Substitute Teacher Observes Blatant Indoctrination In A Public School Classroom

As a substitute teacher for many years in Arizona’s K-12 system, I have seen just about everything. Over the years, I have noticed that our classrooms have become hotbeds for teachers to express their own personal political beliefs.

Today, I am subbing at a high school, in a unified school district for a teacher of both Investigative and Environmental Science. His students range from freshmen to juniors with over 30 students per period.

The teacher, Corky Miner, has an aide in the room with the freshmen students in periods 1, 3, and 5. The aide is a very nice woman about age 55-65.

Miner comes into the room before class starts and blazes around the room, lamenting to me about how he has to observe other teachers today for his PLC (Personal Learning Community) and he would rather be in his classroom. I understand and tell him how when I was teaching, I did that as well. I say how it was interesting and helpful, he snorts and runs out of the room.

The day begins as a new student comes into the room wondering what she should do and where she should sit. A few other students start filing in before the bell, chattering and smiling. The aide focuses on the new student telling her a mountainous pile of information about classroom procedure, the teacher and expectations. She warns the student about Mr. Miner and how she must listen to him and be quiet or he gets mad. Specifically she says, “Always do what he says and never question him or he gets mad.” The girl’s eyes get big as she has never met the teacher and it is period one of her first day. She sits in the back as the aide stays with her; guiding her through all of the information and class protocol for about 5 minutes.

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The bell rings and students start filing into the room. I normally grab my attendance sheets, walk to the front of the room, and smile as they file in and get seated. However, the aide runs to the front of the room and starts shouting above the din for the students to get seated and quiet.

The final bell rings and the kids are getting their folders out and composition books ready. The day’s plans are on the board so they know exactly what is expected of them, but the aide is still shouting directions at them. I stand back and smile at the kids but do not want to step on her toes. It seems she does this every day and it is normal part of their routine. The students largely ignore her.

The aide breezes through the instructions and starts passing out papers and I try to interrupt her. I need to take attendance. She looks at me funny and continues to pass out papers. I just smile at her and begin.

The students are talking quite a bit so I quiet them and start calling the attendance. They listen to me and I joke as I fumble through some of the more complicated names. We enjoy a little getting to know each other but the aide looks frazzled. When I am done, I tell the kids to listen to the aide and get to work, and they do. It was a very well-behaved freshman class for a while so there were no worries. I mill about the room trying to look helpful, but in reality, I have no idea how to do the work. The students do not seem to mind so I continue to look about the room offering a reassuring smile.

As I mill about the room, I notice a large poster on the wall with the name “Donald” on it. Huh I think, that’s our new president’s name. I look closer. It is a scene from the Wizard of Oz and says, “Wicked Donald of the West.” There is his face cut and pasted to the witch’s face and it says, “I’m melting” while an evil looking Dorothy looks on with a bucket that says, “News: Alaska Glaciers Vanishing” and Dorothy saying, “Warned You…” Dorothy’s dress says ,”The rest of the World” and Toto is saying, “You’re Right, we’re not in La-La Land Anymore.” The Witch/Donald Trump’s dress says, “Credibility on Global Warming.”

The aide walks over to me as I’m examining this poster and says, “Oh, I see you found his political posters.” “Yes,” I reply, “this is very inappropriate in a public school classroom.” She says, “I think so as well but you know, he teaches environmental science so I guess it’s ok. Even though I do not agree, I don’t say anything.” I reiterate how it is not cool and how he is supposed to be unbiased, politically. I tell her that I was a teacher and by contract, they are not allowed to have posters or teach in a biased manner. She tells me that he teaches global warming or climate change, all the time, and lays the blame on the president and right-wingers. Again, I tell her it is not cool and she says she agrees with me but, what can she do?

I continue walking about the room and as the day goes on it is time for us to say the Pledge of Allegiance and hear the daily announcements. I search the room for the American flag, to no avail. I ask the kids and one points to the upper corner of a shelving unit. There it is, crumpled and barely recognizable behind a Santa statue with a wizard hat on and a bobble head.

I begin to see other signs of what appears to be anti-American sentiment. I go over by the sink and front door and find the Arizona state-mandated US Constitution poster which is supposed to be placed beneath the American flag. In this classroom it is hidden behind a plastic drawer unit. It is nowhere near the flag.

As I continue looking about, I see another poster with “Donald Trump” on it. It is a Smokey the Bear poster, cut and pasted to have Smokey say, “Only You Can Prevent…Donald Trump.” It is a scene of a burnt forest with ruined tree trunks that say, “Global Warming,” “EPA-Bashing,” “pollution,” “denial,” “fire,” “drought,” “inaction.” Upon closer inspection, the name “Donald Trump” was taped over another name; “George Bush.”


It seems this teacher has intentionally had these posters up in his room for at least 10 years, if not more. With no counter point of view, the material can have no other purpose than to indoctrinate students. I would be curious to know if he had positive or negative posters on the walls when Obama was president. As I take pictures of all of this propaganda, I become further frustrated. I feel I must speak out. It doesn’t matter what side of these issues or politics I may be on, it is ethically and morally wrong to have these posters in front of impressionable children, every day.

School is to be a place of learning the curriculum and along their path to adulthood; students will form their own opinions about politics, life, and environmental issues. A teacher should never be the one to form those opinions for them. A teacher is one of the most influential people in a child’s life and should inspire them to dig and learn about all topics, not just promote one point of view or teach intolerance for other points of view.

As an aside, the teacher came back to the classroom before 5th period and informed me that he would be having an observation by the principal, vice principal and other science teachers. He said I could stay if I wanted to but didn’t have to. I checked and decided to leave. I figured waiting until the next day would give the administration enough time to notice the posters and understand what I was talking about. The next morning, I sent the following email to the principal.

Subject: Re: Corky Miner- Science teacher

Mr. James,

I am a substitute for the Chandler School District and have a problem I observed in your teacher’s classroom, yesterday.

I was a teacher in the Paradise Valley and Higley School Districts for many years and know what boundaries a teacher must walk within and what is outside those bounds. Mr. Miner has political, anti-US president posters on his walls. As well, he has shoved the American flag in a corner and covered the US Constitution poster, which must be prominently displayed.

I would like to speak to you personally, today and am available to talk or meet in person.

I thank you for your attention.

Jennifer Leon Hill> wrote:


I was out of the office all day today. This situation has been resolved and Mr. Miner was very apologetic. If you sub at Hamilton again please stop to introduce yourself to me. Thank you.”

I responded:

Principal James,

Thank you for your response but I would like to know how the problem was resolved? His actions are a violation of policy and law, according to his own syllabus, the state of AZ and the teacher’s union. Teachers are required to teach content according to state standards and remain unbiased on all matters.

While I appreciate your answer, I do not think you are aware of the scope of what this teacher has been doing in his class. While I was there, two freshman students got into a very heated religious discussion (Period 3) which escalated and neither me or the aide in the room could stop until I got very loud. According to other students, this is normal and happens all of the time and is not stopped. The discussion turned to gender bias as well. I asked other students and they said, Mr. Miner doesn’t mind.

I also looked closely at his posters (pictures attached) and it seems they have been up since George Bush was president which was almost 9 years ago, and he served an 8 year term. He also shows videos and preaches about Global Warming/Climate Change and the political positions involved.

While my own political position has zero bearing here, an administrator should be aware of what their teachers are posting on their walls and make sure their teachers are not spreading propaganda of their own views. These posters are very large and placed right by the doors where students and all could see them, every day, for the past 10-16 years.

I have been a substitute teacher at Hamilton, Chandler High and various Chandler schools, for the past six years and have never seen such a blatant disrespect for our United States, by a public school teacher.

Thank you,

Jennifer L. Hill> wrote:

“I cannot discuss any personnel action with you, but the posters have been removed. Also, the flag is now hanging appropriately. The storage bins have been removed and the Constitution is visible.

Thank you.”

By the afternoon, I hadn’t gotten a reply so I CC’d the email to another Vice Principal at the school. By 5:30 p.m., a response finally arrived. Feeling like I had been snowed, I was not satisfied with the answer. They really wanted me to by the “fact” that the teacher is “apologetic”?

This teacher has intentionally been spreading propaganda based on his own personal views, for many years. I doubt he’s apologetic or intends to stop speaking the garbage to the students.

The next morning, I sent another email asking for further clarification regarding compliance, including a picture. This time I CC’d the district’s superintendent, Chandler’s mayor and city council members, along with a few choice activists in the education community. The subsequent response was pretty much the same as the first one.

I decided to tell of my experience on Facebook and in order to let the public know what is happening in our kids’ classrooms. The reactions of the administrators made it clear that too few understand the concept of indoctrination or tolerate it. I probably wouldn’t say a word other than talking to the teacher or principal but this teacher’s actions were intentional, long term, and the administrators clearly failed to recognize just how wrong it is.

About Jennifer Leon Hill 6 Articles
Jennifer Leon Hill is an education activist in Arizona. She frequently shares her experience in education on the pages of the Arizona Daily Independent. Ms. Leon Hill is the founder of Teachers Parents Advocates United (TPAU).


  1. Thank you for standing up! As a student who graduated from TUSD in the 90’s, I do not recognize this education system that is in place today. I heard you speak on the James T. Harris Show and am citing this article in my Forum Replies for my American Government Class, American Military University. Your voice would be welcome in the online education arena! As a Veteran, I would have taken the flag down immediately! For me, it has touched the “ground” and has been desecrated and needs to be destroyed properly. I sacrificed my body and health for that teachers freedoms, however, inside the classroom, they should be encouraging freedom of thought. Great Article, Great Interview, please consider teaching online, I would sign-up for a class immediately!

  2. Jennifer Leon Hill thank you for standing up for what is right! Few people do out of fear of being ostracized. Keep up your advocacy for fairness in the classrooms!

  3. our Obama – still making waves with his new ‘resistance program’ OFA ; this is a generations long battle, it will not end, it will no relent, there are no options but to win or consequence

  4. People, please walk you children AND grandchildren’s classrooms, every few months. Do it! We need them to know WE are watching THEM and they better toe the line. Teaching contracts say show no bias and teach the supplied curriculum. Unfortunately with Common Core, the curriculum includes bunk about climate change. Fight people, Fight!

  5. It’s not even liberal indoctrination I am worried about but the clear disrespect for children and our country. A teaching contract states clearly to show no bias.

    • Have you seen a teaching contract? Yes, students need to be presented with factual information and taught to separate fact from opinion. The wor bias does not appear in my contract.

  6. Unfortunately, the main purpose of public education is indoctrination. Especially federal and state funded public education. This indoctrination would be less tolerated if schools were more locally controlled and parents and community members were more involved in the education system.
    The only choice conscientious parents have anymore is being highly selective about private education or home schooling (of which there are so many effective versions of these days). The only reason for public school is inexpensive day care or if the family ascribes to government propaganda and wants to send their kids to government church.

  7. WHY ISN’T HAMILTON HIGH CONTACTING PARENTS TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THEIR CHILDREN’S CLASS? It sounds like they really didn’t care too much about this teacher breaking the rules. They probably only gave him a slap on the hand, and sent him on his merry little way on teaching in the classroom. And isn’t is alarming that the aid told a new student to “never disagree with the teacher”? That sounds like something that would happen inside a classroom in a communist nation. Very alarming!

    • Very alarming. The aide was an older woman who was shaking when he came into the room, briefly. He has everyone frightened to speak up to him. Not me. Next time I’m at that school, I’m going to go right up to him and tell him to his face, it was me.

  8. “The American people would vote no on outright socialism…” … “Would move towards it under the guise of liberalism”….1962 Ronald Reagan

  9. so glad my kids are beyond today’s school system in age. it didn’t just start, this has been decades in the building, its just a more open event now that they feel they have ‘resistance’ as their “OK” to move to open work on change to socialism.. DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!!!

  10. You read all th above but then the questions arise, Where were you to allow the sock puppet school boards to be elected when they had been proven on MANY occasions to be the source of the PROBLEM? Yes it is the very same who are here I told ya so types that allow these things to happen. Not only are they not the keepers of the flame for the school kids, they fail their communities also by allowing such as those on the tucson in particular city clowncil to be elected/re-elected. Apply it again to the county.

    This educational nightmare started back in the 60’s with the very grandparents of these currently being subjected to this stuff. You know the free lovers/libbers, hell no we wont go types. They gave up all to the left and now are reaping the results. Individually you fight the fight, Ive been there and yes the teachers and principles dont like it, but if you are determined enough at least your kid/s will not be subjected to this BS. Had a teacher sending smily faces home on obviously WRONG answered work! Her response was that it was for the kids benefit, I threw the BS flag and told her she will correctly score my kids or else. I expected them to be able to read, write and do math at a higher level, not the 5/6th grade level many military manuals were written to. She complied and my kids are now successful and expecting the same for their kids. Folks take em on, one at a time or as many as you can get. BUT, we need to get folks who will do due diligence in the application of school directives set down by state or local, not some off the wall bs they come up with.

  11. Here’s a goofy after-school routine to giggle your kids … and buckle your mind.

    Grab ‘em by the ankles … turn ‘em upside down … and give a mighty shake. Do it every day … for a week or two … and see what tumbles out of their little noggins. Have a good stare.

    Too many schools aren’t just schools any more. Some are mini-gulags.

    Some schools knead mushy minds like clay … and glaze kids with a special finish no one asked for … because too many parents are just too easy to blindside. Easily sucker-punched. Because they expect schools to look like the schools of not-so-long ago … you know, places where kids learned to add and read and make pals. And memories.

    They expected wrong. Here’s why.

    Some kids are actually “kid”-napped … by gallsy-ballsy social justice evangelists who think it’s their civic duty to baptize children into their hare krishna-ed congregation. They’re the anti-apostles … preferring their brand of not-so-free will to any other adult influence. And parents have no role. And almost no awareness. The true-believers have it all covered.

    It’s up to parents to sniff out what’s happening.

    And they’d better glare these folks straight in the eye … because they think your kid’s easy to pied-pipe. A cinchy challenge. Because kids trust adults … and in schools … adults are gods.

    Ten years ago … before I was vacuumed into this Common Core nightmare … I met an uncanny lady with a mesmerizing sense of sarcasm. A highly credentialed nurse, a road-runner, and as politically aware as they come.

    And she was a shield-maiden. A shield-banger. Tough.

    She had three kids deep in the high school thing … and a caboose-baby back in elementary school. All in story-book public schools.

    But the stories she heard from her kids troubled her. So she troubled herself to find out all she could.

    Suppertime was her “deprogramming hour”. Her term, not mine. She dug into her kids’ brains as they dug into her dinners.

    She knew everything about every teacher … their reputations, their politics, and their scholarship. And that mattered to her. She kept to that dinner ritual as religiously as teenage schedules would allow … and nothing slipped by her. Nothing.

    She knew of every assignment and project … scanned the classroom radar-blips. And when she sensed teachers or administrators crossing her line in the sand, she’d pound her shield and sprinted into battle … armed to the teeth with irrefutable facts and crystal clear logic. Unusual lady.

    She’s not so unique anymore.

    Vigilant parents sense what’s going on. And lots are now steel-spined … and unafraid to lock horns with any adult that tries to put a top-spin on their kid.

    But these social justice pushers are bolder than ever … because they sense a ripe atmosphere for their social sermonizing. And today’s headlines are in-your-face proof of their arrogance.

    “Rochester School District Designates ‘Black Lives Matter at School’ Day”

    “Copiague Teachers Kneel During Pledge on Trump Inauguration Day, Sparking Probe”

    “Philly Teachers Plan Black Lives Matter Week — Not All Are Happy”

    “Bassett Unified Declares all Campuses as Safe, Sanctuary Schools”

    “Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Let Boys play with Legos in the Name of Gender Equality”

    “’Gender Inclusive’ School District Says Drop ‘boys and girls,’ Call Kids ‘purple penguins’”

    “Purple penguins”. I’m not kiddin’. Now that’s a cold-cold gulag, for sure.

    These social justice junkies see nothing wrong with this stuff. In fact, they’ll rail about their “higher aspirations” for education … and the “new consciousness” their cultivating for the new world that’s under construction.

    They’re real saviors. The saviors lots of you didn’t really ask for at all. Uninvited pests.

    And they think you’re unconscious morons for expecting multiplication or writing or some science to dominate the learning landscape. And so those subjects get “refreshed’ … re-glazed, like your kid … so a geography lesson is premised on environmental terrorism and the inhumanity of borders. And the Civil War is a platform for ripping down 100 year old statues … and forbidding certain flags that just don’t jive with their historical bleaching.

    They don’t even trouble themselves with subtle anymore.

    It’s easy-glib for these guys. And they’re in your face. Replete with corny power salutes, cheapo t-shirts, and jive-epithets … and the ever popular “root cause” pretext. Some schools proudly commit to full-days of hajib-wearing and “white privilege” confessions … set to rap, of course.

    And they get snotty-nervy … peeved-off … when someone like my shield-maiden friend calls them out for their own prejudices and intolerance. So they tattoo questioning parents with labels made famous by the angry-class … bigot, racist, intolerant, xenophobe. You know the spew.

    This goes on in the schools you pay for … by teachers and school leaders in your employ. And they haven’t a blush about sneering at parents who don’t share their vision of the world … and they snicker with that piggish superiority of “Animal Farm”.

    Who recalls a day when these people … paid by us … worked for us and not for some ideology? It wasn’t so long ago that schools were all about kid stuff … untroubled by troubled adults. Unbothered by these ideological hucksters.

    But now they’re here … and they’re taking advantage of the chaos in education brought about by a lousy reform … and a society-splitting political moment that allows them some easy slither.

    That’s the landscape. But not the whole story. Next up … a look at how these social justice pushers skittered into your classrooms … and how they’re junking-up lots of heads.

    Denis Ian

  12. This is not just a single incident! This is happening everywhere. I have had parents call my organization from all over the state about the indoctrination of their children and how their school would not allow them to opt out of things that go against their moral, religious, and political beliefs. The majority of these parents were intimidated by their principal and also did not feel that their school board would give a care. They were often told that they were the only parent to complain, however I had received emails and calls from several parents from the same school. I reported this abuse specifically to Diane Douglas who is the State School Superintendent, however nothing was done about it. One more reason why we need to hold our elected officials and school board members accountable at election time.

  13. I experienced a similar incident at Perry high school, also in the Chandler school district. My son decided to leave Perry due to the major immodest dress code violations and the constant f-word swearing by not only the students, but also by the teachers and coaches. I was asked by the secretary if I would alert the principal to the everyday filth that my son had witnessed. I expected the principal, Mr. Serrano, to say something to the effect that they do their best as a school to follow the dress code and district code of conduct, but instead he said, “my children attend here and they don’t have a problem with it. That is just a reflection of the community around us.” I was floored. A principal should be a leader of proper conduct and rule following, not one that allows their school to go to the gutters. During the following school year, Perry high had a streaker run across their football field during a home game. I should have written a letter saying, “Dear Mr. Serrano, please don’t worry about the streaker, it is just a reflection of the community that surrounds us.”

    • Oh my goodness. Yes, non-enforcement of dress code and complacency about rude language is rampant in the high schools. A principal is supposed to be a leader and be strong. Weakness shows throughout the entire community. I applaud you for at least trying to address but we need to get louder and and not stop at telling just the principal. I emailed the entire Chandler school board, Chandler city mayor and officials, the Chandler superintendent (camille Casteel) and heard ZERO back. This is why I chose to go very public.

  14. I developed the curriculum for a course on the Vietnam War at a charter school back in 2001 which included reading James Clavel’s short story, “A Children’s Story.” Ms. Smith, my 7th Grade English Teacher and a member of the Dineh people, had read that story to my class. It accurately described the fear we all had about the Red Scare and it’s a classic.
    Having spent many times doing duck and cover drills under my desk in Florida in the early 1960’s, practicing evacuations by leaving the classroom with a box of clothes and food, going to cars driven by stay-at-home mothers who were ready to drive us who knows where if Khrushchev decided to give Castro the go ahead to launch those medium range missiles at us; that short story hit home with me. I knew that my Dad had endured major battle trauma at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950, North Korea when 250,000 CHICOMS had surrounded the USMC with the express intent of slaughtering all of them. Therefore, I wasn’t exactly fond of Communists or their doctrine.
    At the charter school, the class didn’t get further than about page 3 in Clavel’s book before I could hear some of them growling under their breath over the obvious intentions of “the New Teacher” who was a young, clean, beautiful Communist. In less than 20 minutes, she had indoctrinated her entire class to her Communist ways. My students back then were very astute and I enjoyed teaching them because they were so engaged in learning about the war that many of their older uncles had fought in. There’s no way I could ever teach that class now, having the students read Clavel’s short piece, as most students today don’t realize that they’ve already been “turned” through indoctrination.

  15. Thank you for voicing what is absolutely wrong in todays classrooms. It seems there is really no excuse why this should have been displayed for over a decade without any discussion of wrongdoing. Mr. Miner should have been disciplined long ago. I read last week how a group of people in Phoenix want to get enough signatures to vote in 2018 to take away the right for students to use public school money for private or charter schools. The elites love their power.

  16. This is why parents have to get involved in their children’s education. So many parents just send their kids off to school and trust that everything will be honky-dory. Well it’s obviously not. I contributed to my granddaughter’s classroom for supplies but I made it very clear that I wanted to see an American flag properly displayed in the classroom. I was pleasantly surprised when my granddaughter told me that they all face the flag every morning and cite the pledge of allegiance.

  17. Teacher Miner is a public school employee and it is obvious that he is guilty of improper political indoctrination of AZ students and therefore the public has a right to know that he has been held to account for his flagrant unprofessional behavior which is clearly detrimental to our students. What kind of a place is Chandler AZ which allows such abuse of their children by a public “school teacher?”

  18. Thank you Jennifer Leon Hill and ADI for sharing this story.

    The teacher aide’s advice to students is disturbing: “Always do what he says and never question him or he gets mad.”

    The teacher sounds like a curmudgeon who can’t leave his personal politics outside the classroom. He’s created a one sided learning environment. Complaining to the sub about your job duties is also completely unprofessional.

    Even with a teacher shortage, no one is irreplaceable.

    The school leadership is equally guilty and complicit in leaving up the questionable cartoons. Some of the content was pasted on the wall for a decade and no one in Chandler’s school leadership took action to remove it?

    • Mom

      I generally agree with most positions you take However I take exception with one point.

      “The school leadership is equally guilty and complicit…”

      Leadership is more guilty in that they have violated their primary responsibility of providing a safe and appropriate environment for Children. The Principal should be fired, this has obviously been going on for years.

  19. This is why I support school vouchers. Although my own daughter went to private Christian school for 8 yrs, For High school I sent her to a charter school, and in those 4 years I saw no evidence of any kind of indoctrination except once. I called the teacher on it and my daughter skipped that lecture and subsequent quiz. That teacher was gone the following semester.
    If any, it was the push for college as the final destination. They were truly focused on Robotics,Science and Math and all the usual studies.
    I was very pleased with that school. I believe that there should be school vouchers offered to parents.
    That drive called against vouchers is just teachers trying to hold on to their jobs where mediocrity is the norm and indoctrination is priority. This at the expense of our students. Vote for the vouchers please and give our young people a chance to receive a real education.

  20. It has been going on for a very long time. Now they are blatantly out in the open with their indoctrination. They can’t survive with an educated electorate, so they indoctrinate the sheep. If you try to buck the system the Fascist arm of the Progressive Ideology starts protesting. They have to shut us up. The Truth can not come to the Light. Snowflakes don’t just happen they are made!

  21. This matter is playing out across America. And right here in little ole Tucson Arizona. Called TUSD. The Grijalva family has perfected the policicies and procedures and hard coded them into the entire landscape of administrative expectations of day to day operations school by school. Class by class.

  22. Wait until The mean Girls get MAS back in the TUSD classrooms.

    As important as Public schools are to the integrity and growth of education of the middle class to America, without enforcement of standards and curriculum the environment is dangerous to the long term viability of public schools. Arizona has volumes of Regulations, Rules, Guidelines and Standards, unfortunately elected officials do nothing to enforce them.

    At this point Vouchers should be issued to all parents who can then choose what type of education their children should be exposed to daily. If the public schools it will be because they are meeting the competitive needs of the market place.

  23. Corky Miner is the reason the teachers unions and liberals in general fight school vouchers. They’ll lose influence over the kids at he indoctrination centers we used to call schools.

  24. Thank God for private school options.

    The public system, both K-12 and university are liberal indoctrination cesspools. No wonder why they fight so hard to keep your kids enslaved to them.

  25. A great article about what goes on by some of the looney left teachers in this country and I will guarantee that this isn’t an isolated incident. Buy the way, everyone should know that teachers like this and the NEA support antifa. How utterly pathetic that we have allowed the public school system to become a sewer of hate and the kids are taught that hate from day one. Is it any wonder that this country is on the downhill slide with idiots in the class room like this one and others that think that their way is the only way? I think not.

    • One of the things we teach in public school is to avoid broad over-generalizations or expressing opinions without evidence. I have spent 42 years teaching in public schools. I’ve never witnessed a sewer of hate or the teaching of hate. Though it is true that some students come to school having picked up those attitudes at home.

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