Lasley On: I Belong On Mount Rushmore

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 6, 2017 at 3:48 am |

    Speaking of hate Mr. Lasley I’m surprised that you didn’t feel inclined to include your very own mug on Mt. Hatemore. Ever since you crawled out of your deranged sewer of defeated post election bitter partisan politics, you have felt obligated to bless us with your slanted version of the world, a version constantly filed with contemptible hate of our lawfully elected president. Unfortunately your level of hate towards America, and to the voice of her people have done little but incite division and fueled hate over debate. Your weekly displays of hate for our president serves very little purpose other then to shed light onto how you, your party and your ideology have nothing productive to offer outside of bitterness and dispar always on the attack promoting further hate.
    I like many others was excited at the prospect of a featured cartoonist artist at the ADI. Sadly we got you instead. Ever since your arrival I have questioned the motivation and wisdom of the ADI staff to offer you a platform to peddle your always present and never ending mono theme of Trump hate.
    This weeks ink spots are indeed insightful, they reveal that your own brand of hate has no limits.
    Mr. Lasley, you are the pot calling the kettle black, which reminds me there is a total eclipse of the sun coming this month. To offset this ADI features a weekly total eclipse of the heart every Sunday.

    The Oracle

    • All that You have written regarding Mr Richard Lasley is full on hatefull words and BS 💩 However, your a great writer of FICTION ‼️😝Congratulations MR. THE ORACLE

  2. Working Man Blues | August 6, 2017 at 3:54 am |

    Lasley has a warped sense of humor. If he was a citizen of any of those other countries he assumes Trump to be in company of. They would take him out back and publically flog him. Only in America could he satirize a sitting president with such disdain. Funny thing is had it been Obama or Hillary. I would totally agree with him.

  3. interesting how someone’s views can be so different;y warped – Trump and these three seen as the same by this pencil pusher – as Portland Ore. goes so goes Tubac? Another drive through community..

  4. Is a same that ADI wasted space to publish this crap.

  5. Read the BIG LIE,it exposes the lefts fascist movement. Mr. D’Souza claims Hitler stole his ideas from the American Progressives. Find out how.
    No I am not getting a cut.

    • The “Progressive Era” in the United Staes was marked by many, many political theories we now found abhorrent. It is a complete mischaracterization of this era to compare it to current left wing ideology. As usual, D’Souza has his facts wrong. The race theories that ultimately led to the Nazi “Final Solution” did not begin in any one place or with any one political theory. It was not American progressives who fostered racial thinking; that was the product of American populism that was popular at the same time as the Progressive Era, particularly in the American South
      . Even more influential for Hitler’s thinking was the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. His anti-Semitism stemmed from his view that Judaism led to Christianity which, he believed, weakened the German people. This is the philosopher who proudly proclaimed. “God id dead.”

      • The American South was controlled by the Democrat Party up to the point where Lyndon Johnson figured out that the party needed to secure the Black vote. For over 50 years since then, the Democrats have kept the Black man down by letting them believe that the Dem party really cares about the Black man. The MSM has revised history to blame all this on the Republicans, that is the BIG LIE and the fascists tactics continue today. Hitler may not have got his Final Solution ideas from the Progressives directly but with the movement to adopt Darwinian Theories on evolution, and Margaret Sangers idea of aborting the Black population it is not a far reach for Hitler to use the same tactics.

  6. While all You Trumpsters make your ink spots with your senseless words, Mr. Lasley creates visual that gives you food-for-thought‼️ Pay close attention to Trump’s narcissistic self consuming words and behaviors. His ratings have dropped to all time low as fellow Americans are now realizing that this man is a danger to our country! His is not a honest person as he is a chronic LIAR! Honestly, a perfect example of his self absorbed behavior when he said he will have his head on Mount Rushmore‼️ Trump is an embarrassment to this country😡

  7. Mr. Lasley your creations are valuable as they jar others to think❗️Clearly your love and concern is for our country as you try to open the minds of those who are narrow minded and/or stuck on stupid. Excellent Illustration ‼️👍

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 6, 2017 at 9:40 am |

      Michelle, I for one always love whenever you grab for the liberal playbook and bounce your delusions off of a third party.
      I, like many others are often left wondering if your trying out of desperation to convince yourself or the third party with your tactics?

      The Oracle

  8. To U know who…..YOU have your platform which is beyond me as you called Obama A Chocolate Jesus‼️Give me a break🤓

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 6, 2017 at 9:43 am |

      For once be an adult Michelle, please attack me openly by name when your incapable of debate.

      The Oracle

  9. Rick K….You must be studying some heavy duty U-tubing ❗️What is your point? Evil is evil

    • There is NO delusion Mr. Adult Man❗️Your Trump Buddy said that he belongs on Mount Rushmore❗️There is No
      Desperation coming from me. I am enjoying myself as I hope that some of my opinions or facts will enlighten my fellow American. What gets me is of all the visitors at this site, YOU are the one that seems very interested in hatefulness❗️No need to label me as a liberal. I am simply observing what is for the good all all. If one of You Trumpsters share something positive, I would consider your words to strengthen my opinions. However, you and some others are so Hard core with Red state opinions that you allow yourselves to be blinded.

  10. Just Sayin.... | August 6, 2017 at 11:47 am |

    Funny how the left has no problem throwing their special brand of hate at both Trump and his base. But don’t think about any negative comments about Obama or Hillary. Those two during his 8 year term weakened this country in ways never accomplished before. Watch out! Katy bar the door and button down the hatches. I already hear in coming!!

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 6:38 am |

      She’s already at the door, sadly Michelle is little more then a devout liberal out of towner, a cyber-transplant only here to hover like a hungry shark over Lasley’s delusional partisan ink spots to rabidly attack anyone who has an opinion contrary to her party talking points. She’s blinded with delusional partisan devotional passion, incapable of any true debate.
      This explains a lot..

      The Oracle

  11. What third party??? Thought we are all at the same “party”..😂 MR THE ORACLE OF TUCSON ‼️

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 6:42 am |

      When you(1) talk about me(2) to someone else(3) it makes them the third party.
      I’m sure it’s outlined in your talking points.
      It’s not rocket science…

      The Oracle

  12. Billy B…what do U mean regarding Portland Oregon? I have lived in the Great NW for 40+ years and it is absolutely beautiful with great regard for human rights. People are free to marry their loved ones freely. People have the right to make their own personal decisions regarding their own bodies. They can be medically assisted to die with dignity as they suffer with terminal illness. The people pull together to help the homeless which include many mentally ill human beings. They try to help the environment by max rail rides and very bike friendly. In fact You can ride your bike 🚴🏿 over the Columbia River into Washington❗️The most beautiful people and city❗️It is okay that You or others want to “pass through ” our city, but be sure to smell the 🌹 roses. I mean that literally too as we have the famous rose gardens😊

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 5:51 am |

      Michelle please try using the reply tab next to the name of the post your responding to. It keeps your response(s) in order to the comment your rebuking. Thx

      The Oracle

  13. Michelle – Portland is also the city in the USA with the greatest amount of anti-right violence. That means physical attacks against those of the right by those of the left to spell it out to you. The “liberals” are of such ilk that you agree or get attacked. It’s the beginning of the repression that is coming.. the liberals not being so liberal when the opinions differ from their view of how things should be. Answer you question. You want to be in Portland, works for me… they won’t see one moment or nickel from me. BTW I lived in Oregon for some time, it ‘was’ an interesting place to live. Things have changed.

    • WRONG Billy …You been gone too long. But it is okay by me…Stay away we are for the GOOD of ALL people✌️✌️🙏

      • You’ve phrased it perfectly “we are the GOOD for ALL people” and that’s the problem, you think you have all the answers for everyone, if they like it or not, they’re just to stupid to know, but the left has all the answers.. they simply believe they are ‘right’ and ‘better’ and ‘know better’… no thanks.

      • you want to live your life with ‘left sided manner’ fine with me, stay out of my way. Nope, don’t feel euthanasia and abortion are appropriate pathways, BTW the euthanasia is pretty much nationwide now simply because of the functions and capabilities of medicine – you already decide – it’s not limited to Oregon – that Oregon says go ahead and overdose yourself, or whatever.. nothing extraordinary. That ‘you believe ‘control of your own body’ is something ‘special’ unique to a state is simply simple think. Oh lets do drugs and have sex the way we like it, are personal choices.. chose wisely – there are consequences. It is why we were ‘created’ with the power of choice. Use the gift well, the flesh is weak.

  14. I’ve no idea why the adi decided to hire this hater. I thought we were supposed to become more civil. The ’16 election unleashed a lot of hate onto this country, and it seems to be continuing so long as haters like this guy keep getting hired to spout their venom. Shame on you adi.

  15. Bob Marley | August 7, 2017 at 8:56 am |

    Portland is being manipulated by radical progressives bent on destroying free enterprise, in exchange for socialism. Wait until real estate values start to drop and the hard working producers move out. It’s already happening in Seattle.

    I won’t visit a city where the punks are hiding their faces to vandalize someone elses property.

  16. Poor Michelle getting ganged up on by all these people who are creating their own mtn of doom.
    ‘You may say that Michelle is a dreamer, but she’s not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join her, and the world will live as one!’
    Everyone on here with the exception of Michelle is so skewed up in their views. Lasley isn’t distorting anything here. TRUMP is the one who wants his face on Mt Rushmore along with banning transgenders. Lasley’s illustrations are what Trump wants. This weeks illustration is especially perfect 👌🏼.

    • Poor little snowflakes; Tinman and, Michele the open minded liberal. Everyone whose ideas differ from theirs are evil. True fascism at the worst.

      • BS….If you’d open YOUR mind you might learn and grow in positive ways…Try it, you might find some joy💋

  17. From what I heard on banning transgender in the military it was based on two things…Readiness with cohesive goals to fight side by side, and using military benefits to achieve sex change coverage. He did not think taxpayers should pick up the tab.

    This will frost your pumpkins:

    • Not sure why your linking us to something in Britain 🇬🇧!? Your in the US 🇺🇸 My friend! Are you trying to put frosting on my pecker?

  18. Rick Power | August 7, 2017 at 5:54 pm |


    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 10:41 pm |

      Wrong again punky, you haven’t a clue as to who or what I am.
      But nice try ignorant one.

      The Oracle

  19. Rick Power | August 7, 2017 at 8:07 pm |


    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 10:43 pm |

      Unlocking the all caps keys would do wonders for you not looking like a total bafoon…

      The Oracle

      • The Oracle….I know why you are here, you get off on being mean. 🤓

        • The Oracle of Tucson | August 8, 2017 at 3:53 am |

          Sorry but once Michelle your totally mistaken and totally clueless in your conclusions.
          I unlike you have a vested interest in my hometown publication.
          I live here, you don’t. Unlike you with your hit and run tactics I add to the debate of matters that concern me and my town.
          On the other hand your little more then an a internet troll, a cyber carpet bagger who relentlessly bullies anyone and everyone with whom you disagree with, you just happen to focus it on your mean spirited contempt for our president and our way of life.
          If that makes me mean because your incapable of debating your comments then you’re worse off then I suspected.
          So again, I’ll ask the question, why are you here?

          The Oracle

  20. To Mr The Oracle & Mr. Just Sayin and ALL U Trumpster Buddy’s…OBSERVE & LISTEN to what is presented for the Good of All❗️Your concerns seem to be for yourselves GOP. You seem to forget, without any help from the GOP, Obama pulled us out of a near depression & Hillary has devoted her life, to this country, mine and yours❗️BTW, Hillary was never found guilty of anything ❗️Trump sits on his gold-plated toilet seats & has no idea what we working people need. We cannot base our votes on one or two selfish desires, but need to understand what is GOOD for our country. ADI is right to point out that personal attacks are not good. “Devotional Passion” to the 1% & GOP for the ordinary citizens is not what is required to keep this nation Great & functioning in a proper intelligent way. It can not be accomplished through ego-driven, out-of-control dangerous lying to our citizens and the world‼️🌎

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 9:02 pm |

      Michelle: Saddest are the lies we tell ourselves, even sadder are those lies we spread to others.
      Michelle based on your previous lies I mean post, I’m almost twice your age, and unlike you, I’ve paid my dues, I put in my time, and sadly while you’ve done little more then cashed in your IOU’s decades earely. And like most typical crybaby liberals you try to defend your transgressions.
      You and your liberal friend$ demand that I give up what I’ve earned to fund those that you and your worthless friends want me to fund by stealing from me.
      What you fail to understand was stated best by British prine minister Maggie Thatcher when she said “socialism is a wonderful thing until you run our of other people’s money”. A lesson you might be wise to draw from. But of course you’re beyond learning any reasoning since your a perpetual know it all. Please pay your dues before you preach to me about you fail to know.

      The Oracle.

      • MR.Oracle….you say I spread lies? Try listening to you President ❗️He lies and ticks off our citizens & the world everyday❗️Who steals from you when you do the right thing? I don’t think your mother even taught you to share! I being a hard worker of meager means would so be willing to pay little more taxes, so that every citizen would have healthcare..the young, old, healthy and wealthy. You 1%ers need to speak up/take action by doing the right thing❗️Your country & your hard work has afforded you the good luck you deserve, but be willing to share with those who have worked hard and have not afforded the same‼️ Socialism and Capitalism CAN WORK together ❗️Perfect example: Medicare…why not for all?? Mr The Oracle, wouldn’t you want your cash to count?…would you not feel better if you participated in making life better for all, rather than Just YOURSELF? You, my friend , might draw a lesson in kindness if you would only open your mind & your thinking as well as your pocketbook❗️ I hope you still love me‼️💋💋💋

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 7, 2017 at 9:14 pm |

      Out of curiosity Michelle, why are you, the princess of Portland even involved in southern Arizona politics?
      If the citizens of southern Arizonan want your liberal insight, trust me, we’ll let you know.
      Until then you’re simply little more then a McLame carpet bagger who’s input in is neither wanted or solicited.
      So why are you here?

      The Oracle

  21. Who are U ? The Mr. boss Man now? Wow❗️The better question ..why are U here? 😜💋 sweet dreams

  22. Guys guess it is time to let moochell and company alone. They are getting their jollies by aggravating all who post here. I quit because its like peeing into the wind, you are the one to get wet is all that happens. When you argue with a turnip you are becoming more like the turnip. ADI for whatever reason thinks this guy is a great artist? I think he he is another fritz brought on to get just this type result. Ignore both and they will go away, just like fritz. he is captive in a failed organization and I have heard nothing of him in a few years. The adi posted its rules yet the rule breakers are still here (they advanced the idea of meeting and beating a poster). I have been under moderation because of these clowns and responses to them, and I dont think I am the only one. Adi needs to clean up its act or it will become another daily star IMO. If you remember back about 30 years ago they had to pass local legislation up in the NW to limit the number of idiots fleeng kalif and moving there, this is what they were afraid of but I guess they did it too late. Oh well………………

  23. Hank, You wrote all your harsh words last week, but never answered the most important question during our debate❗️I can see You are having a difficult time..No need to put ADI down as they honor our important amendment! You need to go back and read the things YOU have written over the many weeks❗️Looks like it is okay for You and The Trumpsters to say what you want, but it is not okay for oothers❗️REALLY??? I am sorry you are having a rough time and find the need to lash out at ADI‼️

  24. R E Mansfield | August 8, 2017 at 10:00 am |

    Wow, such personal attacks and “way out there” assumptions; rather than addressing the point of a political cartoon.

    There are a significant number of our fellow citizen’s who don’t see the President as a savior (to play on the Chocolate Jesus slur). Some see him as a tyrant in waiting. Maybe a stretch, but the thought is there, and Lasley is pointing that out – at least to me.

    The President seems to have a big ego. And is prone to hyperbole and must continue to broadcast to us how great he is. What do people normally do to people who have an overgrown ego and boast often; such a person begins to be ignored. And if not ignored, marginalized. That is not good for a President or for the agenda his supporters hope to achieve.

    Lasley’s political cartoon points out that Trump may see himself as the equal of the four presidents on Mt. Rushmore; but others see him differently. This is a problem the President faces; and because he is the President, is a problem for us all – and beyond our boarders.

    One of the qualities of Lasley’s cartoons I notice is that most often he is using the President’s own words or actions as the basis for the image. That makes these cartoons more interesting and relevant.

    Pride is, as we learn in school (including Sunday school), one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Professing Christianity, the President should be aware of this.

    Lasley shows a talent for putting in one frame a point of view. He is saving a thousands words. His art is fine; it’s a cartoon. I love Dilbert too, but that is not fine art either. Not intended to be, so why not stay on the topic the cartoon expresses?

  25. Excellent well said/written Mr. R E Mansfield ‼️ It is so refreshing to have you here❗️Yes❗️ All of us need to stick best we can to the subject matter of the illustrations. There is plenty to debate regarding the political drawings. BTW, I enjoyed your writings on the Chaos illustration too! I appreciate your level headed fair writings! Don’t know where you came from, but glad U are here😊👍

  26. R E Mansfield | August 8, 2017 at 12:18 pm |

    Michelle, Thanks — just an old University of Arizona (class of 1974) grad. I was taught there to think and be respectful of others.

    In those days we were taught how to think, not told what to think. As I recall, just about every course out side math and the sciences, we were encouraged to debate and support, with facts or logical conclusions, a point of view. I can’t recall how many final exams, particularly in the senior year, included an essay where you had to support you answer. Those were tough, but it really prepared me for the “real world.”

    The Dick Lasley’s political cartoons are a community service as his cartoons make me think. Glad I can across them. From looking at his web-site he is a great artist. With his own distinctive style. Maligning someone or their work because we don’t agree with them is, as I mentioned in my Chaos comment, very third grade.

    Good to be here!

  27. used to be we could have different opinions in this ‘united states’ even if wasn’t so popular… ain’t such a place anymore is it…. and the day the music stops is not far away.

    • R E Mansfield | August 9, 2017 at 12:31 pm |

      We can only do our part to keep the music of vigorous, candid and passionate discourse/debate alive.

      Not easy in these times; but imagine it never really has been. Guess we in the US were just lucky for awhile.

      Maybe with the Cold War and the constant threat of nuclear war for 4 decades just delayed the hardening of positions and the ever increasing personal attacks.

      I believe we all, and maybe we Baby-Boomers lead the pack, tore apart, piece by piece the American Dream. It was a dream – maybe a fantasy. Thinking people and suffering people knew that. But it was a Dream to share and move toward.

      I am reminded of the short tale of two people of different beliefs who where walking on the same seaside beach. They both saw the same elegant bottle bouncing on the waves toward the shore. As they started to run toward it, the saw each other and shouted vile things about the other as they ran harder to claim the prize. They both arrived at the same time, and cursed one another and fought mightily. The bottle slipped from their grasp. As it hit the sand there was a blinding flash, and a thunder clap; which knocked them to their knees. They both looked up. There before them was a huge Genie. “Who summons me so rudely?” the Genie roared. The Genie look disdainfully on the wet an sand covered combatants. Neither could speak as they feared the Genie. “Why do you fight one another? the Genie shouted.” “How as one of you offended the other?” The first to speak, pointed forcefully, at the other “That is a heartless Republican!” The other pointed back at the first, “That is a freedom-killing Democrat!” “How foolish!” responded the Genie. “But since you both summoned me at the same time, I will grant you both a wish.” A coin was tossed, and the winner asked the Genie, “Can you give me a flock of healthy goats. With such a flock people throughout this land can be feed and clothed.” In an instance a excellent flock of goats appeared. The Genie look at the second person, “And you?” The second person thought only a few seconds, and replied, “Kill all the goats!”

      Hopefully, we have not become those two guys.

  28. Billy B….way back when I started following ADI I was shocked how many of you responded with such anger regarding my opinions❗️Clearly most were rude and hateful towards me❗️So when one is treated with that sort of behavior, one will most likely respond in defense and anger. I hope that others will give some thought regarding the writings of MR. R E Mansfield. I have. The music will never stop by me 🎼😊🙏

  29. Mr. R E Mansfield…very interesting reading about your debate experience at Arizona University. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am going to goggle Lasley’s Web site! Would love to see more of his art! Thanks😀👍

  30. Michelle – I was a democrat as a young man, I didn’t leave the party it left me. Now with 16 employee’s and some near 30 years in business there is simply no way I could look back to the democrats of today. I do note that there is one I believe in IOWA? that seems more like the old democrats I was akin to. I remember one guy a demo that gave the Republican convention opening speech one year… where have all those demo’s gone? Long time ago.. now drugged out activists and agenda driven micro populations… sorry but no thanks – guess when I cut my hair from waist length it quit pulling on my brain so hard… it’s nice to have an open mind, just no so open you brains fall out.

    • Billy B….I am going to look into what U have written and respond later. I am about to fall 😴 Goodnight

  31. Michelle – if you read the book of revelation, start at 15.2 the destruction of mystery babblyon – you’ll read of what that land is left like – and of mention that ‘never again will the sound of music be heard in that land’ it’s one of the many woes that happen in that one hours time attack.. one hour is a nuclear attack. I think it will commence with a EMP attack, with is an ‘electro-magnetic pulse’ attack which will kill the power grid, communication, distribution of food and commodity… BTW its what N. Korea is practicing with its high altitude arcing flights of its new ICBM’s – then a rain of atomic weapons from of all places RUSSIA and the EU. It’s quite a descriptive and detailed story of this time and place… not far into our future. Read it yourself. Its the time in which we live. There is quite a warning in that book – to those that see ‘come out of her’ that you will not suffer this time and end… some food for thought. God Speed.
    BTW – there’s still some things that have to happen here, its’ not right away… but quite soon. The mark of the beast must be here – its going to get much worse…

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 9, 2017 at 8:57 pm |

      Sorry Billy B, but I don’t think Michelle is here to read the book of revelation.
      Her agenda is a little more malignant. If you notice that the progressive princess of Portland is only here to shore up Lasley weakend stance where he’s attacked. Suddenly her new found friends have started showing up, coincidence? I’d say a call out to her posse is more to the truth.
      If you check other daily independents news sites who also display the Lasley ink spots she’s only present were he’s viewed unacceptable. Check out the Wisconsin daily independent where no comments exist including hers.
      She and her posse are only here to surpress anything but their liberal spew.
      Like Nero, ADI will fidle, claiming to promote free speech, but the progressive princess of Portland and her posse will continue to stifle free speach all while ADI allows my post and other voices to remain silent under spam filters as I await hours for “approval” awaiting moderation. I am not claiming I’m being censored, I’m just claiming I’m no longer free to post. I have been threatened with outright site banishment for speaking my mind. This post most likely won’t maker it out of “moderation” and but so be it.
      Carry on the good fight Billy.

      The Oracle

      • Oracle,

        How does a person become a bitter old a$%^&*&^? What happened to you?


        Do you hate everyone who doesn’t think like you? What happened to you?

        • Tiny Tim, I don’t hate anyone and I don’t care what they think. However, they have been hateful and disrespectful just because I don’t agree with their views. I don’t think you have seen how this has evolved after weeks of posts! However, U are correct regarding The Oracle…he is over the top❗️

    • Billy B….you express great concern regarding what you believe. Try not to worry as the Great Spirit’s plan is always in place.

  32. Rick Power | August 9, 2017 at 9:04 pm |


  33. The Oracle…Every thing you have written makes no sense all all. You continually accuse me of something that I am not. You need to remind yourself that U do not know me❗️So knock it off❗️I am not in a fight with Billy B. I am interested in what he has to say. Unlike U, my mind is open and I try to be fair. BTW, if you’d tone down your behaviors and be more respectful of others, I am sure all of your post would appear❗️

  34. WHO IS

    • Mr Rick. I
      Know I recently found that he had posted on the Chaos illustration which I missed seeing during that time. He is smart. It will be interesting to read more of his writings 👍

  35. The Oracle …. I did not know that Lasley is at Wisconsin daily❗️Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out..This is news to me❗️Where else have you seen his art? Very interesting Mr. Oracle 👍

    • Michelle – how about the recent “Google” firing decision of an employee for having an opinion… not in agreement with ‘liberal opinion’ is this one of those ‘for the good of all’ decisions. The “Googlization” of the nation… I guess they can call it “Googlespeak”

  36. Read it Michelle – then provide us some insight of what you read.. I’d be interested in that.

  37. All together now…Ommmmmmm

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