McCain Refuses To Support Graham-Cassidy

Arizona Senator John McCain today announced his opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill. The announcement will leave countless Arizonans, who has been abandoned by health insurance companies while Obamacare collapses, in the lurch.

Previously, McCain said he was consulting with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey during the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare debate. Clearly he ignored the governor this time around as Ducey had endorsed the Graham-Cassidy bill.

The erratic McCain, who rammed through the NDAA last week in what has been described as a secret process, is now calling for regular order on the healthcare legislation.

The bill would have stripped out many provisions of the Affordable Care Act that have made it unaffordable to middle-class families including mandates for individuals to buy insurance.

Because the bill would have reallocated Medicaid funds to states to use as a block grant, Sen. Jeff Flake and Ducey, said the bill would return decision-making power to the states. Ducey called it “the best path forward” to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Immediately after McCain’s announcement, television personality Jimmie Kimmel, who has become the pop culture “expert” on healthcare in Hollywood, tweeted his praise for McCain.

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16 Comments on "McCain Refuses To Support Graham-Cassidy"

  1. Dwayne Wolfswinkle | September 22, 2017 at 11:25 am |

    For the good of Arizona John McCain cannot retire soon enough.

  2. David Thompson | September 22, 2017 at 11:36 am |

    “Because the bill would have reallocated Medicaid funds to states to use as a block grant, Sen. Jeff Flake and Ducey, said the bill would return decision-making power to the states.”

    The key thought here is establishment Senators Flake and McCain will fight to their death to maintain control of our lives refusing to give any meaningful control to the States.

  3. Dwayne Wolfswinkle | September 22, 2017 at 11:41 am |

    This is exactly why the country is in the throws of a total grid lock, between comedian “health experts” and Old senators who have overstayed their usefulness.

  4. Once again, McCain demonstrates that he doesn’t care about people, just himself. Can he be recalled ??

  5. I’m thinking the grim reaper will grab him soon with a special place reserved in HELL.

  6. is it to late to throw him out of office..

  7. Albert Lannon | September 22, 2017 at 3:22 pm |

    I’m not a McCain supporter, but he is right this time. His main concern, from what I’ve read, is the lack of process — no public hearings, no in-depth cost analysis by those charged with that task. In effect Congress is being asked to vote in total ignorance, to sign a blank check. Maybe it’s time to slow down, try and get by the posturing, take a deep breath, and launch a round of bipartisan public hearings around the country to listen to the people.

    • He’s had seven years for process. He campaigned on repeal. He’s a liar, just like most other liberals. He has been for big government control his entire career.

    • You mean like his Defense Bill? Those kind of public hearings?

    • Albert – it’s 100% more to get insurance right now for many – its fines for the younger folks who don’t want anything to do with this program – its ‘rationing by rules’ for many who need supplies and equipment (Oxygen is one example) when they are ill and Medicare won’t pay – people are making life and death decisions ; ACA is the source of the issue – don’t need death panels if you have death rules. It’s that serious – if its not a perfect fix, it doesn’t matter right now – kill ACA – make it pretty later. I’m very close to this issue and ACA ; we have to pass it to see what’s in it ; is killing people – they can’t afford what they need and are left without. Folks just don’t understand the rules effect till your in that position to need – then it to bad. The worst thing that has happen to medicine in this nation in my time, life long career – associated with this arena of care and services.

  8. Why do we have the Government controlling healthcare? Oh yes, I forgot, they do such a great job with Medicare, and Veterans Hospitals.

  9. McCain — showing the world that he is in power. A closet Democrat, just like a few other Republicans.
    Now he can stand back like the rest of the Democrats and say Trump can get nothing done. Just a swamp rat like the rest.
    They want their swamp back. Trump has upset the status quo.
    The swamp rats will tell the American people what their going to get,period. The rats know whats best for us.
    May GOD Bless America.

  10. It occurred to me that Rand Paul, McCain, Collins and a few other so called Republicans are actually,“closet Democrats”. Defeat Trump at all cost. Why, if they defeat the health care bill again, everyone sits back and says Trump can get nothing done.
    It’s not a Congress failure; it’s a Trump failure. Both Democrats and Republicans have had eight years to either repair Obama Care by Democrats, or repeal and replace by Republicans, they did nothing.
    Does the new bill need work, yes, is it better than what we currently have,yes. Will it get better, yes.
    So why are they doing it.
    To start the ball rolling to get rid of Trump in 2020, no reelection. Get another swamp politician back in the White House.
    If Trump gets no real legislation passed in 2017, the 2018 elections are going to possibly put Democrats in control. Very sad for the American people.
    I believe too many Democrats and Republicans want their status quo swamp back at the expense of the American people.
    I my opinion that is the total Democrat and some Republicans goal at all cost. To hell with what’s good for America.
    I really hope I am wrong.
    I want Trump back in for another term.
    My opinion is we have Atheist traitor’s in our Government that want to destroy our way of life.
    We really need some Patriots to step up to the plate and do what they were sent to Washington to do, work for the American people and uphold the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
    We finally have a President putting America back at number one. A President who is standing up to the evil trying to destroy us from the outside, and those traitors on the inside. The swamp rats don’t like it.
    GOD Bless America

  11. While I don’t like this bill I can’t fault McCain for saying no. I personally don’t like the age tax that is placed on people like myself (and possibly some of you) that will allow insurance companies to charge us more for medical insurance. This is actually one of the very rare times I have ever agreed with him. Take out that tax and I will support it 100% myself

  12. Thank you Kelli for standing up against the Flake. Too bad we couldn’t get anyone to run against McSally in the primary since she is nothing but a McCain sycophant worried about nothing but reelection.

  13. “I personally don’t like the age tax that is placed on people like myself…”

    Wasn’t your Messiah Obama always preaching “pay your fair share”? You use more care, you should pay more instead of taking it from someone else. Liberal’s always want someone else’s money.

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