Arizona Ranks 6th In 2017’s State With Most Underprivileged Children

Welfare of Children in Arizona (1=Most; 25=Avg.):
10th – % of Children in Households with Below-Poverty Income
5th – Child Food-Insecurity Rate
4th – % of Uninsured Children
5th – % of Children in Foster Care
11th – % of Children in Single-Parent Families
21st – Child & Youth Homeless Rate

With August being Child Support Awareness Month an in-depth analysis of 2017’s States with the Most Underprivileged Children finds Arizona in the top ten.

In order to bring awareness to the plight of millions of underprivileged children across the U.S., analysts with WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 21 key measures of neediness.

The data set ranges from share of children in households with below-poverty income to child food-insecurity rate to share of maltreated children.

[For the full report click here]

Overall Rank* State Total Score ‘Socio-economic Welfare’ Rank ‘Health’ Rank ‘Education’ Rank
1 Mississippi 69.08 2 1 5
2 District of Columbia 63.64 1 17 15
3 Nevada 62.71 4 5 2
4 New Mexico 58.29 15 20 1
5 Louisiana 58.07 10 7 4
6 Arizona 57.82 6 11 8
7 Alaska 57.35 17 3 3
8 West Virginia 56.12 3 15 13
9 Oregon 56.04 5 25 7
10 Arkansas 54.24 8 2 19

4 Comments on "Arizona Ranks 6th In 2017’s State With Most Underprivileged Children"

  1. Shameful, but what do you expect from a state that would rather spend their money on foolishness, like here in pima cty. Sure lets spend a dump truck of money sending a chicken sandwich up in space or let’s be a “welcoming city”! What a bunch of hooey. We could have spent that dump truck of money on children. Funny how these oafs only say “it’s for the children” when they want to suck money from taxpayers, but not themselves and their precious pet projects, like repainting certain crosswalks,or other like foolishness that we are not privy to.

  2. Elliot, Tucson | August 10, 2017 at 9:47 am |

    Poverty is an industry developed and supported by the left, intended to hold people down. Tucson has done a magnificent job of accomplishing very little with very much. The real problem with Leftinistas is that they spend so much time hating success and scheming on how to redistribute wealth, they have lost objectivity of results and failure. More is not working. Pride in work and pride of ownership are not bestowed by the government, they are self developed by hard work and success.

    Stop voting for failed policies of the past.

  3. And in Pima County the Democrats spend our tax dollars, breaking their own rules and AZ State law to do so, on an ill conceived business start up by their cronies at World View. County Administrator Huckleberry and his three stooges, Supervisors Bronson. Elias and Valadez should be in jail for this misappropriation of funds.

  4. Same stupid liberal nonsense occurs in the Flagstaff area. When they want their way, they threaten that children will be harmed if we don’t support their tax increase. Once they get the tax increase, they piss the money away, then repeat the process and cry for more.

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