Tucson Police Investigating Fatal Shooting On Tucson’s Eastside

[Photo courtesy Tucson Police]

On August 15, 2017, at approximately 6:45 p.m., Tucson Police officers responded to the intersection of South Kolb Road and East Science Park Drive for a report of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a security guard who advised he was involved in the shooting and the one who called 911.

The guard directed officers to a desert area northeast of the intersection. In the desert, officers located 35-year-old Thomas Allen Dickinson on the ground with obvious signs of gunshot trauma. Dickinson was pronounced deceased on scene.

Homicide detectives were able to determine that the security guard was on duty, but not affiliated or working for the businesses in that area. The guard was traveling in his marked security vehicle from one job site to another. While stopped at the red light at E. Science Park Drive, he reported that an unknown male threw a rock at his vehicle. The guard turned east on to Science Park Drive in an attempt to confront the subject about the incident. The guard lost sight of the male and then relocated him in the desert area northeast of the intersection and an altercation ensued. During the altercation, the male subject reportedly picked up a large rock and the guard fired a handgun at the subject, striking him one time.

Detectives are still trying to determine specific details about the incident.

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  1. Don’t bring a rock to a gun fight. You will lose every time.

  2. Who posted the above comment is a f%#king idiot . It was a cold blooded killing. He didn’t have a f#%king rock. A$$hole is lying. U chase an unarmed man into the desert then shoot him because supposedly he had a rock. If a$$hole was afraid for his life why did he chase Thomas into the desert? MOTHER F#%KER IS LYING.

  3. Wow!! JD fast hope our paths never cross. Thinking the victim had no choice but to pick the rock up, if he even did. You’re a jerk! Just curious, is there evidence of the rock being thrown at the security vehicle? Bet not! Besides why would you chase the victim off into the desert and continue to search for him. At this time there was no injury or threat to the security officer. He obviously should be held accountable for his decision to man hunt. He should be put in front of a jury. The man needs to go to prison! Besides Security guards aren’t even suppose to carry guns, thinking this is why.

  4. Thank you. Only if TPD could get it together.

  5. The Oracle of Tucson | August 18, 2017 at 8:38 am |

    In all fairness to jdfast, he only wrote what many of us initially thought after reading the story, myself included.
    I was also struck by a memory here, an remembrance of Tryvone Martin, in that case two people crossed paths with tragic results. Zimmerman didn’t have to follow Martin and Martin didn’t have to attack Zimmerman.
    Fast forward to the death of Mr.Thomas Dickinson. Like 99.9% of everyone else following this story, I’m only aware of what I’ve read on this story here on the ADI.
    The job of every security officer is limited to very narrow function, “to observe and to report” period, end of story. If the security vehicle was struck and the officer pulled over to inspect the vehicle for damage or even to ensure it could be safely operated, and then entered the surrounding area to obtain a description to be later given to the police of the rock thrower only to have a secondary rock encounter, the ending would be justified in the use of deadly force, if the officer just charged into the desert and killed Mr. Dickinson it wouldn’t be justified.
    While I respect the passion of the upset posters above, neither you or I was there at the scene and we truly don’t yet know the full story. Let’s wait until we have the facts, the full facts before we hail one person, and we crucify another.

    The Oracle

  6. Why is the name of tbe security guard not reported? As well as the company he’s employed by? Why has he not been detained? Does Az. law require an armed security guard to have training or credentials to carry a firearm? The matter should have been reported to an authority. Did the guard make a 911 call before taking matters into his own hands? Or only after he apparently chased down the young rock thrower and shot him dead. The guard may have been on duty, but his duty was to be at another location. Sounds like a wanna be cop. Hot headed, untrained, and a danger to all. I’m waiting to hear of his charges.

  7. The oracle of Tucson, Real simple look for the damage to the vehicle from the rock. Looks like you don’t have any facts. Besides someone on foot being pursued by a vehicle hmmmm. Thinking a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon. Victim was probably in fear of his life. Obviously for good reason!

    • The Oracle of Tucson | August 21, 2017 at 12:28 pm |

      I haven’t seen anything further on this incident other then what’s posted here and pasted on other sites, all I said was to wait until the facts are fully known.
      If they are now known please share the link so that we all might see them. Otherwise your comments have no value.

      The Oracle

      • The only fact is Mr. Dickinson is dead, that we know for sure to be true. The rest is only what the man who pulled the trigger is telling. Don’t believe his story for one minute. Please if anyone was witness to this come forward and help with what actually happened.

  8. Norma Montano | August 23, 2017 at 7:05 am |

    Mr Thomàs Dickinson is my child and no nothing is adding up.
    I was told that after shooting my son this man drove out of the dessert only to call his girlfriend first, who told him to call 911.
    Why would anybody do that? Why did he not try to get help for child.
    A young man posted on Facebook that he drove by and saw the security truck sitting on the median and as he passed he looked into his rear i.e. Mirror and saw the truck heading into the dessert. Andrew Soto?? Think of your mother and what she would be going through right now. Please reach out to someone and tell what you saw. It could be the only thing to help this. I beg you!!
    Thomàs Dickinsons Mother

  9. Regarding the security guard driving into the desert to get a description. I’d say that he obviously was able to identify Mr. Dickinson as he said he lost sight of him and then spotted him again. The only reason someone pursues someone like the security guard did is if you plan on doing him harm. Come on be real.

  10. The guard was employed by vet sec. This company has unarmed guards. The security guard in this case had his personal gun with him. He shot thomas with his personal gun, unauthorized. The security guard was fired the following day. What is wrong with this picture????

  11. There’s a lot wrong with this picture!!! What was a security guard who is only licensed as an unarmed security guard doing with a gun on duty? He was not authorized to carry a weapon or even have one in his vehicle. Yet, he did. Why???? Is there no oversight with these companies? Why didn’t he call in to his dispatch if there was a problem?

  12. It is said to say but the security guard that shoot Thomas will not be charged. All we want are answered on why he shoot Thomas. The story does not add up. Many unanswered questions and answered we have received do not make sense. We only want the truth. Thomas mother had that right to know what and why this happened to her son.
    I know it is a long shot but if anyone saw or has any information regarding this please come forward. Thomas mom needs to know why this happened to her son.

  13. You mean to tell me that the security guard will not be charged for any crime? Why? did he have a get out of jail free card?

    • We do not know why but will know by the latest Friday. All we want are answers on how you can shoot a person and get away with it Debra

  14. Norma Montano | September 14, 2017 at 3:10 am |

    4 weeks now and family still have not received police report and PA is denying case. Does this mean closed?
    Where does a family turn? This cant be.
    We must be a voice for our son, brother, nephew, friend, for he is dead and the only story is the perpetrators!!

  15. Doesn’t anyone know anything???? Please help Thomas’ mom find out the truth.

  16. I am praying that everyone gets the answers they are looking for and that some how, justice will be served.

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