New Video Shows Trump Protesters Warning Others To Stop Throwing Items At Police

Phoenix police teargas, pepper spray Trump protesters from Lone Protestor on Vimeo.

A video posted on Wednesday shows Phoenix Police and protesters moments before smoke canisters were deployed to disperse the crowd. In the video, you can hear protesters imploring others to “stop throwing stuff.”

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Tempe City Councilman David Schapira claimed that he and his wife were “handing out water right when the first pepper ball was deployed. We witnessed no provocation, only peaceful protest. There was no warning. Tear gas was also widely deployed before we heard any warnings to disperse.”

The video, posted by Lone Protester, shows protesters throwing water bottles. It appears that many in the crowd were aware that the police were preparing to take a action in response to the projectiles throw at them.

On Wednesday, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton stated that it “was disappointing beyond words that a few people chose to disrupt an otherwise peaceful night by throwing objects at police officers. Chief Williams has indicated that police took decisive steps to disperse the crowd because those objects included tear gas, bottles and rocks. To avoid a potentially dangerous physical confrontation with these disruptors, police used pepper spray — which had the unfortunate consequence of affecting some of those nearby who were peaceful.”

“I have no reason to believe that the community and civil rights organizations that helped organize the rally outside – and even trained their members beforehand to remain civil and peaceful — played any role in confronting police or throwing objects that preceded the dispersal,” concluded Stanton.

Councilman Michael Nowakowski said in a press release, ​”Last night, thousands of demonstrators descended upon the downtown area for the visit of President Trump. First, I’d like to thank all the first responders and public safety personnel for their commitment and dedication to public service by working well into the night to ensure the safety and protection of all demonstrators and supporters.” He continued, “Unfortunately, a very successful and peaceful expression of First Amendment rights throughout the day, was blemished by a small group of individuals who chose to express themselves in a more aggressive manner towards our law enforcement. As previously communicated in the days prior, law enforcement acted quickly and decisively to protect the community, property, and themselves.”


  1. And Raul Grijalva was no where to be found? Hell he probably threw the first stone. The whole world will be better off when he is no longer around to spread his special brand of hate bigotry and racist BS.

  2. “They only come out at night?” You could see PPD giving notice, they suited and masked up. Run with the bums get treated like bums. What happened to these folks education?

    Dropouts? If you don’t like the pepper, stay out of the street.

  3. I want to commend the Phioenix Police! They did not move a muscle while the thugs threw garbage at them. That is the sort of self-control we sh ould

  4. Schapira is just trying to get attention!!! The protesters were throwing the water bottles the dumbshit gave them!

  5. To whom was David Schapira handing out water bottles, thirsty people or Antifa and alt-Left rioters who may have used those water bottles on the Phoenix Policemen? Schapira should just stay in his safe place, his parents’ basement! What a whiner!

  6. You got to love the insanity of the left. Using the notion that only a few bad apples were responsible for the violent behavior is acceptable to the anti-Trump protesters. However, when there is a confrontation like we saw in NC, ALL Trump supporters were somehow lumped into the convenient ‘hate-group’ category like White Supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s, KKK, and assorted racists.

    Just more proof liberals have psychological issues when it comes to differentiating their actions vs those they oppose; where commonsense flies out the window, replaced by illogical emotions.

  7. As previously communicated in the days prior, law enforcement acted quickly and decisively to protect the community, property, and themselves.”

    And the issue is what all you little idiots??? Thought not. Whine some more to someone else that gives a crap. I sure don’t. Your supporters put on hoods and started throwing rocks, bottles, etc, what did you expect would happen? They were your people representing you and you couldn’t control them now you are the victim?? Please.

  8. Just how dumb do you have to be to watch police put on gas mask and not figure out tear gas is about to be deployed? What more warning did they want?
    If 99 people “peacefully” protest and 1 person acts out by throwing stuff at the police I think it’s reasonable to expect 100 are about to get dispersed with chemical irritants.
    Couldn’t help but notice the video shows a mixed crowd of very angry vulgar thugs and delusional cry babies.
    In todays day and age everyone should own a gas mask, especially when attending a volatile protest.

    The Oracle

    • I do believe that they need to talk to George Soros about providing those tear gas masks. Or file a workplace grievance!

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