NAU Professors Claim Student Recordings Are Part Of An Attack

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On Friday, the members of the American Association of University Professors at Northern Arizona University met to discuss their concerns that appeared to be related to a recent article about Assistant Professor Heather Martel and a student with a Bible.

The group met the day after Campus Reform reported on a recording of a faculty member asking a student, prior to the start of Martel’s class, to put his Bible away because the sight of a Bible made Martel uncomfortable.

Campus Reform received the recording from the Kevin Cavanaugh for Congress campaign. In it, student “Mark Holden explains the situation to History Department Chair Derek Heng, who had been called in by the instructor, Dr. Heather Martel, after Holden had refused her request that he put his Bible away.”

The Campus Reform article points out that Holden “had arrived early to his U.S. history course and, as usual, used the spare time to read his Bible, but claims that Martel had objected to the routine because she didn’t want to see a Bible in front of her.”

NAU, a state university with a less-than-sterling academic standing, has earned considerable negative publicity this year due to the antics of its less-than-top-drawer instructors like Martel.

NAU students have complained about Martel prior to the Campus Reform article, screen shot of Martel’s Facebook page, Martel’s curriculum vitae screen shot, Martel’s NAU faculty page screen shot.

In March, Professor Anne Scott made news when she penalized NAU student, Cailin Jeffers for using the term “mankind” when referring to humanity.

According to the Campus Reform article on that incident, Scott told Jeffers that ‘mankind’ only refers to men.

It was Jeffers who first told Holden’s story on the James T. Harris show. In that interview, Jeffers said that Holden was “kicked out of class for criticizing Islam and reading his bible 15 minutes before class started.” [Listen to the interview here]

Because NAU has developed a reputation for offering mostly non-rigorous degrees, it has become a haven for educators and students with too much time on their hands and little of substance on their minds.

Aside from being annoyed by conservative students, faculty is angry at NAU’s administration. NAU’s student newspaper, The Lumberjack, reported that “NAU has hired 30 more administrators and spent $6 million more on administrator salaries since 2005, according to a study shared at the Contingent Faculty Conference. This discrepancy outrages the contingent faculty who say that others are not seeing equal benefits.”

The aforementioned lack of rigor, the current national campaign to stomp out contrary word and thought, and disgruntled faculty has made NAU and other universities the perfect foils for politicians, pundits and clever students.

NAU’s conservative students have not had the same opportunity to creatively mock their mad professors like the Yale College Republicans did last week when they set up a barbecue next to a faux hunger strike by the graduate student union, Local 33. However, Cavanaugh has been able to seize on the faculty’s missteps and he is prepared for their attacks.

On the same day the Campus Reform article came out about Martel, Cavanaugh issued a press release entitled How the Left Will Attack Kevin Cavanaugh. It reads in part:

First, they already play the victim card. They will double down on it. As we start mentioning specifics, possibly including faculty names, they will claim that we are making victims out of the professors because we mentioned their names publicly. Some of them will fictitiously claim to be getting death threats because we mentioned them, just as they did recently when a student released a recording of a leftists professor giving a presentation. We have no intention of backing down.

They will draw on student and faculty “witnesses” to back up their claims of “harassment.” At a recent meeting attended by our team at NAU about ‘Safe Spaces,’ the professor introduced tension into the room by announcing our team and telling everyone how afraid she was, apparently as a result of our presence! The male professor sitting next to her became upset because we confused him for a liberal, he announced he was a MARXIST! They will have one problem with their claims, we will be recording every hour we spend on campus and backing this audio up to a team ready to release it. It’s hard to argue with recorded audio and video. That won’t stop them from relying on their playbook. Check out these examples:

They will fake hate crimes by spray-painting hate speech on their own cars, buildings, sidewalks, etc. They will vandalize property to get attention. Check out how many fake hate crimes occur by similar leftists on college campuses: and NAU leftists will be doing the similar things. They might very well pull a Berkeley University riot to “stand against hate speech,” even though we will never once use hate speech.

When these accusations against us start coming, remember that we warned you ahead of time. The left uses the same playbook…always. They need to keep one thing in mind: Our team does not consist of typical Republicans. We fight to win and we fight to expose. Much more is coming.

The ADI reached out to the American Association of University Professors at Northern Arizona University at with a few questions including:

1) “Students record, report, and tweet lectures to right-wing social media.” Can you explain why this is worthy of note? Isn’t it the students’ right to do this? If it is problematic, how is it problematic?

2) A list of hyperbolic/threatening quotes are listed. Are you aware of similar statements made to conservative students?

3) What part of the governance agreement was not enforced?

4) How does the conflict of interest policy degrade academic discourse?

The ADI has not received a response to our inquiry.

However, the ADI was able to contact an instructor at a prestigious university, who advised off the record, that she/he does not allow recording of her/his lectures. She/he said that while she/he says nothing controversial in her/his STEM classes, she/he does not want students, who do not attend her/his classes to benefit from those students who do and might record them. According to the instructor, it is normally professors in the “Grievance Studies” field that object to recordings because they do not want to be held responsible for what they teach – or more preach.

The instructor would say that she/he did not consider recording a class an act of aggression, but simply a violation of class policy.


  1. And Dr. Heng says, “Well, why do you have your Bible out, anyway?” This is a department chair? Cut their funding!

  2. this kind of professor think lead to my development of the ‘flying tortilla theory’ where the earth is both ’round and flat’ at the same time… so useful in completion of the class – getting an excellent grade for meaningless thought and appeasing the moron professor so set on their own thought processes and theory as to obscure the reason for being in the class… which is of value in that you do meet such nut cases in real life.. so this was an early life education in work around with an A+ blah blah blah… grade boost 🙂

  3. Isn’t funny that the student’s name was Holden? That is the name of the character from the Catcher in the Rye, who was also a student.

  4. If she will not be reading or listening to them, how does she know they are deluded, cruel, and disgusting? What is deluded, cruel, and disgusting is the way she treated a student.

  5. I did email her, and got a robotic response, as follows:

    This email account is being trolled as a part of a political campaign to harass and intimidate university professors. To my colleagues, students, and friends, I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you are trying to reach me for legitimate NAU business, please use another method for reaching me.

    If you are reaching out to me with the intent to harass and intimidate me, cease and desist. The story in the news is a lie. The emails and voicemails I am receiving are deluded, cruel, and disgusting. I will not be reading or listening to them. They will be reviewed by law enforcement officials.


  7. What grading scale will she have for this student now? Will he get extra credit for being the door monitor?

  8. For a University with a growing population, of course it is normal to hire more staff. Somebody should do the math and divide $6 million by 30 positions over 12 years, and then tell me why I should take anything in this article seriously, because I am very concerned about the journalistic integrity of the author and his willingness to misrepresent numbers in order to place false ideas in the minds of those who are too lazy to think critically about them.

  9. NAU is a public university. The First Amendment was passed SPECIFICALLY to protect Mr. Holden’s right to practice his religion without State interference. Ms. Martel has no authority to tell Mr. Holden what to read or when to read it. Her “feelings”, etc. are irrelevant. Ironic that a History professor or her Department Chair doesn’t know the Constitution.

  10. Not only did she infringe upon both is right to conscience and privacy, when confronted she retaliated by segregating him in the classroom and assigning menial tasks to denigrate him in front of his peers. All while on the taxpayer dime, government time and public property. Why is she still even at the university? These people are as worthless as a third row of teats on a board p i g. If not for academia, they’d be living on the streets.

  11. As a supposed role model for our students, she has forced her agenda on NAU alumni.Shame on her. She needs to resign and if not, terminated immediately.

  12. Great – if the Liberals has standards to be non-inclusive, then the Conservatives should have this same right! There’s no issues then… So stop making us bake cakes for you loons.

  13. Someone actually pays good money to sit in this moron’s class? She teaches “Women’s and Gender Studies”? That tells me all I need to know about this hater. Her class will provide not one ounce of useful, life enhancing knowledge. Why she is employed in a role of authority over young, impressionable minds is beyond me. Terminate her before she can ruin other students futures with her hate.

  14. Note that the chairman of the “history” department , prof Heng’s expertise is in south china seas shipping, doubt he knows shit about the history of the USA. Cetertanly not a Christian or has any knowledge about it.

  15. I would like to know the author to this article.. Interesting how I can only find the website that published it. Sources are everything in college and this isn’t looking like a credible one.

  16. Why are these individuals continuing to breath our air? They have no useful purpose on this planet. Go peacefully into the night.

  17. What is Martel’s position on the Koran? If the student had been reading that book before class, what would be her reaction?

  18. That is, “if it wasn`t for double standards, the left/Democrat Party would have no standards at all,” right?

  19. Hopefully the University does the right thing and gets rid of this woman. She seems like nothing more than a liberal nutcase, who will not allow students to have any differing opinions and actually think through some of the subjects they are supposed to be learning about. Then to go after a student for reading a Bible before class, is just classless. I’m sure she would not have minded him reading the Koran or the Book of Mormon.

  20. This is a great example why the Obama administration was so aggressive in their attempts to kill for-profit colleges, universities and technical/trade schools. They are an encroachment on their indoctrination centers. I was so happy that my son chose a non-state, for-profit university. This stuff doesn’t happen. – fyi – I am a NAU alumni.

  21. My older son graduated from NAU. He is neither liberal nor conservative. He assesses issues on their merits and votes independently. He had a good deal of trouble with one of his professors (He was a Political Science major.) She was outspoken in her attacks on the Duke lacrosse team members who were accused of rape, and even defended the District Attorney who was disbarred for manufacturing evidence when prosecuting those members of the Duke lacrosse. I had to call the Dean of Students…who was a rational person…and complained about the indoctrination going on in this classroom. The Dean completely understood my point that when students are rewarded or punished not for their work but for their political views that is indoctrination and not education. That professor backed off my son after my call, but she continued to reward or harass others in his class for their political views.

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