Pima County Common Sense: Sunday’s Comic

Goldwater Study Says Pima County Should Streamline Regulations, Focus On Public Services To Improve Economy

In 2015 Pima County officials put taxpayers on the hook for $15 million in new debt in order to build a new headquarters for a private company called World View Enterprises. County officials said they were subsidizing this business to help improve the economy. In a new study released today, a California State Northridge professor explains that subsidizing individual companies at the expense of taxpayers and other businesses is rarely a recipe for economic success. Instead, she recommends the County focus on reducing regulations and improving community services that will benefit all businesses.

“Instead of negotiating subsidies to individual private firms, such as World View, Pima County should focus on efforts that make the community attractive to firms in general and to the workers they might hire,” said Shirley V. Svorny, Ph.D., an economics professor at California State University Northridge. “The County would be best off directing its resources toward local public services.”

To spur economic activity, Dr. Svorny says local governments have several alternatives to risky, World View-like deals. Her new study, Economic Development in Pima County, outlines several alternatives, including:

Goldwater Study Says Pima County Should Streamline Regulations, Focus On Public Services To Improve Economy


  1. Clearly corruption by the few has become such common behavior that the people accept it. How d saying ” dicho ” go if you say it long enough you will start to believe it.

    • Corruption by the few?? If it were a few it could be brought under control. The good are the minority. The bad and the ugly are running amok and have broken our system. We have outsourced our rights and our tax money to self serving buzzards.

  2. jd you cant tell folks the truth, you must be a trouble maker. CORRUPT politicians are the norm and with about 1 exception the rule here in baja az. WHy say the people vote to keep them in, its been suggested that the vote is not necessarily the peoples voice again here in baja az.

  3. None of our local governments have any common sense. Its all about the bureaucrats and the cronies making money off the taxpayer. Just ask Jim Click, Don Diamond, the Chamber of Commerce and HSL just to name a few that has their hand in the pockets of the taxpayer and the local governments are encouraged by the stupid voters that don’t want change and think that everything is OK. What silly voters and they don’t realize that they are the real problem.

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