Tucson Residents Seek Creative Ways To Pay State Back For Losing Gun Fight

Residents of Tucson are coming up with creative ways to raise the $100,000 needed to cover the cost of losing its gun fight with the state of Arizona. Tucson will pay the state $100,000 in fees “per Supreme Court for gun destruction case. Each side will bear own fees & costs in Superior Court action,” according to a tweet by the Attorney General on Wednesday.

Some residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country believe the Tucson City Council members, who opted to fight the state, should cover the cost of their questionable judgment. Suggestions like charging a “buck a toss” at dunk tanks occupied by council members are filling up Tucson residents’ social media pages.

In December 2016, the Arizona Attorney General’s office filed a Petition for Special Action alleging the City of Tucson’s gun destruction ordinance violated Arizona law. State law prohibits local governments from destroying firearms. However, the City of Tucson enacted an ordinance that requires police to destroy seized firearms.

The Tucson City Council voted unanimously to fight Brnovich.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | September 14, 2017 at 1:09 am |

    Saddest part of this looney left disaster is the mayor fancies himself a real attorney, while Steve K only pretends to be one.
    If I recall correctly even the city attorneys office advised not going down the path of self righteousness as a charter city, claiming the status didn’t exempt the city from following state statues.
    Only in the land of K could someone so utterly stupid get elected as a Republican, and suddenly morph into a turn coat liberal Democrat to peddle his own personal anti gun agenda contrary to state law and then have the tax prayers pick up the cost for his rather pricey remedial civics lesson.
    We should all seek mandatory drug testing for the entire clowncil. They can’t all be “organically stupid”.
    We have to vote out Tucson’s very own brain dead Benedict Arnold before he successfully bankrupts the city. 8 long years on the clowncil and no one is laughing…

    The Oracle

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. Way to go COT. You just cost the taxpayers another 100K and you didn’t bat an eye did you. But then of course, its not your money is it? It belongs the hard working taxpayers in the 8th poorest area of the nation. How does it feel to know that you just pissed away all that money for nothing? Makes you real proud doesn’t it. Pathetic.

    • The cost is a whole lot more than $100,000. Add to that figure the cost of defending in court the stupidly arrogant Mayor/Council actions in refusing to follow a law that could not be more clear, AND, the over $1,000,000 in lost gun sales revenue due to not following the law. Finally, the Mayor and Council have also burdened the taxpayers with the added cost of destroying the guns, obviously a not inconsequential amount.

  3. Unfortunately this action does not matter. The voters will re-elect this idiot anyway but, boy do I hope I’m wrong!! Mariano Rodriguez (I believe he’s running against Steve) should be using this to the fullest extent he can!

  4. How about we force them to sell their city cars?

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