Washington Resident Convicted of High-Speed Flight From An Immigration Checkpoint In Arizona

LuCinda Marie Burlison, 42, of Lynnwood, Wash., was sentenced by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow. Burlison had previously pleaded guilty to high-speed flight from an immigration checkpoint.

On January 27, 2017, Burlison was selected for further inspection at the Border Patrol checkpoint on State Route 85 near Gila Bend, Ariz. When agents told Burlison they were going to have a narcotic detection dog sniff the air around her vehicle, Burlison “peeled out” and fled the checkpoint at a high rate of speed. Burlison drove at speeds over 80 miles per hour and evaded federal agents for approximately 20 miles.

The DOJ advises that “fleeing from an immigration checkpoint in excess of the speed limit is a felony offense that carries a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison and/or a $250,000 fine. When an individual flees a checkpoint, the public and law enforcement agents are placed at a substantial risk of being struck by the fleeing vehicle. In the past year, at least seven individuals have been prosecuted and convicted for felonies in the District of Arizona after fleeing immigration checkpoints. “


  1. There was nothing found, as there was nothing to find. The Border Patrol agent scared her. He was agressive and demeaning. She had a previous stop from him before where he had threatened her. They failed to mention any of this in the article. Regardless, she shouldn’t have run from the checkpoint. It put her life, her passenger’s life, and everyone else on roads life in danger.

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