Residents Demand South Tucson City Council Members Resign Or Face Recall

Rita Rogers successfully filed nearly double the number of signatures needed force a recall election in South Tucson last week. Rogers is best known for her decision to step up and run as a write-in candidate during the last election cycle.

That run was as unsuccessful as every write-in candidacy in the state of Arizona last year. Rita was not alone then, and she is not alone now. Her recall effort continues to gain support.

During the last election cycle, critics tried to portray Rita as a wealthy landowning enemy of the people. However, Rita may have close ties to the owner of the former Spanish Trail Motel, Dennis Luttrell, but she says she doesn’t have “4 quarters invested in the place.”

What the former Vail School board member, and current South Tucson resident has invested in the city, is a deep and abiding faith in the people living within its one square mile boundaries.

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Those people are fed up, according to Rita. They finally had enough when the antics of Mayor Ildefonso Green lead to the non-renewal of the Police Chief’s contract earlier this year.

As a result, Rita and her team turned in signatures for the recall of Green and council members Rufino Cantu, Robert Larribas and Carlos Romo.

Rita and her team are demanding that the mayor and council members resign now.

“Last week the new garden kitchen had its grand opening,” said Rita. “None of us saw the mayor or any of the council members. But do you know who we did see? We saw the former Chief of Police Michael Ford. He was there to show everyone that someone appreciated the hard work that went into the kitchen.”

Rita believes that the mayor and council members have mismanaged the meager funds the city did have, and they will continue to do so if given the chance.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | September 13, 2017 at 11:43 pm |

    In Japan the honorable thing to do would be ritual suicide.
    Can anyone say “sister city”…

    The Oracle

  2. What do you expect from the home of Dan Echstrom? Honesty? The truth? Don’t count on it. On top of all of that the taxpayers of the COT are being bilked into picking up some of the costs to pick up garbage and fight fires. The county bought the library to give the city some liquidity. Has the city paid the jail bills yet? Bet not. How far behind are they? We will never know, the ADS doesn’t care. Its all a deep dark secret isn’t it. How about it ADI? Want to do any research on how much the COT is paying for the services and the county is paying for the jail costs.

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