Rimrock Man Pours Everclear On Ammo, Sets Fire

Fire personnel on scene of arson.

Jan Edwin Miller

On August 4, 2017, around 11:45 p.m., YCSO deputies were dispatched to the 4100 block of Aztec Road, in Rimrock, regarding a subject firing rounds in his backyard. Upon arrival, deputies saw smoke coming from inside the house as popping noises were heard and requested the fire department. Deputies called out to anyone who might be in the home, but there was no response. As fire personnel arrived from the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority, flames could now be seen. A neighbor told deputies that the resident, who rarely leaves the home, was likely still inside. Once fire personnel were able to open the front door, they called out and heard a male voice respond but he refused to exit. Fire personnel eventually located the man and escorted him out of the house to awaiting deputies. He was identified as 50-year-old Jan Miller who admitted firing rounds in the air and starting the fire to get the ‘voices to stop.’ Miller stated he poured ‘Everclear’ brand alcohol on a container of live ammunition and then set it on fire.

Burned Ammo

Fire officials reported that the popping noises heard earlier resulted from ammunition exploding due to the heat of the fire. They also discovered a possible explosive device which a bomb technician later determined was actually a drum magazine for an AK-47 rifle. Due to concern for the safety of fire personnel and surrounding homes at the time an explosive device was believed involved, a large perimeter extending at least 2 houses in all directions was set. This safety zone remained in place pending the arrival of the DPS bomb technician.

Miller was arrested on several charges including Arson, Discharge Firearm within City Limits x4, Endangerment x6, and Possession of Marijuana (found during his booking). He remains in the Camp Verde Detention Center on a $15, 000 bond.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | August 12, 2017 at 1:56 am |

    It’s very reassuring to know that Mr. Miller is so well armed with at least an AK-47 when he hears voices, randomly shoots into the air and burns down houses.
    I’m hoping that the sheriff deputies have removed and secured his firearms and ammo supplies? In addition I’m hoping that he’s entered into some data base that would preclude him from legally purchasing any further firearms.
    In many ways, fortunately this incident took place outside a congested urban environment resulting in zero casualties.
    Sadly Mr. Miller seems to have fallen through the cracks of our social safety nets, hopefully he will receive the mental health treatment that he obviously needs.

    The Oracle

  2. so I’d say that’s some Ever clear the guy is drinking if its making him fight the demons with his AK-47 ; if they’d get the drink out of the man, no telling he might not be a bad guy… but the question is what came first the alcohol or the AK… without the AK but still drinking this guy is a bomb waiting to go off… if they want to limit his volatility ban him from alcohol.

  3. Any nut in Arizona can get a gun.

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