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Fired Google Employee Lashes Out: ‘Ideologically Driven And Intolerant Of Scientific Debate’
Amber Randall

The engineer Google fired over a diversity memo spoke out about the company in a Wall Street Journal essay on Friday, characterizing the work environment as an “intense echo chamber” that doesn’t allow for debate.

James Damore, author of the leaked memo, said his firing from the company demonstrated how Google has an “ideological echo chamber” that doesn’t allow for diversity of thought.

“My 10-page document set out what I considered a reasoned, well-researched, good-faith argument, but as I wrote, the viewpoint I was putting forward is generally suppressed at Google because of the company’s ‘ideological echo chamber,’” he wrote. “My firing neatly confirms that point. How did Google, the company that hires the smartest people in the world, become so ideologically driven and intolerant of scientific debate and reasoned argument?”

Damore argued in his op-ed that the company didn’t have a problem with the memo when it was first released; he was able to have reasonable discussions with his colleagues until the memo went viral and people began accusing him of misogyny.

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  1. At the end of WW2 allied forces occupying Germany realized that the German population itself had to be de-Nazified thru re-education efforts in order to have any hopes of ever moving forward in a post Nazi world.
    And while we are fearful to admit the obvious which we clearly see, the cancerous seizure of our schools, entertainment and news media industries by the winner take all fanatical left isn’t all that different then the indoctrination by state controlled Nazi Germany devoid of free thought or free expression. PC might as well stand for my way or the highway.
    Having an opinion, any opinion contrasting to the “preferred” opinion of the powers that be is now reason enough to be dismissed. “Failure to conform” is now justified in firing staff. So much for freedom.
    In the old days we got to choose our favorite color when asked, now we MUST pick the rainbow so that all colors are evenly included while none are left out lest their feelings get hurt in order to keep our jobs at the cost of our dignity and self respect. In my case, blue had always been my favorite color, except on an electoral map.
    Somewhere along the path this nation lost our faith in God, our faith in each other and our faith in our own future, hardly the behavior of free people.
    If I’ve offended you, I don’t care, I’m unapologetic. It’s MY opinion and I’m retired and no longer looking for work within the PC sphincter police culture.

    The Oracle

    • It is indeed a giant brainwash over this once great country. They are waiting for the old farts to die so we can’t keep bringing up the Truth. Well I know that my kids will carry the torch, they were taught the truth. Love reading your posts.

    • not much more to say but “yup” an oddly the ‘yuppies’ seem the driver of this mandated equalizm – it’s all the way to the uni-church ; no God is better, any God is equal, for that matter any thought is equal, any behavior is equal, any habit is equal, oh man are we in trouble – but this is exactly how its be prophesy says it will be.. and what we see is that coming to reality, the bad news / good news is – it continues unto the soon coming end. So we watch… and I would suggest pray.

    • I must say that I have been in a situation where my boss would not promote me to the high level because I was a woman. I was very competent and I had brought the company a lot of sales in the order of a couple million dollar jobs, by myself. He made a head of another division the job, even though his division had lost a lot of money. Why? Because He said I was a woman. He said they had once had a woman and run the division and had to put up with her PMS days! Very emotional and angry.
      I argued that was not me and had my past record to prove it. But no they were not going to change their mind. They even gave the loser credit for my last million dollar sale at his promotion.! Everyone in our office was aghast. I quit. This was many years ago and I did go on to a much better job.
      At the same time I will not go for this PC crap that is very prevalent in our society. I believe in merit based employment not race or sexual orientation. I believe in grades that are earned. I will continue to bring this up to my kids and hope they will carry the torch forward. I too am retired and don’t care what the mob thinks, I think for myself.

      • one door closes another opens, sounds like the best thing that could happen to you. I have three girls, I’m quite pro women’s equal opportunity – having worked with many women in the business arena in which I work I have to note that I believe women are much meaner than men are to each other… what a cat box! I’d also say it’s a very tough place for me to work equally – retribution? or just PMSism all I know is you have to walk a very crooked line when walking in that mine field.

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