Arizona’s Poor Lost When Jeffries Was Axed

Tim Jeffries and Governor Doug Ducey

When Arizona Governor Doug Ducey approached successful businessman Tim Jeffries about coming to work in his administration, he offered him several departments from which to choose. Jeffries, who rose from poverty during his teen years, insisted the position as Director of Arizona Department of Economic Security was the only directorship he would accept.

Jeffries’ devout faith, memories of a challenging childhood, and the murder of his beloved older brother Michael formed the basis of his approach to his new role that he often called a “vocation.” Professionally and personally shifting in a mere three days from a publicly-traded global information services company into a massive and dysfunctional government agency should not be easy. However, given the very specific marching orders from Ducey, Jeffries’ transition was remarkably smooth. It wasn’t until Jeffries started to do exactly what the Governor had ordered him and other agency directors to do, that things turned south for him.

Ducey’s instructions included figuring “out a way to eliminate the worst 10% of any category” of employee in the department, and using the “personnel/civil service reforms passed by the Brewer administration to manage your agency,” according to documents. Those same documents advise: “If there are employees who are clearly under-performing and ill-serving the taxpayers, then take steps to replace them with someone who will do better.”

In accordance with the Governor’s directives, Jeffries cleaned house. Of the approximately 7,600 employees, Jeffries and his revamped leadership team fired close to 200 employees, some of who were rightfully described as “bullies, liars, racists, ‘harrassers,’ slackers, and multi-year bad actors.” In total, approximately 500 employees left the agency during its revitalization from 43 years of broken bureaucratic culture. That amounts to little over 6 percent. Ducey’s mandate was 10 percent.

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Not many people make enemies of over one hundred “bullies, liars…bad actors” and survive.  Yet, in October 2015, the often hyperbolic Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic wrote a fairly flattering piece on Jeffries. She noted that of the employees fired by Jeffries, “not a single one had sued.” She quoted Jeffries’ description of the employees as a “collective stain on the honor of the noble mission of DES.”

She wrote:

“And when he learned that DES had 31 employees who had been with the agency for more than 30 years, he sent them thank-you notes.

“This guy doesn’t sound like any government bureaucrat I’ve ever seen.

“And yes, if you are wondering, that’s a compliment.”

For Roberts, who has few kind words for anyone; that was high praise. Numbers bore out the fact that the praise was warranted.

Not long before Jeffries was asked to resign (better yet, summarily fired) by Ducey’s notorious henchman, Kirk Adams, an agency-wide DES employee survey showed that since 2014 prior to Jeffries arrival, “Positive Colleague Engagement” had increased 300 percent. It had tripled.  The anonymous employee survey also found:

1) DES employees’ “Strongly Agree” responses had increased by an average of 31.0% from September 2014 to November 2016.

2) DES employees’ “Agree” responses had increased by an average of 19.5% from September 2014 to November 2016.

3) DES employees’ “Neutral” responses had decreased by an average of 17.2% from September 2014 to November 2016.

4) DES employees’ “Disagree” responses had decreased by an average of 50.0% from September 2014 to November 2016.

5) DES employees’ “Strongly Disagree” responses had decreased by an average of 71.7% from September 2014 to November 2016.

Making enemies one powerhouse at a time

While thousands of DES employees were more than satisfied with “The New DES,” Jeffries made enemies of powerful people. Under his leadership, former Rep. Ceci Velasquez was prosecuted for food stamp fraud. Her Legislative District partner, Sen. Martin Quesada, tweeted, “good riddance to bad rubbish” when he learned that Jeffries had been fired. For a moment, the powers-that-be were satisfied.

It is widely known around the Capitol, that Jeffries’ firing also likely thwarted an investigation into another State lawmaker, who appeared to have misused their parent’s financial resources to illegally fuel their re-election campaign.

Jeffries had also made the huge (perhaps, fatal) mistake of rescuing former State Senator Leah Landrum-Taylor from the Department of Education. Landrum-Taylor, an ambitious woman known for her sugary-sweet approach to political throat slitting has bounced around Arizona government making friends with the likes of Adams and enemies of public servants who know what those words truly mean. According to two sources, Landrum-Taylor complained bitterly about Jeffries behind his back and was widely believed to have openly coveted his job despite the kindness and respect he showed her.

Adams is best known for running one of the ugliest political races in the history of Arizona against Rep. Matt Salmon. Adams lost that race and went on to head up the dark money group Americans for Responsible Leadership. Americans for Responsible Leadership was fined $1 million by the state of California for dark money violations in a 2012 election and in 2014, Ducey enlisted him for his henchman/Chief of Staff role.

On top of all of that, Jeffries is a devout and vocal Roman Catholic, and is unashamed about his faith and his First Amendment rights. The Secular Coalition of Arizona (SCA) despised Jeffries, even more so when Jeffries would not bow to their will for a meeting. The “freedom from faith’ groups are organized and often deadly. Jeffries’ demise was methodical and nothing – especially a positive public relations monster like Ducey – would stop it.

Many people consider Jeffries a mentor due to his tireless travels across the state encourgaing all he meets to be “awesome.”

Missteps, mistakes, and lies

Near the end of Jeffries’ tenure, Arizona Republic reporter Craig Harris supposedly threatened the Governor’s Office that he would come out with article after article about Jeffries until he was exited, according to an insider in the Governor’s office. Many of the claims made in the cutthroat articles were either ridiculously exaggerated, or patently untrue.

From claiming that Jeffries ordered that public records be withheld, to the claim that an ailing employee was fired just before she was to retire, Harris was either misled, or was simply incompetent. Jeffries is adamant that under no circumstances would he order records be withheld from the public. The employee in question was not eligible for retirement for five years, and was also fired for cause.

The truth rarely matters in the world of politics. The truth is; Jeffries made some rookie political mistakes, but he made bigger strides for the two million Arizonans DES serves.

Jeffries shouldn’t have authorized his press secretary to hire his daughter as a part-time summer intern for four weeks. The truth is that even if she was imminently qualified – which by all accounts she was – Jeffries should have done what all others in Arizona power do; he should have had a friend in another department give her some part-time job experience. The problem is that it would have been dishonest to do so, and Jeffries is anything but dishonest. He wasn’t looking to give his daughter a full-time job; his press secretary saw a short-term need and a bright kid who could fill it. Is that alone an actionable offense? Maybe. One that should result in losing your directorship and sending a massive department into a tail spin? No, absolutely not; unless it provides the powers-that-be with an excuse to get rid of you.

Another nail in the Jeffries/DES coffin appears to be a malicious claim made by Landrum-Taylor that Jeffries bought alcohol for DES employees while on the job in Nogales. Because, under his leadership, DES offices moved to staggered work hours in order to better serve the working poor, work hours are staggered. Jeffries did, in fact, buy some food and drinks for his colleagues, but it was on his own dime and their own time. Every client in Nogales was served that day.

The final nail in the Jeffries/DES coffin appears to be Jeffries move to transfer armed security for DES employees and clients at over 30 DES service centers from private security companies to government security guards in response to the San Bernardino terrorist massacre. Jeffries was passionate about protecting his “beloved colleagues and treasured clients” from domestic and international threats. He was apt to say, he had “seen enough murder in my life, and I will do everything in my power to prevent more of it.” In the privatize-at-all-costs mentality of the Ducey administration, making over 50 security guards government employees with paid benefits to protect DES employees and clients throughout Arizona was ultimately deemed a “no-no” even though it took place in full view of anyone paying attention to Jeffries highly transparent comings and goings. Harris turned the defensible supply of weapons and ammunition, stored at the Department, on Jeffries.

The sexy headline: About 50 guns, 80,000 rounds of ammunition seized at Arizona DES on day director was ousted, ran above an article that made it sound as if Jeffries was organizing an Arizona militia. Harris made a point of pointing out that “Jeffries, Chief of Staff Clark Collier (a retired Peoria police officer), Inspector General Juan Arcellana and Security Operations Administrator Charles Loftus — all had state-purchased semiautomatic handguns,” on them. Given the fact that both Collier and Loftus, as law enforcement officials, have been armed most of their professional lives, and Jeffries’ brother was the victim of what was described as one of the most brutal murders in Colorado history, Harris’ point was sensational at best. Jeffries, Arcellana and Collier did not carry said weapons. The hand guns were retrieved at their respective residences.

The poor lose and the powers win again

Of course, Adams was on hand to watch with glee as DPS officers escorted Jeffries and his top staff from their offices the day before Thanksgiving. Ducey wasted no time installing Henry Darwin, a long-time government employee with the Department of Environmental Quality before joining Ducey’s inner circle, as the temporary head of DES.

Is Tim Jeffries perfect? Absolutely not, and he is the first to say that. Was Tim Jeffries a really good combination of businessman and government employee? Yes, without a doubt, Jeffries unselfishly and enthusiastically brought his lifetime of service and success to the public’s service. Jeffries, a self-avowed “poor kid from East Sacramento,” brought his life experiences, and what has been described as “heartfelt passion and Christian love to DES in a way that DES employees had never seen,” let alone ever experienced.

Jeffries visited every location and site at DES throughout Arizona, an unprecedented feat that will probably never be equaled. More often than not, Jeffries never left a DES location or site until every question was asked, and an answer was provided or was promised for later, according to sources.  Jeffries often made big and small decisions purely based on input from his 500+ employee meetings, gatherings and town halls. Unfortunately, Ducey is a little man who despises any negative PR, and Adams is always ready to stoke the flames in order to be the hero that puts them out.

Because it was widely known that Landrum-Taylor wanted the top spot and schemed to that unjust end, it is highly unlikely that she will get it. Whoever does win that top spot though, one thing is certain: the poor lost a passionate champion and courageous leader in Jeffries, and he will be very tough to replace.


  1. Ducey’s History Scrubbing And The “Rogue” Tim Jeffries

    Tim Jeffries visiting DES clients
    BY: R. ROTH JANUARY 12, 2017

    Last Friday, the seldom-read Arizona Capitol Times ran another Governor-friendly puff story titled “Ducey pursues damage control in dealing with flawed agency heads.” It was penned by Ben Giles with contributions from Jeremy Duda.

    It appeared to be a piece penned with political CapTimes-to-Governor backscratching in mind.

    The sad tale of political expediency and bureaucratic ineptitude included the typical revisions and shameless scrubbing of history. It quoted various talking heads from current and past gubernatorial administrations in a futile effort to paint the Governor and his 9th floor minions as the Boy Scouts they adamantly insist they are when dealing with their agency heads. Better yet, the article was a full-blown effort to portray the Governor and his ethics-be-damned henchmen as innocent victims of their “rogue” state agency directors.

    Not surprisingly, the Arizona Capitol Times story sought to directly and indirectly trash Tim Jeffries, the former high-energy leader of the once hapless Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES). To that end, in addition to quoting various state government has-beens and bureaucratic dinosaurs, the article extensively quoted Henry “Hank” Darwin, the Governor’s chief operating officer for state agencies. It was striking to the Arizona Daily Independent that Darwin spoke so highly of Jeffries on one hand, but insisted changes had to be made on the other hand. At times, Darwin’s comments reminded us of the stinging truth-telling piece we penned about Craig Harris with the Arizona Republic. It felt like Darwin like Harris “doth protest too much” although we concede Darwin was nicer wielding his political ax than Harris was.

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    Quoting the Arizona Capitol Times:

    Darwin said the decision to remove Jeffries was far more complicated than may have it appeared.

    “There were some really positive things (Jeffries) was doing. And we had to weigh the positive things he was doing there against some of the other expectations we had of him,” Darwin said.

    “That’s really why it took as long as it did, is that we wanted to make sure that, because of all the positive things he was doing there, that the things that we were hearing about were true… And we wanted to balance that against the benefits that he was providing,” Darwin added.

    Darwin said that the governor’s staff initially grew concerned with Jeffries performance at DES due to questions being asked by The Arizona Republic, before the paper’s initial stories of Jeffries’ firings broke, as well as internal sources in state government.

    “There’s no denying the fact that Craig Harris’ stories played a role in our evaluating what was going on there. It caused us to look in certain areas,” Darwin said. “But we had some concerns, primarily with the HR practices there.”

    Jeffries fully and enthusiastically embraced Ducey’s operational directive to move “government at the speed of business.” As various DES videos on YouTube show, Jeffries proclaimed from the very beginning that he was an “Anti-Bureaucrat.” Jeffries was apt to passionately pledge to DES employees and partners that he would “shepherd The New DES as a multi-billion dollar non-profit organization” with nation-leading performance and culture. Consequently, Jeffries did not flinch when the Governor tasked every agency head to reduce their respective employee counts by at least two percent, and to “weed out…the worst 10%” in their respective agencies.

    Jeffries regularly pledged and transparently acted to “eradicate calcified bureaucracy and legacy mediocrity” from DES, the state agency that no one said could ever be fixed. Jeffries shared everywhere he traveled throughout Arizona (which BTW was literally “everywhere” that DES had a location and site, 164 sites in all) that “The New DES” would be a “People First, People Always” culture of kindness, accountability and love. As regularly reported by Ray Stern at the Phoenix New Times, Jeffries frequently updated Governor Ducey and his staff via emails, PowerPoint presentations and face-to-face meetings and interactions. In other words, the Ducey Administration was ALWAYS in the loop as to what was going on at DES, particularly since Jeffries was doing exactly, albeit at times unconventionally, what he was directed to do: Reform and Transform the 43 year old Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES).

    Some key facts that make the Governor and his team’s history scrubbing revisionism regarding DES HR practices so darkly rich and abjectly deceitful revolve around the fact that the Human Resources (HR) chief at DES has always been an employee of the Human Resources Division of the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) which is the case at every state agency. In other words, the DES “government at the speed of business” HR practices were in full view and concert of ADOA, and it is a farce for anything to be inferred otherwise.

    Furthermore, the HR Division at ADOA is run by Elizabeth Thorsen, the state HR chief. Thorsen was the HR chief at Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) when Darwin ran it. Darwin lobbied for Thorsen to be appointed the state HR chief. DES had three HR chiefs during Jeffries’ often-reported 633 day tenure. All of three of the HR chiefs at DES were employees of ADOA, and remained in regular contact with Thorsen and her ADOA HR team.

    First, Jeffries inherited Fred Burk as the HR chief from the prior administration. Second, when Burk moved to ADOA headquarters, Thorsen abruptly moved the top HR candidate for DES to the Department of Child Safety (DCS) just days before he was to start at DES. Jeffries then pressed Thorsen to appoint Morris Greenidge, his then-director of Equal Employment

    Opportunity (EEO), to serve as the HR chief for DES on an interim basis, eventually a fulltime basis. Greenidge regularly engaged Nancy Gomez, Thorsen’s top HR deputy regarding DES business. Thorsen and Jeffries agreed to move Greenidge back to EEO when Thorsen soured on Greenidge. Thorsen then moved Nancy Gomez into DES to serve as interim HR chief.

    So, if the rehiring of 40 ex-employees at DES feels like Darwin, Thorsen and Gomez covering their tracks you catch the big point we are making and they are covering up. Public records show that only one AT WILL ex-employee at DES had sued the agency for wrongful termination, and she withdrew her suit. Only two covered ex-employees filed grievances with the State Personnel Board, and both terminations were sustained. Please feel free to call Henry Darwin, Elizabeth Thorsen and Nancy Gomez to ask why ADOA offered one of the terminated covered employees her job back when the State Personnel Board had already sustained the termination.

    This accounting makes the ongoing portrayal of Jeffries as a “rogue” in a negative sense absolutely ridiculous. ADOA was fully and completely engaged in the HR affairs of DES because ADOA owned the HR chiefs at DES. Jeffries surely had great influence and sway over HR matters. Sources tell us “Jeffries was never one to cower.” However, ADOA ultimately called the HR shots at DES, and we are told Jeffries never countermanded an ADOA order.

    Moving on, as we previously referenced, Jeffries often stated “The New DES” would be a “People First, People Always” culture of kindness, accountability and love. Based on inputs from several current and former DES colleagues, let’s delve into Jeffries’ 633 days of “kindness, accountability and love” which helped fuel the 300% increase in positive colleague engagement at DES.

    As DES videos on YouTube show, Jeffries often lovingly, sometimes tearfully, quoted Mother Teresa, the heroic servant of the poor in the poorest neighborhood of Calcutta, India. Whether someone had faith or not, Jeffries regarded the great Catholic Saint as an exemplar of the kindness and greatness that needed to reign throughout DES. Jeffries insisted DES personnel treat customers kindly, and treat each other kindly.

    He talked about “being kind” and “loving each other” all the time. Some said it had a missionary feel to it. Others said he preached. Jeffries simply said, “I am passionate to the core. It is a great strength of mine. Most folks love it. Many folks hate it. So, be it. I am who I am.”

    It has been often reported Jeffries did not tolerate “bullies, liars, racists, sexual harrassers, slackers…idiots,” the reason being values and virtues mattered deeply to him. Jeffries passionately believed the work of DES was noble, and even sacred. He loved DES deeply.

    For decades, thousands of DES employees had been unkindly oppressed by self-serving DES bureaucrats, and Jeffries wanted to free good people to “Be Awesome.” Thousands of DES employees embraced this even many employees who thought Jeffries’ talk was simply too good to be true. However, hundreds of AT WILL employees did not embrace the notion and responsibilities of DES as a world-class, values-based non-profit organization, so they were exited. Hundreds were exited for performance reasons. Scores were exited for “values violations.” Every time a “multi-year bad actor” was exited “DES colleagues were freed that much more to BE AWESOME for each other and our treasured clients,” said Jeffries.

    Jeffries’ focus on love is a heroic characteristic. We suspect it was foundational to the 300% increase in positive colleague engagement. However, in our opinion, Jeffries focus on love was also an epic blind spot for him, and it surely led to his downfall.

    Jeffries was far too kind to the entrenched bureaucrats who were certain they could wait him out. Like bureaucrats throughout America, the DES bureaucrats longed for the safe, comfortable, no frills business of the old, broken, hapless DES. We are told Jeffries knew about these people, but he was “hopeful they would embrace the fun, joy, reward and satisfaction of The Great DES.”

    Tragically, despite the love Jeffries readily showed to all those who accepted it, the unkind lot of self-serving bureaucrats (e.g. former Senator and DES charlatan Leah Landrum-Taylor) and political hacks (e.g. Kirk Adams, the Governor’s primary ax man) coldly calculated they could bleed Jeffries with various lies and incessant backstabbing despite the actual facts on the ground and the ongoing transformation of DES.

    Related article: The Destruction Of DES And Good Men

    Ultimately, it was these self-absorbed, tax-wasting bureaucrats inside and outside the agency that successfully conspired to crater Jeffries’ loving directorship much to the sadness and distress of thousands of DES employees. Craig Harris, Laurie Roberts and the Arizona Republic were willing, actually rabid, accomplices with this. And, for what? A return to the Old DES.

    This is not just a shame. It is a travesty. This is not just bad for DES. It is horrible for the two million Arizonans that the agency serves. This is not just terrible for taxpayers. It is taxpayer waste at its worst, and most abject. Current and former DES employees are telling us that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were set to be saved at DES, and now will be wasted. These same Arizonans shared the bright light of love that Jeffries lit at DES is being extinguished by the very bureaucrats who politically assassinated him. Arizona government lost the best kind of “rogue” we might have ever seen in government, and we will write more about this in the future.


    DeWitt for governer supporter | January 13, 2017 at 4:57 am | Reply
    Ducey can try to rewrite Arizona history, but clearly Timothy Jeffries made history at DES. The endgame is that none of the other state agency directors will ever venture to be excellent knowing that the the Governor’s Office will not support them. The giant step backwards for Arizona government is all on Kirk Adams and Doug Ducey.

    Luke Abrams | January 13, 2017 at 11:39 am | Reply
    Like Obama, Ducey believes there is political capital to be garnered through bare faced lying (rewriting history) because, as we all know, Ducey`s hatchet men and women (like Huckleberry`s) are just doing his bidding. Also, like Obama and the rest of America`s political establishment, this Ducey tactic cannot succeed in the long run in the milieu of today’s social media. Obama`s legacy, built on lies is already in shambles and Governr Ducey will never be a serious contender for the Presidency.

    Cecilia | January 13, 2017 at 3:04 pm | Reply
    Seriously, you are putting Ducey and Obama in the same league? Obama’s legacy will do just fine because no matter how the Republican’s want to rewrite History; we the people, know how the do nothing Congress obstructed everything in their power to ruin this man. They voted to get rid of Obama Care over 50 times for show and never had a plan to replace it in six years. Now that they have to come up with something on the sly; they are in a bind because they have nothing.

    Anonymous | January 15, 2017 at 4:49 pm | Reply
    As the day’s pass, as the months continue to grow; the more I see sadness within the agency that I once had lost all faith in but, learned to love because of Director J. In my long tenure with the Department of Economic Security, I have never seen, let alone interacted with such a leader as Director J. To say the least, among my peers we joked that the Directors of the agency were like unicorns or mythical creatures that if graced with their beauty, you could die happy. Sick joke, yet not far from reality. What Director J. brought to this agency was not only a warm, caring energetic heart, but he brought love for all humanity.

    To many of us, he was not just a leader, but a mentor and most of all a friend. He cared little to judge who I was associated with, whose shoulder I could rub on to get ahead. He had no HIDDEN AGENDA. I have always believed that as leaders, one has to have some method to their madness and ask oneself what type of leader one is? Personally, I have always believed in transformational leadership; to build on self-driven motivations, inspire, and facilitate those you lead. However, what Director J. showed me and taught me completed my love for leadership, how? Dare I say by simply learning to serve others. Servant leadership has allowed me to grow more passionate about those who seek help, to not just think of me but, what I can do for others to be better, to help them grow and continue to serve those around them.

    In closing, Director J’s leadership has truly moved me to be better. For those who failed to see it, I sympathize with them as they endure being lost without end in the sea of misery. Many of us are proud to call you him a friend but, most of all a mentor. I’ll leave with the great words of Simon Sinek “A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead.”

  2. There is no mix of government and religion – government is to be absent of religion as any incorporation of it, even minimally, could be construed as an endorsement (and for all you wanna-be Constitutionalist Purists – try to argue that one away).

    Jeffries was a fraud and a con – and Douche was right to terminate him (and I don’t agree with the Goobinor on much – can’t get past the helmet hair). People read what they want and believe what they want – I get that. What I read was absolutely FREAKIN’ SCARY! Cult-ish a bit (see Catholicism as they practice cannabolism)?

    Are there government bureucrats who should not have a job – absolutely – I could never hold a government job as they don’t think logically from my perspective and I don’t understand the politics of it all – but I think there was enough similarities in those being let go that it pretty clearly shows that they were not let go justly.

    For those of you watching – pay attention to the case working through its way through the AZ Supreme Court – Right To Work may be in jeopardy (thank god!).

    There is my two cents, you may keep the change.

  3. Someone please ask Jeffries why people were scared about being fired if they had differing opinions, and about the majority of people who were fired receiving merit bonuses not long before being terminated. Can someone explain why nobody spoke out against him until after his ability to fire people was taken away?

  4. After reviewing the Harris articles and this report, it is clear that Harris was on a witch hunt to smear Tim Jeffries.
    Ducey and Adams exemplify all that is wrong with state government. Arizona lost a good man in Jeffries. The citizens of Arizona are the losers in this mess. I will not support Ducey, a shallow and hypocritical man. He should go back to scooping ice cream.
    As for Adams, he is scum and should be kicked to the gutter where he belongs.

  5. What do we do now Arizona? There should seriously be an investigation into this. He’s was fired for getting rid of corruption, Improving efficiency, improving morale, saving tax payer money, eliminating a back log for those in need, and providing a new scope of ethics to follow that were for once in line with morale standards. He was fired for prosecuting the corrupt democrat. She even got off with a slap on the wrist after being indicted for numerous felonies. Her crime? Ripping off the poor. It doesn’t get any lower than this. Might as well hand it over to the democrats so we can institute slavery and corruption once again.

  6. I have known Tim’s wife since 1998 and met Tim several times over the years. They are solid people with lots of integrity. After seeing what happened to Tim, why would anyone with any integrity and transparency want to work as a director in the Ducey administration? This whole mess could very well backfire on Ducey.

  7. Craig Harris and Kirk Adams work together to keep the dark money scum happy. Ducey should never again be allowed back in public office. Ducey is Arizona’s version of Hillary Clinton and Kirk Adams is his Donna Brazile but the real Donna has higher ethics and is smarter than Kirk Adams,

  8. It is a shame, and wrong, that irresponsible reporters like Craig Harris are able to destroy innocent people. The purge at DES has many staff depressed and discouraged. Ducey and his team have destroyed a competent agency, which is now being managed by irresponsible and incompetent bureaucrats.

  9. I have known Tim Jeffries for years. His wife and I were colleagues in California. This article captures his strong work ethic, his personality and his devote Christian Faith. He has always been honest and compelled to serve others. He is not afraid to do what is right for an organization despise opposition or political strong arming. He listens to his constituents and team before making changes in order to better serve his department and the State. The State of Arizona has truly lost an amazing director.

  10. Kirk Adams is a bully and Ducey is a hypocritical coward. They allowed/encouraged one of their own appointees to get unfairly embarrassed for no good reason. Since when is it proper to be fired for following the policies of your employer. Ducey should be a one and done governor.

  11. pretty sure Ducey saw him as a possible threat at running for Govenor down the road, and while a lot of the fingers in the pie involved in the firing, it sure seems like he had something to gain also. Ie a possible future threat, lambasted and gotten rid of.

  12. Director J, please run for Governor so you can get the bullies out of state government like that POS Adams.

  13. DES has definitely lost a great leader in Director J ?. He made a huge difference in the lives of the State Employees as well as our Arizona families. This man was padsoniate about serving each and every one of us, and made it his business to answer every e-mail concern that came his way. He was able to make a huge impact on the quality and work life of those who were affected by the upper management “Bullies”! I thank God for the impact he’s made during his tenure at DES.

  14. The great DES lost a great man who was giving it all every single day without question or hesitation. As a current DES employee, I can assure you all that the difference was made. The people of AZ that need our help and all the wonderful employees of our great agency noticed the incredible change. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion and even wrote a letter to the editor of the AZ Republic to let them know about what’s really going on. As an Army Veteran, integrity has been a trait of mine since becoming a Soldier, so believe me when I say that DES was transformed into Greatness when Tim Jeffries was around. The Governor should reinstate Director Jeffries effective immediately to avoid the agency falling into wrong hands and stop the chaos now.

  15. John, Thanks for sharing…it seems that a great injustice has occurred which is a terrible event in light of the good that has resulted from Jeffries hard work. Thanks for sharing.

  16. WOW, this article should scare the CRAP out of every citizen except those milking the abusive power sources of the Governors office. The governor is not who we thought we were electing He and his alter ego Kirk Adams are dangerous people.

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