Poll: Where Should Kathy Griffin Land?

A day after Kathy Griffin released a picture holding a faux “decapitated” head of President Trump, CNN announced that it has terminated the contract with the unfunny comedian, who has in the past appeared with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve.

“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” read CNN’s statement. So, what should she do now?

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  1. She’s a complete disgrace to this country.. she should be held accountable. Blaming Trump Now for her decisions is disgusting.. she’s a narsastic person that should never be allowed on TV again.

  2. She is putting herself up as poor me Trump has hurt me. What does she think it did to the Trump family to see their dads head? She is worth better than $20,000,000. I dont think anybody should feel sorry for her because of what she did. Even if you don’t like the President you dont do what she did. She is a good example of a low class no class person with no manners at all.

  3. Punishment to fit the crime:
    Photoshop the picture to exchange
    the decapitated Trump for a
    decapitated Obama.

    You can imagine the liberal
    reaction. She’d actually have
    to leave the country for her own

  4. I enjoyed reading the comments. Only thing I suggest is what’s good for the goose is good for gander.

    Both Republicans & Democrats are GUILTY of this type of behavior and use of words.

  5. Send her to Afghanistan so she can see first hand what her chosen people are really like and how they would treat her… bon voyage

  6. Dr Phil needs to step in and take care of her
    Mental state! She’s been out of line for a very
    long time! And this was the last! Shame on
    you Kathy , you are completely out of control!

  7. The bitch should have to live with the gentlemen from the Taliban or ISIL (as the former idiot in chief would say) for a full year. After that, this bitch, along with the other unfunny bitch, Sam B. shiuld be forced into being a part of the crew that builds the freaking wall. Drop dead, you liberal POS

  8. living in a cardboard box somewhere in California close to those who love her so much.

  9. In the unemployment line because she would go to a girls camp in federal prison a day if she is broke and out of gas that is the best punishment..

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