Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI)

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David V MacCollum

In September 2016, the Author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote an essay about this amazing term IYI, which identifies the disruptive liberals in government, politicians, journalists and those in academia. IYI’s have resumes that make them appear to be highly qualified, but they are completely without practical knowledge. This disconnect exists because of their total absence of street smarts. Their experience does not include any marketable skills in any of the basic industries, such as construction, petroleum production, transportation, mining, agriculture and many other enterprises that may include dangerous trades.

The author describes IYI individuals who represent themselves as an aristocracy that is smarter than everybody else. IVI’s are inclined to demonstrate a demeaning attitude when discussing the performance and the talent of successful people.  They believe that only intellectuals should be allowed to vote because everybody else is incompetent. They focus on minutiae to recruit followers because they lack knowledge on key issues. Their favorite target is our President, Donald Trump, who appeals to the old school conservatives. The conflict generated by the IYI’s is that they will provide everyone a free ride, while the old school conservatives believe everyone should work hard to take care of themselves.

What needs to be examined is where the IYI’s exert their influence. First come government employees of the State Department, EPA and the Department of Labor, where the career civil servants block the efforts of the President’s administration. Second are the politicians who have lost their way and echo the falsehoods of the IYI’s. Third are the journalists who write fake news, where the IYI’s state their opinions rather than report fact. Fourth is academia, who promote demonstrations against conservative speakers, that can result in violence like what occurred recently in Sacramento, CA.

Granted, the author Taleb is not politically correct in his essay. The good news is that he bluntly addresses IYI attacks on our nation’s freedom. Who is Taleb?  He is the author of two books, the Black Swan and Impact On The Highly Improbable.  Newt Gingrich’s book, Understanding Trump, Chapter Four reviews the “Rise of the IYI.” The Appendix 1 in this book includes a copy of Taleb’s IYI essay. Followers of the IYI have no time for the accomplishments of President Trump’s outstanding speeches starting with his Inaugural Address, “Remarks to a Joint Session of Congress,” and his Gettysburg address on the “Contract with the American Voter.”

Just recently, Trump’s speech in Warsaw, Poland set the stage for his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as the G20 in Hamburg, Germany. Our President knows how to mark his territory with campaign rallies and tweets when the media refuse to report the truth and publishes fake news. The biased reporters and their “gotcha questions” are a disgrace at the White House news conferences.

Let freedom ring with President Trump, who will not back down. The hateful IYI’s who are attempting to destroy our democracy, have become the solemates to our corrupt news media that never publish the accomplishments of President Trump. The Taleb essay makes his point on how IYI’s are chronically critical of the accomplishments of successful people. His essay clearly implies the IYI’s have no experience as entrepreneurs, designers and makers of newly needed products. Most of all IYI’s had no real life experience of being workers in life-threating trades. It is time to challenge the stupid and idiotic ranting of IYI’s.

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  1. The establishment party does not want their power and riches to be taken away. President Trump is trying very hard to Make America Great Again, I hope he will continue. Anyone with half a brain could see how thick the Swamp really was.

  2. I’ve met those IYI’s in my personal life, they have been teachers and librarians etc.(academia) They have never held down a job where they perspired or bent their backs at anything except picking up their books. I parted ways with them after mild disagreements and I realized we were not compatible. Why beat a dead horse so to speak.

    They never waited tables, washed dishes in a restaurant,flagged in fields of cotton or beets for a crop duster or cleaned rooms for a hotel. They had been pretty much supported by parents or govt. funding during college and never experienced what I call “real life”.

    One was even stupid enough to support a Porn shop desiring to rent next door to a children’s dance school! It didn’t happen. Another supported adult men being able to view porn on computers where children would be passing by on their way to check out books at a library. What!? They could not understand my outspoken and sign waving protests along others of my kind mostly parents. Duh….
    Of course they all supported PP and voted for hillary and obama. They believe and repeat anything the liberal press states as true and indisputable. Not to be questioned at all.

    That is my experience with IYI’s. I think we may all have had these encounters at one time or another. That’s why in my old age I created a twitter account to hear directly from President Trump than to rely on the main stream media whether it be televised or printed news.

  3. You want to help eliminate these types, just do away with worthless gratuitous terms like doctor and whatever since most of the ‘doctors’ fall into this realm. Just like sanchez, never referred to as mr or just sanchez in the news (even adi) but always ‘DOCTOR’. These are doctors of words and thats it, gives people who operate under the real word like MD’s, DDs etc a hard time since they become associated with.

    No too many in this world with high degrees but are still actively ignorant since they do not know how to operate in the real world.

  4. Don B Fooled | July 17, 2017 at 8:15 am |

    I totallt disagree that all IYI’s lack street smarts amd marketable skills. Some are highly successful entrepreneurs in urban industries such as software and have the street smarts to fight dirty, which they do quite well. Many are highly talented actors and musicians. It does not pay anyone to underestimate the enemies of freedom. Their financial succeds gives them the arrogance to believe they know best for people and circumstances they know nothing about. Their goal is self-serving control over other people but they see themselves only as compassionate and caring.

  5. Working Man Blues | July 17, 2017 at 1:40 pm |

    I grew up in a blue collar home and was fortunate enough to earn my degree the hard way in a field which is in high demand and highly compensated.

    I voted for Trump and damn proud of it. Half brain or not. I watch liberals and democrats alike pound the table at his every move and just laugh. They divided this country with their identity politics and can’t figure out why they lost. While I am no fan of the GOP I will take my chances with anyone other than an IYI.

  6. The Oracle of Tucson | July 19, 2017 at 11:19 pm |

    Where I come from we just called them democrats.
    They excelled at wasting OPM, that’s other people’s money Michelle.

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