A Humor Free Halloween At NAU: Sunday’s Comic

NAU Launches “We’re A Culture, Not A Costume Poster Campaign”

Northern Arizona University students have been put on notice to avoid cultural appropriation when choosing a Halloween costume. According to the University’s website, a poster campaign was launched “to address cultural appropriation and the celebration of Halloween.”

The campaign is part of Housing and Residence Life’s “Commitment to Inclusive Communities,” which fosters “inclusive communities where individuals are valued, safe, and heard.”

Because they are committed “to understanding both individual and shared human experiences and advocating for the respect and inclusion of all identities,” some costumes have been deemed inappropriate.

To read more — NAU Launches “We’re A Culture, Not A Costume Poster Campaign” — click here


  1. It seems as if going to NAU you agree to be indoctrinated by fools. The university needs a course on freedom of speech and expression No free society can or should guarantee anyone from having their feelings hurt.

  2. According to NAU Halloween standards, it’s ok to dress up as ghosts, demons, and devils, but not in costumes they deem as cultural appropriation? Is that because those who thought up that ridiculous Halloween standard are in league with demons and devils or because they’re assured that satan won’t sue them for cultural appropriation?

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