Douglas Refuses To Protect Teachers’ Salaries, Misleads House Committee

On Monday, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction delivered her State of Education address to the House Education Committee. Douglas used the opportunity to perpetuate the myths about the state standards and offered little hope to under-paid teachers.

Douglas brought props with her to bolster her claim that Arizona has removed Common Core from its standards. She dramatically fondled the large books, which apparently contained a compilation of the recent work done to revise the standards, as she spoke.

Contrary to Douglas’s claims, the process to develop the standards and remove the vestiges of Common Core was aborted by Douglas.

After Douglas’s presentations, lawmakers were invited to ask questions. Rep. Jill Norgaard asked what; if anything, would be put in place to guarantee that the state’s currently under-paid teachers would see an increase in wages should money be allocated for such by the Legislature. Douglas stated that she would not support restricting funds for teacher raises. She argued that individual school boards should determine how their funds should be spent.

Norgaard was clearly alluding to the fact that some school districts that received Prop 123 monies, which were intended for teachers’ salaries, diverted the money to administration and operations. The Governor and other proponents of Prop 123 sold it as a source for teacher raises. Despite being warned by education activists that the money would be diverted without tight controls by the state, Ducey left control to the districts.

In December, in an op-ed entitled State Board of Education Ignores Governor, Parents And Own Policy, educators and education activists called on Douglas to honor her pledge to rid Common Core from Arizona schools.

“Ironically, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, who promised in 2014 to “stop Common Core,” voted in favor of these ‘revised’ standards, which are in large part the same Common Core standards SBE adopted in 2010,” wrote the group.

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  1. 2016 was the year that voters signaled status quo wasn’t good enough anymore. Keeping most of Common Core is pure status quo. This isn’t acceptable. This is an AZ fail.

    If you like Common Core, Happy School Choice Week to you!

    If you don’t like Common Core, it’s just another common week.

  2. Douglas has become a Gov. Ducey puppet so both are in their preferred roles in their new relationship. Presumably both will lobby hard to hire a new U of A President who will represent the loony left, like the current President, not the citizens of AZ who are entitled to affordable higher education (per our State constitution,) not a campus denigrating education in favor of left wing politics and bachelor/bachelorette “priveledged” life styles.

  3. Arizona’s Final ELA standards have changed very little from the original Common Core. These standards are detrimental to a quality education. To see this easily and clearly for yourself, you needn’t have a college degree or teaching certificate. You don’t have to plow through hundreds of standards. Take a look at just one grade level: Kindergarten. See the article on

  4. Pookie2 – Don’t lose heart. Many of else feel like Douglas turned her back on us. Please call your state rep to back education activists who are looking forward to the introduction of Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem’s bill; HCR-2001, which if passed change the State Constitution regarding the representation of the people on the State Board of Education. HCR-2001 redefines the State Board of Education to be an elected body as opposed to one occupied by unelected friends of the governor’s. Ducey is as much to blame on this matter as well.

  5. So, it is OK to keep the ties of federal control over schools and keep Common Core, but it is not OK for the state to tell districts that they must pass the buck on to their teachers? The hypocrisy of Diane Douglas!

    • Not really. Her stated goal has always been LOCAL CONTROL. So if you support that you have to also realize that means PARENTS will have to get off their duffs and starting holding local school boards accountable for what they do. Its my understanding that she is asking for a 5% raise for teachers in the budget which is huge compared to what is currently in there.

      • Most of us who don’t want Common Core standards in AZ did get off our duffs and started asking questions of our teachers, administrators, and our school boards. They all pointed to the AZ State Board of Ed and AZ Dept of Ed as the one’s mandating and forcing their hands. Fact is, SBE signed up for CC before it was field tested anywhere. Districts reported they had to sign a document to teach the AZ CC standards and offer the state tests. “Choosing” Common Core curriculum from one manufacturer to the next is of little value when all are based on same CC standards. Like a Model T can have any color you want so long as it is black. Finding non CC textbooks published after 2010 from the big textbook publishers is a futile exercise.

        Jennifer, yes, teacher pay or how much prop 123 money to give to teacher salaries is local control issue, but picking non CC curriculum…good luck with that. If you know of a district that has done that successfully, please advise! Would genuinely love to see that.

        Finally, State Board of Ed to include SPI Douglas ignored the Standards Dev Committee’s recommendation to postpone for 30 days in order have a discussion on the proposed standards prior to an SBE vote. SBE violated their own policy THEY created for the standards subcommittee and approved the new standards days later. There are accountability issues all the way around.

  6. Why did Diane Douglas abandon her promise to sever the national control over our Arizona education system? What happened? Who is whispering in her ear? Or was she hoodwinking us the whole time during her campaign? This is beyond disappointing.

  7. I regret voting for this empty skirt, and will not do so in the future, actually I regret voting for this huge spineless woman.

    Boy was I snookered.

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