Phoenix City Council Rejects Investigation Of Police

On Wednesday, the Phoenix City Council meeting descended into chaos during a discussion of a proposed investigation into the actions of the Phoenix Police Department in response protesters at President Trump’s rally last week. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton temporarily lost control of the meeting before the City Manager pulled the proposal.

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio called proposal by the City Manager “an attempt by radical anti-police protesters to engage in a witch hunt against the brave men and women of the Phoenix Police Department,” in a statement he released after the meeting.

“Our officers performed brilliantly that day, under incredibly difficult circumstances,” said Councilman DiCiccio. “The way our police department handled those protests should be a model for every city in the country. Unfortunately, after the event, a handful of radical anti-police protestors and ultra-liberal organizations – the same people bent on creating chaos from coast to coast – have been trying to impugn our officers and second guess their decision making.”

“These people demanding an outside review, they don’t want police departments across the country to follow the lead of the Phoenix Police Department and control these events,” continued Councilman DiCiccio. “As they have made clear time and again, they want to engage in violence, rioting and destruction. That’s what they want. Our police department denied that to them, so now they wanted to bring in this outside group to ensure that Phoenix has to follow the lead of all these other cities whose officers have been forced to stand idly by while people are hurt, even killed, and businesses smashed.”

Most protesters were peaceful during the Trump rally, but sprinkled throughout the crowds were masked Antifa members throwing rocks and water bottles at police officers.

As an example, a video posted on Wednesday shows Phoenix Police and protesters moments before smoke canisters were deployed to disperse the crowd. In the video, you can hear protesters imploring others to “stop throwing stuff.”

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The video, posted by Lone Protester, shows protesters throwing water bottles. It appears that many in the crowd were aware that the police were preparing to take a action in response to the projectiles throw at them.

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