The Pima County Thing: Sunday’s Comic

So the Pima County Board of Supervisors gave World View $15 million taxpayer dollars and the result is — Ta Da — sending a chicken sandwich to the edge of space! And not even from their fancy Tucson “spaceport” but from Page. A true Space Oddity. Now the Stupes ought to fund a Zinger Fried Chicken Sandwich Museum to compete with The Thing out Benson way as a tourist attraction.

It seems that it is the Guardians of the Pima Galaxy who voted for this in violation of Arizona’s gift clause who are really Lost In Space, teleported by Space Cadets Chuck Huckelberry and Doctor John Moffatt. Doctor Who? And they just raised property taxes, so maybe an ocean-crossing Road to Mandalay is next on the list. The Black Hole is calling….