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Initial DPS DES Report Shows “Average” Munitions

On Wednesday, November 23, Department of Economic Security director Tim Jeffries and his leadership team were escorted out of their offices. At the same time, DPS SWAT team members were apparently deployed to secure a “cache” of weapons and ammunition.

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Sometime between November 23 and November 30, Arizona Republic reporter, Craig Harris, “got done visiting with acting DES Director Henry Darwin.” According to an email to Bart Graves at DPS, dated November 30, at 4:40:09 p.m., from Harris, during that visit Darwin told him “that DPS had taken control of 50 handguns and about 80,000 rounds of ammunition at DES.”

Harris asked Graves: “I’m trying to get a gauge of the volume of 80,000 rounds of ammunition. Is that a large number, small number? Typically, how much ammunition does DPS use on an annual basis, and how much does your agency order. (sic) Also, how many officers do you have?

Graves forwarded Harris’ email to DES staff members Anni Foster, and Raul Garcia at 4:45 p.m. He simply wrote, “FYI.”

We know that the Governor’s Chief of Staff Kirk Adams had already been made aware almost immediately after the November 23 raid, that nothing was amiss at DES, and now we know that by December 1, Ducey’s spokesman knew too. At 8:24:00 a.m., on December 1, Foster forwarded an extensive response to Harris’ inquiry to Governor Doug Ducey’s spokesman Daniel Scarpinato. She wrote…..

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  1. Follow the money….

    IMHO: Jeffries wanted to axe the failed software vendor and Douchey wanted to keep his biggest donor on the public tit, so clearly Jeffries had to go. The arming of DES guards was not the insurrection of Harris fairy tales.

    So Douchey called the dogs out and claimed there was fresh meat for the taking.

    Jeffries is out and the failed vendor can continue raking in huge amounts of state funds for sub-par software.

    Craig Harris can continue pretending to be a real “journalist”..
    Douchey can continue to collect “donations”…

    I’m hoping Jeffries doesn’t settle and forces the case to court where sworn testimony will shed light on the governors real concern for the state.

    It just might be a record on the number of times almost every defendant will pled the 5th.

    Jeffries only crime was caring and trying to do his best, sadly he misjudged who to trust.

    The Oracle

  2. What a sad situation when a man is fired for one reason that that was to protect taxpayers from paying millions of dollars in a failed software system. Simply follow the money and see who benefitted from this fiasco. It is always about money to cronies and nothing else. Douchy couldn’t stand to see cronies crushed and the taxpayer win.

  3. So let me get this straight, it was all made up to get Jeffries out of his hair to save big donors? The Governor and his mini-me me Kirk Adams lied to the news agencies, the public and other governmental figures to wack Timothy Jeffries then making up a bogus investigation to support the claims all while suppressing information from DPS saying there was nothing wrong. DPS should stand up to him, didn’t they take an oath? OH that’s right the DPS Director Milstead has a better job lined up and is presently trying on his new Jack Boots.

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