Trent Franks On GOP Shooter’s Hit List

Arizona Congressman Trent Frank was on the list of Bernie Sanders’ supporter James T. Hodgkinson, who opened fire on Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday. Hodgkinson was carrying a handwritten list of House Republicans names, that were presumed to be his targets.

According to the Daily Caller, “The list was written out on notepad paper and found in the shooter’s pocket, according to multiple sources with intimate knowledge of the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the sensitivity of the investigation. The list of names included Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan and Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, TheDC has confirmed. Fox News reported after this story that Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais and Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith are also on the list. All six congressmen are members of the House Freedom Caucus, which contains the lower chamber’s most conservative members.”

Investigators checked Hodgkinson laptop, cell phone and a camera. They believe that he had been scouting his potential targets.

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  1. the shooting started – this run by the democrats to prove ‘something’ they don’t care what or whom – is nothing short of an attempt to overthrow the election of Trump – to collapse this government and install their version – and my question is ‘just what or whom is that’? Clinton? Obama? Move Trump out and have Pence president, what does that change in terms of direction of the nation. Turn the key to old style Republicans ‘again’ ? What happens if they remove Trump? More of the same from the democrats until the next election? Then what? There is a major event in this nation coming – we will no longer be ‘The United States’ of America.

  2. Hodgkinson: a radical left
    winger who supported a Progressive
    [translation] Communist in Bernie Sanders.

    Jared Loughner: a liberal, drug using,
    devil worshiper.

    No wonder liberals want guns off the street.
    From their way of thinking, liberals can’t
    be trusted to be responsible gun owners,
    properly controlling their emotions.

    Since, liberals have no tolerance for any
    different perspectives, it should be assumed
    that ALL people are incapable of being
    responsible gun owners.

    Just more proof that modern liberalism
    is in fact a mental disorder.

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