The New York Lies: Sunday’s Comic

New York Times Lies About Supposed ‘Trump’s Lies’ List

In a New York Times opinion piece meant to list lies told by President Donald Trump, the outlet published a falsehood of its own.
The op-ed published Friday, titled “Trump’s Lies,” includes the following correction: “An earlier version of this graphic included an incorrect total for the number of days Donald Trump told a lie during his first two months as president. It was 20, not 25.”

The New York Times has never published a “definitive list” of President Barack Obama’s lies.

The authors relied on left-wing outlets like Politifact,, and the Washington Post Fact Checker for the editorial’s data.

“Trump’s Lies” received glowing praise Friday from Hollywood stars like Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and left-wing journalists like Lawrence O’Donnell‏ and Kurt Eichenwald‏…..

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  1. The new york slime is going to fight the Truth for as long as possible regardless of being exposed as fake news peddlers, just so the Harridan can possibly be put in the WH. Not going to work, the more the fake news outlets struggle the tighter the noose, just like being Hog Tied.

  2. Print news rooms are almost a thing of the past. Even though their digital news departments are slightly on the rise the only folks who subscribe are individuals who agree with the jibberish in front of them. I say America will be better off without the NYT. And similiar organizations like ADS etc.. Freedom of the press is NOT a license to print fake news. Leave that to the tabloids who have already cornered that market. The industry should go back to hard news reporting and leave the commentary for the opinion section. The “News” industry is just as vulnerable to disruptive innovation as the rest of us. Now they are in the fight of their existence and have done it to themselves. Couldn’t have happened to a finer bunch of MSM.

  3. Just more of the same. They think if they write enough crap Hillary be sworn in as president. Could you imagine the pass she would have gotten from the MSM? It would have been pathetic. Get over it MSM, your bitch lost every where but Lala land and NY. Now you know why we have the electoral college to protect us from idiots like those.

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