Serial Burglar In-Custody, Detectives Seeking To Identify Additional Victims

In mid-May of this year, a YCSO detective received information about a large quantity of recovered stolen property located by Prescott Valley Police Department officers at an address on Tani Lane in Prescott Valley . It was determined that many of the items recovered were stolen tools from at least 7 burglaries occurring in the Castle Canyon Mesa area of Prescott Valley. The tools were positively identified by the victims as property stolen from the burglaries. Those burglaries occurred between 02/01/2017 and 05/01/2017.

Prescott Valley Police Officers had already arrested 26-year-old Dominique Vasquez for connection with burglaries in their Town and he remained in the Camp Verde Detention Center.

Vasquez admitted to YCSO detectives his involvement in the burglaries along with an accomplice who participated in some of the break-ins. He cooperated by identifying specific burglaries he committed including incidents where a large amount of tools were taken from cargo trailers, a garage, sheds and even a tow truck. He spent time ‘scouting’ properties in the Castle Canyon Mesa area when he lived on Superstition Lane in Castle Canyon Mesa. Vasquez acknowledged selling a stolen generator and at least one firearm. The other property was exchanged for drugs with the stolen items basically used as a form of currency to make the purchases. He recalled being nearly caught by victims on several occasions, but was able to escape. Detectives estimate the value of the property stolen in the YCSO cases at nearly $18,000.
Based on this information, YCSO detectives obtained a search warrant for an address on Overland Road in Prescott where additional stolen items were reported stored and eventually found when the warrant was served.

Detectives found cell phone text records by Vasquez itemizing much of the stolen property he was offering to sell.

On June 8, Detectives charged Vasquez with 7 counts of Burglary, 7 counts of Theft, and a count of Trafficking in Stolen Property. His bond on all cases is set at $70,000.

Detectives are working with Prescott Valley Police detectives to identify additional suspects and expecting to file more charges as the investigation continues.

Detectives are holding stolen property that has not been connected to any known victims which is likely a result of unreported burglaries. While canvassing the Castle Canyon Mesa  neighborhood, detectives found at least one additional burglary victim who had property stolen, but elected not to file a report. Residents in this area who were burglary victims, but have not reported the crime, are asked to call Detective Todd Swaim at 928-564-8605.