Tucson Police Officers Assaulted, Protesters Pepper Sprayed In Downtown Clash

On Thursday, Tucson Police responded to an “emergency protest” organized by La Union del Pueblo Entero (L.U.P.E) outside of the Federal Building on West Congress Street at Granada Avenue in downtown. The protest was part of the national ‘Day Without Immigrants’ strike.

The protest began peacefully. However, protesters blocked a police vehicle and tensions grew. When an officer was struck from behind and police attempted to arrest a member of the Brown Berets, police officers used pepper spray on some of the protesters including elderly women.

One video posted on social media showed a police officer trying to contact protest organizers in an effort to deescalate the situation. He approached attorney Isabel Garcia, of Derechos Humanos, and asked if she was an organizer. Garcia responded, “We are organizers,” and walked away from the officer. The officer asked if the organizers were willing to work together, but his request was ignored.

The protest was small with only about 80 participants.

On February 15, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that agitators were falsely reporting “roundups.”

Activists/agitators/citizen journalists did arrive to document Thursday’s protest. In an article on Westword, Unicorn Riot is reported to walk “a curious line between activism and journalism: Unlike those in traditional news media, Unicorn Riot’s videographers don’t just stand by during protests or police confrontations, showing what’s going on from the sidelines.”

“The group acknowledges that it’s not trying to be neutral,” according to the Westword report.

Unicorn Riot is a volunteer-operated decentralized media collective born from the Internet in 2015, we operate non-hierarchically, independent of corporate and government funding. The non-profit media organization currently spans across multiple US cities including Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, and New York City.

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  1. La Raza is in fact, supported by Soros and now have a leader as the DNC’s top dog, Perez, is a supporter as is Raul Grijalva. Pres. Trump has to contend with several LR supporters/members in Congress as well. LR is actively threatening “violent revolution” within the next 3 yrs. if they don’t get the SW U.S. turned over to Mex. Also, many of the LR are active in the criminal latino gangs like the 18th St. boys, La Familia, Border Brothers, etc.

  2. The protesters have a right oF LAWFUL ASSEMBLY but no right to break our laws. “Protesters”
    who break laws should be arrested and/or charged & prosecuted just like a thief who thinks she has a right to break the law and take your stuff.

  3. You law breakers need to take your crimes and your “La Raza” and get back on the other side of the wall. TPD does not deserve your wrath. You have become a blight on this community.

    I thought you promised a day without illegal immigrants? I am waiting.

  4. Are the Brown Berets (what a completely racist title for an activist group!) financially supported by Soros through The Alliance For Social Justice by way of the Refuse Fascism by way of the Tides Foundation? The Alliance For Social Justice received $50,000.00 from Soros & sponsors Refuse Fascism, a communist group that encouraged left wingers to shut down Milo Yiannopolous at Berkley a couple of weeks ago. With such groups, follow the money.

  5. Antagonist groups like the rabid racist Brown Berets and leftist America-hating organizers like Isabella Garcia with the Pima County Public Defenders Office could only muster up 50-80 morons to protest one of the silliest protests ever to come about. Know this…these professional agitators are violent people, unconcerned about being arrested and are a menace to a lawful society.

  6. An emergency protest? About what? Just because. I used to have some compassion for ILLEGALS when I first moved here, but that left after about a month or two when I realized that they were scamming the system and living off my tax dollar. Free medical care, education, phones, housing, and on top of all of the freebies, they steal our personal information so that they can get a job at a reduced rate and affect the wages of the rest of the trades. Mexico’s “best and brightest” come in by the back door and expect the taxpayer to take care of them. Complain when families are broken up, bitch about their rights as an ILLEGAL and in general the “do gooders” want to ignore any laws that would enforce ILLEGAL immigration. No, I do not have one whit of sympathy for the ILLEGALS nor for the idiots what want them here and protect them. They should be in jail too.

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