Viral Tucson Police Officer Tatum Joins Internet Media Network

Tucson Police officer Brandon Tatum [Photo from Facebook video]

The video that launched Tatum’s new career:

In September, a Tucson Police officer posted a video to Facebook about the NFL that went viral, garnering over 30 million views. Now, former Officer Brandon Tatum is moving on and hoping to take the internet by storm in his new role with Liftable Media.

Tatum will be “the new face” of

On Wednesday, Tatum discussed his new role on the James T. Harris radio show, where the public first met him after his 2016 video, in which he discussed then-candidate Donald Trump’s appearance in Tucson, earned over 800,000 views. is a christian-based opinion blog produced out of Anthem, Arizona. “They want to pay me to be me,” said “It is a great company. I couldn’t ask for a better company, for better people. I will definitely have an opportunity to get the word out.”

Tatum said he would like to do some “motivational speaking, or possibly going to Washington D.C. I don’t know. All I want to do is just serve people.

Harris asked Tatum what he thought was behind his popularity. “I think the President is literally opening up the can of worms on people. People are revealing who they are. I think the country is revealing who the majority is, and the people on the left are revealing just how crazy some of them are. Individuals like you, like I, who just speak the truth, are venting, and just telling it like it is – you know, people want to hear that. I think the American people, as a whole, are just looking for outlets where they can just hear common sense commentary.”

Tatum told Harris he would miss some aspects of police work. “I will miss the camaraderie. I am going to miss driving Code Three and saving people’s lives. I am going to miss being the light in people’s darkest moments,” said Tatum.

Because Liftable Media is a top 50 Digital Publisher, and holds “two of the top 100 websites in the United States,” according to the company, Tatum will have ample opportunity to bring light to people’s darkest moments on a grander scale.

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  1. Funny how things work out some time isn’t it – good things happening to good people when least expected after being viewed from afar. I like to hear stories like this – while I’ve given up much hope for this nation – there are still bright spots like this that make me think, only in America.

  2. Officer Tatum, may you and your family be blessed abundantly in your new endeavor!

  3. Actually the Tatum video in question had 50+ million views on 9/28 and the last count, according to the James T Harris interview of Tatum yesterday, was way over 80 million views. I am amazed that Mr. Tatum, who was just a cop doing his job, extemporaneously made a video that was so insightful and well crafted that it should qualify for a Pulitzer Prize, and would, had it been published by a so-called professional journalist. That is the aspect of conservatism that is most appealing, the insights of everyday conservative people, most of whom have an excellent understanding our political system, into the social and political machinations of the powers that be, and which can show up the professional political commentators for the dunderheads they often are.

  4. Jerome R Petruk | October 12, 2017 at 12:04 pm |

    I’ve watched a few of Officer Tatum’s videos. He’s articulate, charismatic, and spot on. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of him. You Tucsonans finally have a local conservative champion!

  5. Congrats… I wonder if the AZ Daily Star will do a story on him? Sometimes I just like to make myself laugh!!

  6. Blessed Wishes on your new adventure.
    Continue speaking with and from your heart. I look forward to hearing you think. DrTom

  7. Just like James T Harris.. officer Tatum speaks about things he feels passionate about. He is rright we the people want to hear news , wasn’t to know there is someone who feels the same as we do about issues in our lives. Thank you Officer Tatum for what you do!

  8. Brandon, is it true the City of Tucson intentionally created a new job/position especially for Chief of Police Magnus’s “partner” when they both moved to Tucson from the San Francisco Bay area? This position/Job had never existed until then

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