Border Patrol Agents Seize Hearse, Pot At Willcox Checkpoint

Wilcox Border Patrol agents from the State Route 80 immigration checkpoint near Tombstone stopped a hearse and found more than 67 pounds of marijuana concealed in a casket.

Early Saturday evening, agents working near the immigration checkpoint noticed a white hearse traveling north of Tombstone. Upon further investigation of the hearse, agents conducted an immigration vehicle stop at the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 82.

According to officials, after several inconsistencies and based on the totality of the circumstances a Border Patrol Canine Unit was requested and alerted to an odor that it is trained to detect emitting from the hearse. A subsequent search of the hearse led the agents to unload the casket revealing multiple bricks of marijuana concealed within the casket worth over $33,000.

Also mixed in with in the bricks were several bags of manure in attempt to mask the odor of the marijuana.

The hearse and drugs were seized and the driver a 28-year-old male United States citizen was arrested for narcotics.

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  1. It might have been clever if they had used a casket with a drop bottom, putting the drugs in the bottom chamber & then put an embalmed body in the visible casket chamber. The Mafia used to use such a technique in order to hide the bodies of people whom they “eliminated” in an attempt to hide the evidence. Who knows? They might still do it!

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