Arizona Department Of Education Releases Dismal School Letter Grades

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2017 AZ School Letter Grades – Schools A Thru D

2017 AZ School Letter Grades – Schools E Thru K

2017 AZ School Letter Grades – Schools L Thru Q

2017 AZ School Letter Grades – Schools R Thru Z

On Friday, the Arizona Department of Education finally released the school letter grades awarded to Arizona public schools by the Arizona State Board of Education. The State Board of Education sought to delay the release, but media outlets demanded that the public have access to the public records.

Although the Department of Education (ADE) had sent out the grades to individual schools earlier, they claim that they did not have compiled data until Friday morning. Given the dysfunction at the Department, the claim is not hard to believe.

The State Board of Education lowered the cut scores that determine letter grades in order to increase the number of “A” schools.


  1. Common Core promised to make sure each student was ready for college and or a career.

    States traded their standards for stimulus dollars in 2010.

    Seven years later, there is no evidence of increased learning.

    When parents point out there were states with better Ed standards, ivory tower reformers poo poo facts.

    The facts are that our school kids are still being taught using these subpar non vetted standards with matching non vetted tests like Azmerit.

    Poor performance had been blamed on newness of standards, teachers not being trained, poor curriculum, etc.

    Why after 7 years is there no widespread success with these common standards?

    Common Core math claims to teach math in a better way. There still is no evidence to support this empty claim. Literacy has not improved and reading fiction and great classical words have been marginalized by Common Core.

    So long as the common core cuffs are in place, our kids are getting a subpar education.

    The school letter grade is a farce. AZ has long history of manipulating the passing rates of testing to prop up Ed reforms.

    I would not for a minute believe the school rankings without visiting a school and meeting teachers and school leaders. There are great and poor schools in AZ. .too bad the school letter grade can’t tell you anything more than how kids did on a standardized test.. that is the bulk of a school’s grade.. not much else.

    There is no accountability to parents, students, teachers, or to you the tax payer.

  2. The State Board of Education lowered the cut scores that determine letter grades in order to increase the number of “A” schools.

    Gee, everyone knows what that grading on the “curve” is done for a reason. To keep more schools from being rated F schools. How sad is the board and the taxpayers for accepting a worthless bureaucracy that is supposed to help and mentor the schools to be the best that they can. Its not about money, its about a lot of things including PC, social status, etc. The result of all of this is dumber kids that don’t have the ability to compete in this world and will be replaced at the fast food restaurant by a robot or an interactive order screen. Everyone should be so proud of the public system. I know I sure am.

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