Arizona Corporation Commissioner Little Takes Position In Trump Administration

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Doug Little is leaving the Arizona swamp to play in the D.C. swamp. Little is leaving the controversial commission to take the position as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental and External Affairs with the Department of Energy.

Little will assume his news duties on October 2.

Little has been surrounded by controversy sine he was elected to the commission in November 2014. Little served as chairman of the commission in 2016.

Little follows former State Representative Phil Lovas, who assumed a position in the Small Business Administration.

Free tickets were a favorite choice of the politicians bribed by Jack Abramoff, the most notorious lobbyist in the D.C. swamp. Cheap tickets appear to be popular in the Arizona swamp. In this email, former State Rep. Phil Lovas reaches out to Axiom staff for Final Four tickets. [Click on image to enlarge]
Currently the commission is at the center of an investigation in which it is alleged that former commissioner Gary Pierce and his wife took bribes through lobbyist Jim Norton, who at the time was a partner at Axiom Public Affairs, in exchange for favorable votes on the utilities the commission oversees.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve under the Trump administration,” said Commissioner Little. “I have enjoyed serving Arizona and look forward to this tremendous opportunity to influence energy policy at the national level.”

Little was the beneficiary of “dark money” groups that spent over $3 million in 2014 to get him and fellow commissioner Tom Forese elected. Fellow commissioner Bob Burns has fought commissioners Little, Forese, Andy Tobin, and Boyd Dunn in an effort to expose if one of the utilities the commissioners oversees, APS, contributed to the “dark money” groups.

As a result of the fight to block Burns, the Arizona Corporation Commission has earned a reputation as a corrupt organization.

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