Pima County Communications Costs More Than Double Maricopa

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry’s decision to put appearances before public safety this year has sparked many questions. In his proposed budget, Huckelberry recommended increasing funding for public relations while rejecting increases for the Sheriff’s Department.

 County Maricopa Pima
Number of Current Employees 7 20
Communications Office Revised Budget-Compensation Only $881,776 $1,874,594
Number of Positions Covered by the Budget 9 20
Compensation Revised (New) $997,285 $2,052,081
County Data    
 Population 3,896,365 980,000
 Employees            14,000           6,894

Pima County is the second most populated county in Arizona. Maricopa County is the most populated county in Arizona. Not only is Maricopa County larger, it is richer, and it appears to be more frugal.

With nearly four times the population, Maricopa County spends less than half of what Pima County spends on its Communications Department.

Maricopa County’s Communications Department currently has 9 employees, Pima County has 20.

It is not just a difference in public relations staff numbers. Maricopa County, with a population of nearly 4 million people, has approximately 14,000 employees. Pima County on the other hand, with a population of under 1 million, has nearly 7,000 employees.

The stated mission of the Pima County Communications Department is “to enhance the County’s visibility, image and reputation throughout Arizona, the United States and internationally.” However, due to the priorities of Huckelberry and a majority of the Board of Supervisors, the County has struggled with a poor reputation.

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  1. How do you like them figures kids? Huck’s PR machine costs you a couple of million a year and Maricopa county gets by for less than a million. Guess all those old ADS reporters and hacks are in the land of milk and homey aren’t they. Let me see if I got this right. As with most departments, salary is about 80% of the budget so lets just say that the old hacks salary total for the department is about 1.6 million. That would mean that most of the 20 old retired hacks are making about 80K a year in salary and benefits. Not bad for lying for the Huckster and covering for the worthless BOS. How do you pockets feel people? Happy to be spending almost twice as much as your sworn enemy Maricopa County? What a pathetic mess the stupid voters have given us and continue to maintain. Just so really happy I can’t see straight. Yea, lets cut public safety and give my liars more money…. SSDD in the democratic sewer of Pima County.

  2. Frustrated | May 17, 2017 at 6:54 am |

    Interesting information on the population of Pima County. Here the county is listed with 980,000. A study I did for college listed the population in 2013-14 at just over 1 million. Budget projections had Pima County population growing past 1.1 million in 2015-2016. The projections justified increased taxation to cover projected increased costs due to population increases. If the above number is correct, Pima County population is actually decreasing. Does anyone know if this is the case and (silly question) why doesn’t the budget show surpluses?

  3. Richard Hernandez | May 17, 2017 at 7:31 am |

    Communication means make up lies , mislead, confuse the people so that Chuck gets what he wants.

    It the blind leading the blinder just look at board makeup of elected folks over and over and over again. Bronson, Elias, Valadez. Question now days is has Christie drank from the coolaid?

  4. Well this is just part and parcel of the direction is going. If you cant sell the the retirement paradise to a dwindling population of retirement capable peoples. Then you sell the idea of retirement supported services. And that is the future of Pima County convalescent care Chuck is just making it comfortable for Sharon and Himself Carroll is already basking as Pima College starts another social molding as it teaches proper table setting as a service industry.

  5. Cut the Huckster some slack, it takes a lot of resources to explain incompetence and corruption. What a mess and as usual, only ADI will provide this valuable information.

  6. Working Man Blues | May 17, 2017 at 7:45 pm |

    And just today pima county announced a proposed property tax increase for. You guessed it. Road improvements. The BOS will vote on it and Chucky already knows he has his three votes in the bag. And just last week Dumbass Koz at the city announced on the Bill “I just love more taxes and the Democratic Party” Buckmaster show. They intend to request more and more taxes every five years.

    My recommendation to everyone who is paying attention to this asinine bunch of bureaucrats is Divest Divest Divest. And get the hell out of Tucson.

  7. It still amazes me I never hear of this stuff on the local news or at the Star. I know they are in the bag but how can they ignore this? It’s the worst I have ever seen after living here over 50 years!

  8. Lowly Tax Payer | May 17, 2017 at 10:17 pm |

    With the exception of Ally Miller, the Pima BOS disgust me.

    They should be renamed the Board of BS.
    Facts don’t seem to matter to when there’s tax money to spend.

    If Az Daily Ind didn’t publish this information, you’d never hear about these budget shenanigans.

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