although, as a true leader, he took credit for none.”

Also at issue is the use of RICO funds for an award ceremony among other things.

Nanos is expected to rely on the fact that he sought approval from Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall for the use of funds. However, LaWall has allegedly miused RICO funds herself.

As the ADI reported this summer, LaWall in November 2015, approved a transfer of RICO funds in the amount of $2,000 to Greater Tucson Leadership group to fund a retirement party of sorts for former Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

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  1. Junior.
    He is not investigating. FBI has taken that part of the fun.
    I’m sure the case is snowballing into more corruption than just thousands being spent on kitchen supplies and several banquets.
    Good thing you aint an investigative reporter. Your comment was way off.

  2. From Hero Cop to Surgeon General of the United States…to investigating the purchase of refrigerators, and banquet food. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    • Junior. Pull your head out of the Nanos regime bunghole. Come to the light. Only thing waiting for Nanos and those other twits is Satan, a prison sentence and a sore anus. Maybe yours is already sore. Heard Radtke likes to screw everyone.

  3. Hmmmm. County Attorney office also misusing RICO funds. Wonder what other corrupt politician the FBI will uncover. Let’s hope it’s some on the Board of Stupidvisors and that Huckleberry Scarey Clown guy.
    Sure would be great to see that chain gang along I-19 picking up trash.

  4. It is curious just how many defenders of Nanos made their way to this article. Full spin control on this story. They do seem to protest a little too much. Here is the truth:
    – Nanos is a vindictive, immature, angry man
    – Radtke as chief deputy was the biggest mistake Nanos ever made
    – Joe Cameron, Terry Parish, and Buddy Janes are Nanos’s stooges, trolling articles like this and social media in an effort to identify those who do not support Nanos.

    And what about Nanos’s undeniable, very confirmable accomplishments in just one year as Pima County Sheriff:
    1. FBI investigation of RICO expenditures
    2. Suicide of chief of staff Gagnepain, a target of the FBI investigation
    3. Two cafes illegally run by relatives of chief deputy Radtke, a subject of the FBI investigation
    4. Use of RICO monies for an extravagant $40,000 awards soiree also known as teh department’s prom
    5. Positive drug test of then lieutenant now (recently promoted) captain Gary Anderson
    6. Drug search warrant, extasy, and arrests at home of Gary Anderson
    7. Shut down search warrant service on felony investigation involving Chief Deputy Radtke’s relative
    8. Lieutenant Terry Parish threatening email to deputies who don’t support Nanos resulting in sustained complaint but minimal discipline
    9. Lieutenant Joe Cameron threatening email to deputies who don’t support Nanos resulting in no investigation
    10. Multiple grievances from deputies for retaliation

  5. There are about 1 Million people in Pima County, brothers and sisters of Napier support only account for a teeny tiny bit of that population.

  6. Totally agree as far as RICO, great tool for the mob, but has become a cash grab for law enforcement. Look at red light cameras. Helps safety for a while, ultimately picking money out of your pocket. PCSD’s and CA’s mindset has totally shifted to money grabbing as opposed to actually punishing people.

  7. Check for story and video. Should RICO money be used to celebrate accomplishments if they enjoy some of the confiscated monies/possessions? Sounds to me like Mexico.

    Why don’t we let law enforcement buy life insurance policies on the criminals and then shoot them? It does appear to be a total conflict. Stop this RICO practice.

  8. Oh silly Sanjay, the streets and department will still be staffed with deputies. They know better than to attend an event such as this on duty. However, they are still entitled to the same rights as everyone else when off. The only on duty employees who will most likely be there are the commanders sent to take roll call of attendees. And they will do so from afar, hiding in the bushes with binoculars. Any representatives involved with the union will take the time off as is appropriate when involved in union business.

  9. Just like typical thin skinned dems. “Oh he is mean. He is a bully”.
    Ummm, Nanos and Radtke are under FBI investigation for criminal activity. Or did the kool-aid fog your memory for a bit.

  10. I guess if any criminals plan to commit any crimes in Pima County, today at 1:00 pm is the time to do it. Will Tell is concerned about people taking attendance and yet what about the the most fatuous union members that will be attending this run down roach infested Viscount Suites Hotel to drink the Kool-Aid of an irrelevant person who thinks he knows everything in that department. Bill Holden, you got something’s right; it’s personal gain, revenge and pure lies. I’ve worked in the medical field with this bully for many years and know that this man has no creditability. When he gets angry he goes after a person with everything he can even if it’s pure lies. He will even threaten to sue you if you state the truth about him. Dr. Irrelevant is a narcissist and his own walking resume.

    Dr. Irrelevant was first supporting Satan for Sheriff and Satan lost. Now Dr. Irrelevant is supporting NOpier, (a tea party member). I wonder what NOpier has promised him… maybe the Chief Deputy position that he has always wanted? Everyone needs to question his motives here. Why all of the sudden has he come out now? That’s weird. Maybe his motives are geared to influence the election perhaps?
    KGUN has it all wrong, again as usual. Dr. Irrelevant was never the Deputy Chief. We all know that Dr. Irrelevant loves to inflate his resume. Dr. irrelevant has never been to the police academy according to the Tucson Weekly article back in the 90’s. Who knows if he’s even really been to medical school? Maybe he just got his medical training from the Army, and lied from there, since he’s really good at that.
    He’s just a hood rat, and should just go back to the slums of Harlem where he belongs!

  11. This is what happens with too many years of liberal democratic control. Please diversify and get rid of some of these criminals.

  12. Funny how libs turn on one another when one doesn’t stay in lock step. Like him or not, he still has a helluva life story and is helping. If it is for personal gain/revenge, oh well, the deputies will take it. Something has to finally happen with this existing command structure.

  13. I’d like to see Nanos show up and take attendance on his own…the only problem with that is that “just call me Chris” wouldn’t be able to identify very many people. He needs the aforementioned minions to tell him who’s who.

  14. Looks like Nanos’ kiss a$$e$ are out in force on this site today. Get rid of the whole bunch of favorites and start working on merit again. Clean up the few in the corrupt command department and get back to EARNED promotions. GO NAPIER—it will be refreshing to start with an elected, not appointed, Sheriff.

  15. What will be interesting to note is who will be at the meeting from the Nanos team, to take attendance and add to the list of those deputies and civilian employees who are on Nanos’ naughty list. My rop three guesses for attendance monitor are Harold Janes, Terry Parrish, or Joe Cameron.

    God help ANY on duty PCSD personnel who attend, the exception being if they are Nanos minions. Nanos won’t be bringing this violation to your parents if you attend, no this act against the crowned prince is far more egregious than burglary, criminal trespass, criminal damage, minors consuming alcohol, drug use, and theft.

    • You tell it like it is.
      I am sure one of Nanos’ dirty henchmen will be taking notes on who is in attendance.
      Cant imagine there being enough space for Parish’s head. He might have to sit this one out.

  16. What most people remember about Carmona is his heroic act at Grant and Campbell in 1999. He is a man of many professions who has something to say today.

    • I’m old enough to remember that scene of him dangling under a helicopter to provide care to a rescue helicopter that crashed on a mountain side.

  17. Maybe Glue horse McLaim can put washed out carpet bagger Carmona to work at his Yugo dealership in Siberia

  18. Wow the senatorial candidate flunky, fired 17th surgeon general, and fired TMC trauma surgeon is gracing us with his BS now. Where has he been Dick this whole time, under a rock? The citizen’s of Pima County should be so fortunate to hear from the man who likes to pound on doors with his violent temper and bully ways. Whose water are you carrying?
    Poor, poor Dickie, are you just jealous that you weren’t appointed the position of Sheriff? It sure seems that way. It’s very obvious. Now you’re going to come with all of this “important” information and safe the day. If it looks like $*it and smells like $*it it probably is. That’s all that comes out of your mouth.

    Boy you sure haven’t changed since your days at Kino, still a prick Dick.

  19. When this guy doesn’t get what he wants (hence, surgeon general job) he goes ballistic on rants about former employers….let’s see George W, TMC, Kino Hospital, now the Sheriff’s Office. Wake up! It’s his pattern. Find real evidence or wait for the FBI to finish up its investigation before you listen to this lying maniac. He was probably shoved off to a cubical and is outraged, or doesn’t like his place on an org chart. Typical
    Doc Carmona rant. Move forward…

  20. You mean Doc Carmona…the Senatorial loser? Liberal maniac wanna be that has anger problems himself. This guy is a joke. He’s switching teams and joining us tea party folks? NOT! He was booted from every job he’s ever had. He might as well of ended up in the projects in Harlem or wherever the hell he is from. Can’t believe ADI is entertaining this guy. He’s the same buffoon that appeared with Dupstick at the Giffords shooting…Let’s not forget all the lies told during his run against Jeff Flake and our beloved “W” (Bush) who never reinstated him as surgeon general his 2nd term. How many times was he fact checked with Flake lies and proven wrong. I know a nurse that worked at TMC this guy is a real piece of work….The man is notoriously known for being a bully, arrogant, liar, just ask some of his colleagues. If he was that credible he’d have a real job, Canyon Ranch….whoop whoop. If we want to expose Nanoose please get somebody credible please for god sake!

  21. Dear Real Source of Garbage,
    Please come back to planet Earth. Your days floating in the haze created by your tyrants Nanos and Radtke are slowly coming to an end.
    Its understandable that you are having these feelings of your cozy place in the department collapsing. Must be how Hitler and his generals felt when the Reich was crumbling around them.
    Its not a handful of deputies “pissed” off, but I suspect a majority of employees are tired, sick, and appalled at the inner workings of some of the command staff. Quit, retire, or fall on the blade, you are one of the brain washed reasons this department is in the current position it is in. The good ol’ boy system needs to be banished and taken to the trash heap. And may the crows peck at your face as you sit on the pile of garbage crying. That pile of lies, crimes and corruption created by those you blindly followed.
    Good riddance to you.

  22. UGH! People! So your telling me Carmina is going to have a press conference about RUMORS he heard?????? Wtf?!!! Was Carmina there and who is these “people” he talked to? Let me guess Kevin Kubitsky?????? Kevin is pissed because he got booted off SWAT and also had some “other” trouble. Carmona is pissed because finally the department said he isn’t a cop anymore he is retired. He would only be a visitor. What right does he have to hold a press conference? The inky people that should be speaking out are the ones who handled Gagnapains scene. That does leave me scratching my head a bit I will admit.

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