1. Last week after a Steller (not Stellar) attack on someone I was looking at his Facebook profile and found it interesting that it says he “attended” two institutes (post high school level) of liberal learning , but no indication of degrees earned.

    Hmmmmm ?????

  2. RIF after RIF after RIF.

    That is what their epitaph should read. . Steller, Sarah and company have taken a dying enterprise and run it into the ground. Steller has even gone on FB and begged people to subscribe to this radical left news outlet. Unless you are radical left why would you read this trash? Btw. Dylan and the Sennrinel and Nintzel and the Weekly are no better off. All 3 are mouth pieces for Huxkleberry and Rothschild. And for good measure throw in the chamber and SALC. Never saw a tax increase or a bond program they didn’t like. Only reason they are against prop 204 is because they don’t control the $$$. Take out all their government and non profit members and all you all left is a bunch of rich old white men too stupid to know it.

    You SUX ADS! You don’t know the first thing about quality journalism.

  3. The ADS is dead but just doesn’t know it. Its information stinks to the highest level. Pro far left and supported by the cronies and damn proud of it. Won’t touch a real news story. Steller and Davis are some of the worst “writers” that I have ever seen. How many they got on staff now? 10 or less? The end can’t be far away. The cronies continue to support them so that they can make money off the taxpayer and provide an outlet for Huckelberry and the COT’s spin machine.

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