Kaepernick Single Handedly Destroys NFL

Following several incidents involving violent conflicts between law enforcement and the black community Colin Kaepernick was allowed to disrespect the National Anthem as a stunt to mask his declining performance.  Kaepernick’s preferred method of attracting attention was to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem. However, the misguided stunt spread throughout the league where a collection of spoiled, entitled, overpaid players found themselves doing a variety of activities during the playing of the National Anthem.  This included stretching, chit-chatting, or sitting on the bench where all behaviors were televised and observed by the fans at the stadium who were absolutely outraged.

As this stunt continued into the 2017 season, a series of contests were played that Colin Kaepernick was clearly too poor a player to participate in, fans abandoned the floundering league to pursue other leisure activities.  Loss of fans resulted in ratings plummeting and consequently advertisers jumped ship in droves.

The league continued to fail miserably in the eyes of the patriotic People; adjustments were made in order to maintain some semblance of profitability.  Now, the latest desperate attempt by the NFL to stop the bleeding comes as the league announced a change to their upcoming holiday schedule canceling Sunday Night Football.

While the No Fun League, absurdly declares that their decision to cancel the game is based on being fair to the fans to all games with playoff implications are played at the same time. There are clearly other, more substantive reasons for the NFL to reschedule.

The ratings for NBC’s SNF, the Christmas Eve edition of SNF, tied a 6-year low in the ratings. Even the week before that, saw a 35% percent ratings drop from that day the previous year.

Americans including me have realized just how little they really cared for the NFL now that they’ve stepped away.

There is little hope coupled with the gaudy outrageous salaries of the players, overpriced tickets, television monopolization of the cable companies and the wholesale mismanagement by Roger Goodell of the entire league. Combining the disgust with the growing concern about safety for younger players there is little indication that America will come back to the NFL and it will become another nostalgic rerun.