Ex-Tucson Firefighter Finally Convicted Of Cold Case Triple Murder

On Friday, a Pima County jury found David Dwayne Watson, an ex-Tucson Firefighter, guilty of two counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Second Degree Murder.

In 2000, Linda Watson, Watson’s ex-wife, disappeared during a custody fight over their daughter. After Linda’s disappearance, her 63-year-old mother, Marilyn Cox, moved into her home and was involved in civil litigation with Watson, over unsupervised visitation rights with her granddaughter.

On May 7, 2003, Marilyn Cox and 53-year-old Renee Farnsworth were gunned down at Marilyn’s home after her first court ordered visitation with her grandchild, according to authorities.

Linda’s skull was found in 2003, and was identified as hers in 2011.

Watson was charged in April 2015. He pleaded not guilty.

In November 2016, a jury was unable to reach a verdict in Watson’s first murder trial after three days of deliberations.

Watson is scheduled to be sentenced on April 17, 2017, in Pima County Superior Court Judge Deborah Bernini’s Courtroom.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | March 18, 2017 at 9:10 am |

    Nice to see that this local nightmare finally has an ending, but one can only be left wondering if you go before a jury enough sooner or later you’ll get convicted.


  2. The tooter is back! Thanks for the useless comments.

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