Napier Appoints Chiefs, Leaner Leadership

Chief Byron Gwaltney, Chief Deanna Johnson, and Chief Karl Woolridge

On Monday, Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier announced the selection of his top staff. Napier inherited a bloated top-heavy organization in turmoil.

“To ensure internal and external confidence in the Executive Leadership Team, Sheriff Napier held a competitive process for the selection of Bureau Chief, which included input from department members,” according to a press release. “In addition to the resetting of leadership, Sheriff Napier directed that we undertake a process to reduce the department from a four bureau structure to a three bureau structure. This means one fewer Chief position, flattening the organizational structure and enhancing efficiencies. The end result will be a significant reorganization and possibly the reduction of additional command level positions. The new chiefs will assume their positions on February 19, at which time we also hope to have the reorganization complete.”

Chief Byron Gwaltney, Chief Deanna Johnson, and Chief Karl Woolridge will serve under Napier. Both Gwaltney and Woolridge were popular with deputies due to their “high integrity,” according to a source.

Chief Byron Gwaltney

Byron Gwaltney, a 29-year veteran of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has served in a variety of assignments and positions. He has worked various operational assignments to include patrol, criminal investigations, DUI enforcement, SWAT, and training. Chief Gwaltney promoted to command rank in 2006 and has held command positions in patrol and special operations. Promoted to Chief in 2014, Chief Gwaltney has served as the Corrections Bureau commander and the Operations Bureau commander. Chief Gwaltney is a graduate of the 266th session of the FBI National Academy.

Chief Deanna Johnson

Chief Johnson has been with the Sheriff’s Department for 21 years. She has been assigned to patrol, investigations and administration. Mostly recently, she was assigned as a Captain in the Special Investigations Division which includes the Narcotics and Special Investigations Section and the Technical Support Section. Chief Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. She is a graduate of the FBI’s Executive Leadership Institute and was an instructor for five years in the Leadership in Police Organization program through the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Karl Woolridge

Karl Woolridge has been with the Pima County Sheriff’s Department for over 27 years, rising from the rank of corrections officer to bureau chief. His assignments have included extensive time in operations and administration, presiding over the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force, and collaborating with other public safety agencies, county departments, schools, and local organizations on a variety of projects aimed at improving the quality of life in this community. Chief Woolridge earned a Master of Administration Degree with leadership emphasis from Northern Arizona University, a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University, and an Associate’s Degree from Pima Community College.

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  1. Wow. What a childish discussion. Those who leave personally demeaning comments really look foolish. It’s concerning that they also appear to be members of the department. I hope that if I ever have to call 9-1-1 they won’t be the ones to respond. I’m impressed that Sheriff Napier is reorganizing and making things better. I trust that the fools who vent such crude comments in this forum don’t represent the majority of the deputies in the Sheriff’s department. I prefer to stand behind all of them, including the new chiefs.

  2. I think this is a job for…..
    Captain Ecstasy !!!!
    Yes Captain E, the emergency lights are pretty. Rubbing your naked body on them was not why we called you though.

  3. I agree. They must have felt they needed a female for diversity. Too bad there are no other female captains that could be promoted. She is basically incompetent and vindictive. No real police experience. Just a lot of drama Her fooling around within the department is well known to everyone. She does not hold a lot of respect I guess everything can’t be perfect. When is Napier going to get rid of the remaining cronies at the department from the Radke Nanos era. Kastigar, Heaney, north, Coultas still there and still earning way too much money for what little purpose they serve. Still a bad reminder of the recent cronyism. Four easy places to slash the budget

  4. Let’s not forget her infamous “underwear drawer” incident. This woman is certifiably nuts. I’m guessing the new Sheriff was unaware that her nick name in the department was “fruit loops”.

    • I forgot all about that. Is this the same woman who alleged the recruits were “undressing her with their eyes” as a counselor at SALETC or was that K.M.? Can’t remember.

      • Look at these three disgruntled losers, with an obvious axe to grind. Just the fact that you think the ability to fill out a tow sheet defines leadership shows you are a visionless, sad, low level thinker who rather spread rumors and shit talk behind a pseudonym. Your concern about a woman’s underwear drawer shows your antiquated, misogynistic thinking and obsession with conjecture and juvenile behavior. Leadership is something you think is earned in a locker room, picking on people, or apparently filling out tow sheets.

        Chief Johnson garners overwhelming support from not only her current detective subordinates, but from highly respected uniformed members of the department as well, at all levels.

        Real cops have a saying “You are judged buy those who respect you, not those that don’t”. You three obviously don’t, and thats a good thing. Who wants to be respected by rumor mongering, self-hating, unhappy, childish cowards. Not her, nor me.

        Bring that tow sheet to a time and place and I’ll be happy to debate this in person. Otherwise crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of and tell your ilk you share it with I’d take Chief Johnson into any situation before I pissed on any of you.

        • Amen to that.
          Captain Theel is a stand up guy.
          Chief Lopez and Captain Janes were and still a part of Team Nanos or the Radtke Regime. They cant be trusted.
          Chief Johnson will excel.

        • I guess we made one of her boy toys angry! One who talks down to pseudonym posters while posting under a pseudonym. We’re not obsessed with her underwear drawer, I believe the story goes SHE thought people were stealing them. Probably Bigfoot.

          Real cops have no such saying, you made that up. She garners no such support. A tow sheet doesn’t define leadership, it was an example of an easy task that she likely couldn’t complete.

          Also, this has nothing to do with her gender and everything to do with conduct on the job. We actually have many great female deputies, we just don’t promote any of them.

  5. Woolridge and Gwaltney were expected, but the promotion of Deanna Johnson is demoralizing. This woman spent nearly her entire career as a deputy/sergeant/lieutenant in cushy, safe assignments like Community Resources or Green Valley. While in Green Valley as a lieutenant, she thought it’d be a great idea to have an affair with one of her district’s deputies and hide it, so she could shower him with desirable jobs and training. Over months, it became so obvious it became an issue in the district. There was of course classic PCSD retaliation against any who brought it up to her. While no one cares what you do outside of work, the blatant favoritism and retaliation are the real problems.
    This became public to the department after she promoted again to captain and was on probation. The department heads just swept it under the rug, as they usually did for commander misconduct. Now she promotes AGAIN? Talk about failing upward…
    This woman was barely a cop, never a detective, a mediocre sergeant, an unethical lieutenant, a dishonest captain and now a chief. I’m tempted to hand her a tow sheet to fill out and watch her head explode to save us from whatever incompetent Hell her command will bring. How can you lead CID if you’ve never even issued a case or obtained a search warrant for a house? How can you lead patrol if you’ve blown your credibility and can’t do the basic tasks of the job? How can an agency head trust her to make appropriate discipline decisions with her history? There were other, better respected applicants for the position. Bottom line is that the detectives she’s now going to be in charge of won’t respect her because she has no clue about their job, and the deputies won’t respect her because they take more calls in a month than she’s taken in her entire career.
    To be fair to the new sheriff, he seems like a genuinely good man and is trying really hard. It’s possible he just doesn’t know about all of this, which would be the fault of the other commanders for not warning him. Oh well, the agency, for the first time ever, went three whole weeks without a morally bankrupt, incompetent chief. That’s some progress people!

    • So you are telling me Captain “Buddy” Janes was a ‘real’ cop by your definition?
      That clown should be indicted by the FBI for his participation with the RICO funds and stealing. And add on, arrested for impersonating a peace officer. He has been a desk jockey and suck up his entire career.
      Too bad him and Radtke wont be cellmates.
      I have my fingers crossed for that. He should lose his POST certification for his little part in bringing shame to the department and being a grade A a-hole.
      I would like to discuss Lopez, but I am already in a bad mood talking about Buddy my head is going to explode.

  6. The start of gaining the confidence & trust of the Community.

    Vigilance and public input is demanded. It is easy to make errors after all our public servants are human like all of us.

    Greed power and only the anointed ( good ole boys ) has caused a cancer causing destructive behavior in Pima County. I recommend we have public input so that we may never revert back to the Nanos era. As short as it was it clearly was toxic.

  7. Looks like the sheriff got some good people and not lackeys like Dumbnuts and Nanos. However, mark my words, Huckelberry will do everything possible to run Napier out of office. He has already started with the pension shortfall and other budget BS that started under his boy Nanos and now Huckelberry expects Napier to clean it up. the first shot was fired by the Huckster. Wants lackeys and not professionals.

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