Trump’s First 100 Day Report Card

  David V MacCollum

It appears to have been idle speculation that the liberal anti-Trump media could provide a valid assessment of Trump’s first 100 days in the White House with the new administration staff.  Nearly 100% of our National Syndicated columnists have maintained their anti-Trump focus with vile and biased reporting on non-issues, leading to no possibility of a fair appraisal of our new administration.

The absence of the personal privacy of President Trump with the repetitive request that his tax returns should be made available to the public.  It is wrongful speculation, on the media’s part, that if President Trump provided his taxes to be reviewed, it would reveal President Trump committed tax fraud or other crimes.

Freedom of Speech is the core issue of democracy, but is does not give license to confused the public with un-truths or engage in protests that evolve into violent demonstrations.

Locally, our liberal anti-Trump newspapers cannot fathom that by alleging false faults of the Trump administration, they are strengthening and building a voter political support for President Donald Trump.

Most recently, the hearings concerning the nomination of Neil Gorsuch, to a seat on Supreme Court, challenged his previous ruling on a case that supported the employer who fired a truck driver for his actions when driving in adverse weather conditions.  These reports failed to convey to the public that State Workers Compensation Law prevents an employer from being sued and cannot be held accountable for both simple and gross negligence.  These Laws were enacted in 1912 for all our 50 states.  Our justice system has the duty to abide by the law.  It is the duty of the legislative branch is to rewrite the law.

When OSHA was written, it could have overcome this flaw and involved our justice system in support of employee safety.  Our courts must support the law and not change it.

The response of the Liberals who had led the Democratic Party was to resist historic traditional principles, because they lost the election for the White House, Senate and the House.   Democrats were in complete disarray when Trump won the election.  They understood their beliefs in globalization and destruction of enterprise with centralized authoritarian rule making was not acceptable.  The process of leading from behind, created incentives for dictatorial nations to strive for power by developing nuclear weapons to arm intercontinental missiles.  Terrorists thrive in this environment.  Little heed was given to Russia’s land grab of Crimea and Georgia which has struck fear in the small independent nations, formally part of the Soviet nation.

Eight years of liberal, speculative theories of open boarders, the destruction of our constitution and unprofitable international trade agreements has robed our nation of prosperity and world leadership.  Colleges no longer provide students marketable skills.  I believe today’s college students are being misled with their education, focusing on protests and believing violence is acceptable conduct.  What has happened to the teaching and educating of marketable skills?  Why are we ignoring the fact, an educated population with marketable skills will only have a positive impact on our economy and the opportunity for the graduate to make something of themselves and make a difference in the world.

Freedom of the press has been stolen from us by the media and we are confronted with Fascists Liberalism.  Political correctness is the silent killer of conservative government that ensures for a government by the people and for the people.  It appears that the intellectual small minority want to rule with no rights to the public.  It is clearly evident, that supporters of President Trump are targeted to be silenced.  Fox News is challenged daily as the rest of the television networks are anti-Trump.  The real story is how well President Trump has done in spite of the hateful resistance of the democratic party.  President Trump quickly learned that Congress was very difficult to work with and focused on writing Executive orders that are and will be the building blocks on a foundation for change. There is no need to list all of President Trump’s many issues to make America Great.  In spite of being hampered by Congressional opposition, delays and unable to quickly appoint a cabinet and key leaders in his administration, President Trump has remained strong and focused on addressing the issues he spoke of while on the campaign trail.   I think the most outstanding moment of President Trump’s 100 days was the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.  To dismantle the previous corrupt and malicious administration, President Trump continues to engage labor, management, and industrial groups to pave the way on “Making American Great, AGAIN”.

President Trump has restored access to the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

President Trump has appointed exceptional leaders to his cabinet, who are disciples of his business approach to government.

President Trump ignored the harassment of the media and the losing Democratic Party.  Instead, he focused on the substantive issues that make American great!

President Trump has met with world leaders.  He gained a position of leadership from his years of experience in the business and corporate world.

The “genius” of President Trump and all actions thus far, in my opinion, has earned an outstanding A+ on completing his first 100 days in office.  President Trump’s leadership skills will lock-in four years of continued success.


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David V. MacCollum is a past president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and was a member of the first U.S. Secretary of Labor's Construction Safety Advisory Committee [1969-1972]. He is the author of: Construction Safety Planning (Jun 16, 1995) Crane Hazards and Their Prevention (Jan 1, 1991) Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Construction Series): Designing and Managing Safer Job Sites Jan 8, 2007) Building Design and Construction Hazards (May 15, 2005)


  1. Trump was not my first choice in the primaries. But my only choice in the general election as the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Alt Left.

    While the Dems continue to focus on identity politics and far left social policies they forgot about the hard working middle class Americans who got left out of the last eight years under Obama. Trump methodically is going about restoring USA to its once prominent position Home and abroad. Included in his platform are folks from all walks of life. He understands a rising tide lifts many boats.

    Funny how MSM gave Obama a pass on everything and is now pounding the WH. If would be fair to say they don’t critique both sides with the same tenacity as they do when a GOP resides at 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

    When legacy media finally collapses they need look no farther than in the mirror.

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