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Roberts: Another tax giveaway in Phoenix

Last month, Phoenix was sued for allowing a developer to skip paying $8 million in property taxes in return for building a 19-story apartment complex near Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix.

The city’s continuing tax giveaways – which leave you and I holding the bag for select developers’ share of funding public schools – have prompted a crackdown at the Arizona Legislature. Our leaders, in one of their rare good moves, recently voted to limit these giveaways beginning later this summer to eight years, down from the current 25.

And the city’s response to the legislation and the lawsuit by the Goldwater Institute?

On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council voted 7-2 to allow yet another developer to skip paying $9 million in property taxes in return for building three apartment towers near Roosevelt Row. (Councilmen Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring were the no votes.)

Roberts: Another tax giveaway in Phoenix


  1. Corporate Welfare at its best. If you want to be in business; be in business, but why should the taxpayers suffer? And if the taxpayers are forced to pay for such things; then the taxpayers should also be rewarded with some of the profits.

  2. And this is ‘news’ how? ALL politicians with few exceptions are OWNED by the ‘outsiders’. Just look at the locals in pima co, all levels. Then continue to look at the next and next levels. ya think greedy is staying in place because he is a humanitarian? How about mclame and co, no their owners/handlers tell them when to run and what to say and when to say it.

    Only way to fix this is to FIRE them all (VOTE THEM OUT) and start all over again, then keep a close eye on the replacements. Why do you think being a lobbyist is such a lucrative career, its the money stupid!

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