Emails Reveal Complete Contempt For Public By Pima County Officials

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Emails reveal that the Pima County Communications Department was busy just prior to the ruling by Pima County Superior Court Judge Catherine Woods in the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit involving World View Enterprises. Crack Communication Director Mark Evans anticipated every possible scenario as he crafted attacks on taxpayers and Goldwater.

On August 22, Woods ruled against the County’s motion to dismiss the case brought by Goldwater over a multi-million-dollar sweetheart deal it made with the tourism balloon company. Woods had previously denied three of the County’s four requests to dismiss the case.

In its suit, Goldwater alleged that the deal violated Arizona’s Gift Clause and violated procurement laws when the County entered into secret negotiations for a no bid contract. In the deal, the County agreed to and has begun building the company its 120,000-square-foot headquarters.

The County’s effort to hide the deal from the public before the supervisors rubber-stamped it, clearly showed that officials knew it would meet with opposition. Once the deal became public, County spinmeisters did all they could though local media outlets to demonize the deal’s biggest opponent, Supervisor Ally Miller, and the plaintiffs in the case.

That PR approach did not stop even after Wood’s first ruling. Emails between Chuck Huckelberry and Evans, and eventually Supervisor Sharon Bronson show that the crew was ready to double down:

From: Maura Kwiatkowski
To: Sharon Bronson
Cc: Kiki Navarro
Subject: FW: CHH and SB quotes for WV PR
Date: Monday, August 22, 2016 1:51:26 PM

Hello, Sharon.
Can you please read the quotes below for you (given various possible scenarios) and let me know if you are okay with these? Thanks.

From: Mark Evans <>
Date: Friday, August 19, 2016 at 6:37 PM
To: Chuck Huckelberry <>, Jan Lesher <>
Subject: FW: Comm plan for World View suit Monday

For your review in advance of Monday’s hearing.
We can amend them for specifics once we have the ruling.

Mark B. Evans

Quotes for approval:

1. Statement from Chuck if Woods rejects our petition and lets the case proceed as filed.

“We remain confident that after all the evidence has been presented it will be apparent that Pima County acted fully under the authority of state law and within the discretion of the Board of Supervisors. These allegations, hurled at Pima County from afar by a political activist group, will be exposed as little more than an ideologically motivated campaign to damage Pima County’s efforts to grow our economy and bring good-paying jobs to our community.” [emphasis added]
-Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry

2. Quotes from Chuck and Sharon for split the baby – judge dismisses some, lets others proceed.

“While I’m disappointed Judge Woods did not throw out the Goldwater Institute’s case in its entirety, I’m confident that once all the evidence has been presented and the facts analyzed, the right and proper actions of Pima County will be vindicated.”
– Sharon Bronson, Chair, Pima County Board of Supervisors

“The Goldwater Institute’s specious arguments about …… were rightly thrown out by Judge Woods. We look forward to successfully defending Pima County’s economic development agreement with World View against the conservative organization’s remaining ideologically motivated accusations.”
-Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry

3. Quotes from Chuck and Sharon if it’s a total wipeout – whole thing gets tossed.

“It was obvious from the start that the Goldwater Institute’s losing case against Pima County was little more than an ideological witch-hunt. While Pima County is accustomed to politically motivated attacks, it’s unfortunate that a great, innovative local company like World View had its reputation dragged through the mud by the Goldwater Institute and its hypocritical enablers in our own community.”
– Sharon Bronson, Chair, Pima County Board of Supervisors

“We’re glad Judge Woods saw through the Goldwater Institute’s specious arguments. Its ideologically motivated and cynical case was a blatant political attack as evidenced by the fact they ignored nearly identical economic development agreements approved by governments in their own backyard in Maricopa County. We look forward to seeing our lease agreement with World View through as the company grows and adds high paying jobs to our county. ”
-Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry

A Tucson Sentinel piece on Wood’s ruling focused for the most part on its continuing attack on Miller, but quoted Huckelberry’s statement. The article read in part:

Noting that the county recently prevailed in a lawsuit over state funding for schools, Huckelberry said that “we remain confident that after all the evidence has been presented, it will be apparent that Pima County acted fully under the authority of state law and within the discretion of the Board of Supervisors. These allegations will be exposed as little more than an ideologically motivated campaign to damage Pima County’s efforts to grow our economy and bring good-paying jobs to our community.” [emphasis added]

After reviewing the emails, Goldwater Institute attorney Jim Manley told the ADI, “We have only one concern in this—and every—lawsuit we file: enforcing the law to protect individual rights. We have fought for taxpayer rights and against cronyism in Phoenix, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, and many other cities across the country. We couldn’t care less about the drama of Pima County politics.”


  1. Glad to see these emails coming out. It shows the true colors of those DISHONEST members. Thank goodness for our watchdog Supervisor Miller. Even their media appears to be DISHONEST.

  2. Pretty well said Hank. I wonder if MS. Honeycutt (from the ADI) is aware of this?

    I apologize if I have miss-spelled her name.

  3. Ive said it before and now again, the stuff found here is generally NOT AVAILABLE to the average person. They may be computer/telephone literate but if they are to be reached then the ADI needs to become game based with something to catch their attention.
    I dont know and dont want to know anything about the social pages that many talk about, have no time nor interest in them, but that is where the ‘news’ is to be found. So all you guys who participate in these areas need to share I guess so the others can become informed. Sad thing is many are takers and have too much to loose if they get any changes made in the system. Just watch the high schoolers and university kids then watch the parents of the middle/high school kids and you will understand they are too occupied with their games and social pages!

  4. If Huckleberry and Pima County Board of Supervisors want to grow our economy all they have to do is support Hudbay’s Rosemont Copper project.

      • Can you say “Mordidas?” At least in parts of Mexico they actually expect and account for it. Pima county political elites have taken their game to a whole different level. All at the expense of the working, tax paying class. That is of course, unless you are connected to the machine. Oh well. I guess I will go back to work now. Need to pay the “tax man.”

  5. Thanks ADI for sharing. There is no doubt that the Board and it leader Chuck Huckleberry are criminals.

    The Voters should get what they deserve. Elections have consequences.

    The regular folks like me can only hope that the criminal enterprises don’t pay off the Judge .

  6. All the idiots that condone the Pima County Criminals in charge never read the Arizona Daily Independent but only the Arizona Daily Commie Star. The question is: How do we reach the idiots? Remember you can’t fix stupid! So, the task is large but so was the national election. Try to make it happen. Make America Great Again!

    • I personally believe that America can NOT be “Great Again” as long as there is a DEMONcratic Party in existence. They have become, in many way’s, just like the Radical Islamic Terrorist’s, in their quest of having total control over “we the people”, and their organization should be declared a Criminal, Terrorist Organization.

  7. Blaming the victims with name-calling is not a winning strategy. People can’t act on what they do not know, and the mainstream media has failed miserably. Instead of doing independent research, digging out those inconvenient truths, and telling it like it is, too many “reporters” today are happy to just put their byline on a county or corporate press release. And the politicians who let spin doctors concoct their stories…? keep up the good work, ADI. Hopefully your readers will forward the information to others and begin to shine the needed light on the way things work — or don’t — in Pima County.

    • Calling the voters idiots is justified in my book. In today’s society there is too much information offered to defend the idiots that don’t or won’t look for it. Shining the light on the crony capitalism happening here in Pima County means nothing to the voters. They like to drive on crappy roads, they just love the property tax increases every year to pay for bloated Pima County “services”. The only thing that they have done productively was to turn down the BILLION dollar bond issue and it will be back in some form next year. It will have more goodies in it for the cronies you can be sure. That’s the way Pima County does things. Idiot voters, for sure……

  8. All this information and there are no consequences. All the while Pima County employee numbers keep growing and growing while delivering less and less services. How can you afford services when payroll is astronomical? As expected, they all vote for whomever dangles that annual 2% across the board “merit” raise. Kind of an oxy moron don’t you think? Does any of this slimy scheme sound familiar?

  9. The Voters of Pimma County are so dense and ignorant about what is really going on that they keep voting these idiots in office over and over again. People get the government they deserve and deserve the government they get

    • Granted that many Pima voters are ignorant BUT, to be fair, it is ONLY due to the complicity of the local media and the complete incompetents in control of the Pima GOP with the exception of “the usual suspects,” the Arizona Daily Independent, the James T. Harris Show and Wake Up Tucson with a lot of help from KGUN 9`s Valery Cavazos.

  10. And you expect something different from the scum that the idiot voters elected. I am about at the point now to say live with it you dumbass voters. You got what you voted for and I hope they continue to raise your property taxes year after year. Oh, yes and don’t forget that the bond issue is still bubbling on the back burner and that the RTA will want to be made whole again in a couple of years. Can’t wait for those to bubble to the surface again. New Business, what new business? NONE and never will be. Roads, what roads, we don’t need no stinking roads. Pathetic. Thanks all you idiots out there. Scum along with the people that you elected…..

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