TUSD Board Scheduled To Consider Sanchez Employment Again

H.T. Sanchez

The Tucson Unified School District Governing Board will once again consider terminating the employment of Superintendent H.T. Sanchez. This will be the third time in as many weeks that the Board considers Sanchez’s future.

Sanchez has violated the terms of his contract numerous times. Those violations were ignored while Board member Adelita Grijalva controlled the Board majority.

Grijalva lost control of the Board as a result of the 2016 election of Rachael Sedgwick, who defeated Grijalva loyalist Board member Cam Juarez.

Among the many violations by Sanchez of the terms of his contract, are multiple instances in which he was required to get Board approval for specific actions and failed to do so.

According to sources and various documents, Sanchez misled the Board as to compensation in contracts, gave pay raises to senior administrators without Board approval, and gave separating employees additional months of health insurance after separation.

Sanchez’s contract says the Governing Board has exclusive authority to determine employee compensation.

Administrators Abel Morado, Stephanie Boe, and Michelle Tong received contracts with substantial raises unapproved by the Governing Board.

In 2013, administrators Damon Jackson and Steve Holmes signed contracts of employment with TUSD. The contracts include various benefits, financial and otherwise, but neither contract specifies the possibility of a bonus. In June 2014, just before the end of the fiscal year, each administrator received a $10,000 payment, coded as a “bonus.” It appears that none of the other benefits that were specified in the signed contracts could produce such a $10,000 payment.

Sanchez is alleged to have violated his contract when he reportedly directed principals not to follow the Board approved policy: Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Sanchez’s contract specifically requires him to follow Governing Board policies.

Sanchez allowed Pueblo High Principal Augie Romero to violate State law when Romero changed student’s grades without their teacher’s consent.

Sanchez, who is not a certified educator by the Arizona State Board of Education, is required under the terms of his contract to follow the laws and regulations of the State of Arizona.

Sanchez was contacted on at least two occasions by authorities for failing to report assaults on employees or police as required by Arizona law.


  1. It will be interesting. The mafia will be out in full force and they will be disguising. Grijalva and Foster will urge them on to make a shambles of the meeting. Remember the kids chained to the chairs?

  2. Why is the Board majority “Water Boarding” the citizens and Voters of TUSD and The CoT.

    There has been presented and apparent unending list of violations of His employment terms.

    Please end the Torture and Fire Sanchez, show some leadership.

  3. Never underestimate the Grijalva Crime Syndicate. This failing school district is one of their powerbases. Never mind that for years they have systematically drove it into the ground. La Gorda is not quite ready to assume the thrown in the 3rd Congressional District. They will continue to squeeze the life out of TUSD until the Progressive goals have been achieved. I am not confident that Hicks, Stegeman, and Sedgewick will not fold under the pressure of lies, phony protesters, and character assaults that are coming. The Grijavla Goons will be out in force tonight.

  4. Common sense and knowledge never seem to be a asset for elected folks that are part of the Grijalva machine.

    All the cronies will not listen to truth they are blinded buy blind loyalty to the good ole boys gang.

    I hope to see lots and lots of you tonight to champion public education.

  5. If fired/terminated/resigns wonder what the compensation package will be? He gets $1000 per day for sick leave the peons get whatever contract hours they are under. To retire with tusd one needs to be there for 10 years to get any benefits, and then only 60% of unused sick time! If this clown gets anything at ALL it will be a major crime. He should hit the street WITHOUT any payments/compensation. He got a 24% raise the peons got 1% and the rest of the blue collar about the same so .10 per hour raise vs his!!!!

  6. For the worry warts out there, let there be no doubt, TUSD with H. T. Sanchez at the helm is quantifiably worse than TUSD with NO ONE at the helm, while the new Board majority gets its bearings (keeping in mind, it will have to do so with the constant undermining of its work by members Grijalva and Foster) and finds a competent Superintendent to replace the incompetent Sanchez. As Board member Mark Stegeman constantly reminds us, TUSD has some great elements to build upon and with the new majority in control and an experienced and competent Superintendent in place within the next year or so, there is every reason to expect it to quickly become a system that excels and one which we all can be proud of. It is a shame Mr. Sanchez did not realize this and made that his goal instead of monetary gain and feeding his megalomania.

  7. Lori, great article and you enumerate Sanchez’ contractual obligations very well. I would like to suggest that these violations plus all others where Sanchez was derelict in his duties and contractual obligations i.e allow ESI to illegally contribute to Fosters and Juarezes campaigns, allow Ricky Hernandez to illegally sit on the auditing committee, etc.and etc.
    to Varney, Rothschild, Dusenbury, Elias, and all others that Foster listed as Sanchez’supporters. This is needed for the record so in the future when these individuals toot their own horns as to how ethical they are, one can really see that they are no different than those they support. That makes them either corrupt or ignorant or both. No wonder Tucson has so many dysfunctional governing bodies, Sanchez’ support comes from the so called leaders/pillars of this community most of them members of local governing bodies.

  8. All of this makes one wonder what Rothschild, Varney (and the entire Chamber Board), and Dusenberry (SALC) are up to. They vehemently support Sanchez and by default, condone Sanchez’s egregious and illegal activities. Maybe some one should look into the workings of the Chamber, Mayor’s Office, and SALC.

  9. I didn’t realize that Grijalva lost her post as president. That is exciting!! With all of the violations committed by Sanchez, it would behoove the TUSD School Board to fire him without compensation. He was illegally hired from the start. He must go now!!

  10. And by the way, Morado is not a TUSD employee. Tong is a lawyer, specializing in Employee issues, should know what is legal.

  11. Justice has prevailed. He got to resign rather than facing felony charges. Here’s hoping any other district that may consider him does their homework. The next step is to get rid of Foster. Can’t believe SUSD allows her to do TUSD business whilst getting paid by them.

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