1. talk talk talk talk all you want about your gun rights ,and all your history facts………,,you dingalings know i’m mostley just pissed off about the whole gum control thing in general,,like alot of other people are….i can’t except that it’s a normal way of life in america to except that floating around out there’ are sick twisted individuals..while these sick twisted auto weapons, can float rite to the sizzle brains hands …….like i said.. you can teach or explain every fact about gun’s to try to make people understand this large mess, ,,tell everyone your years of history facts your probably be correct…talk talk and blab ….blabbing for years thinking the insanity will get better?….”NOT”…. seems were batting our heads against a wall over and over for years and years., by the sounds of some of those commentary’s out there this week’, ………i think every one is ” wacked out” on this…..with brooozed brains and no answer…….the einstein of all guns ,couldn’t stop this insanity in america…. so keep blabbing for the next 50 years my friends…the words and knowledge from the IQ MEN OF GUNS out there… no action just talk ……..”.bullshit”……you seem stupid…. …..

  2. Michelle,
    I do very much know the difference between passion and virulence.

    As there is a difference between facts and assertions; including assumptions.

    If there is to be solutions, passion and facts need to be the order of the discussion. Name calling and derision is not passion. It only means nothing is achieved. It’s not funny, just distressing. Would be good to have specifics addressed that can stop or reduce the killing. We can find solutions. At the moment the reality I see is solutions are presupposed; so no discussion is really necessary. If that’s the way it is, this discussion group will add nothing, as our politicians (all of them!) have done. They are not good examples to follow.

    Very sad.

    Maybe next week will be better.

  3. is that what the deal is out there?…..the people that use and get there guns legally and use them responsibly,,think that if any thing changes regarding gun buying rules…or if the arms control morons don’t make there get off my ass payment to there “lawyers and such”…………your all afraid the feds are gunna come and take your guns away? the 2nd means keep my gun and buy more ?……………..is that the main problem with you guy’s ?

  4. Again….Feeling sorry for Tin???!!?
    Mr. Mansfield, you ought to place your misguided sorrow onto murdered victims and their families ❗️Help them find justice by encouraging all Republicans to get automatic guns and recently used bumpstocks & magazine ammos off
    The streets of USA❗️You NRA gun lovers should be SENSITIVE towards the crisis happening in our Country ❗️
    Seriously, I trust you NRA & NRA Eagle ? dudes DO NOT need all that fire power.
    They belong exclusively to the trained military.
    How is that for validating SENSITIVITY compassion and caring for our mass shooting victims …. And future shooting victims in our Country ??
    There is your ? for ya Mr Mansfield ?

    • Michelle,
      Have you read what I’ve written on this? You have restated much of what I’ve said, without the virulence.
      I’ll be happy to repeat if you missed it.

  5. and one more thing. i’d like to give respect to michelle and the tins commentary’s this week..they were brilliant i’d say…even gun owning friends of mine.. read there stuff..yes it’s true…. my gun owning friend’s..they said they were making more since than anyone else, regarding the lasley masterpiece this week… wow… they out commentary’d my ass …..

  6. oh look.. an air jet went down with 205 people on it …look at all those people died in auto accidents last year…check out all the statistics, or examples, these gun guy’s on this site come up with ,involving death rates in u s …this is there way of justifying ,and protecting there amendment rite, not only to filter guns to who ever want’s one eventually…….” one way or the other i tell”…. , but to keep this gun crap happening until it seems” business as usual” to every one else that’s left alive in america…..listen here… my “quick draw magraw” type individuals friends …. “SUFFRIN SUCKITASH” are you crazy? remember ..”HE’S GONE POSTAL” DAY’S? that was memorable rare and shocking””remember the north hollywood bank cop hold off ? utterly rediculous ”watching two crackerd out morons, hold off all those cops like they did ? didn’t they have those real bitchin rifles that some gun owners love so much these day’s …..maybe that episode was thought of as an advertisment to get one right? stand in long as lines for hours for that last chance to get that piece of shit armer piercing ..cop killer weapon and take home and fondle like baby huey….i wuv my new gun,, yes i dooo.. i just wuv it……it’s so powerfull i just wuv the ting….wuvy wuvy….THE GUY IN VEGAS.. bought his 1 billion collected gun legally right?…some of you gun owning people out there have got to be crazzzey individuals ……….the way the gun policy’s are in place..every background check..legislate this and that ..modifying loop holes to get the thing sold..fool ya here fool ya there..change that to glock crap ,,,to this ozi crap, or that little safety feature to that little trigger idea…….some of you responsible gun owner’s out there, are victims of an evil world …..there must be crazy gun owners mixed among ya all potentually the next crazed maniac…..thanx… now i’m sick to my stomach….

  7. Tin,
    I actually feel sympathy for you.

    No Gandhi did not need guns. He had the United States behind him actively, and by the way correctly, pushing the UK to end it colonialism. Interesting that those following him rewarded the world the another atomic bomb to take care of their religious rivals for some of the Empires remains. Which begot yet another country with an A-Bomb. Sometimes interesting how things turn out. Had the USA not supported him… And who shot Gandhi; was it a legal gun owner?

    Murder by any means is wrong. Is that only if by a gun? Maybe you have read the poet John Doone. You may try him if you have not.

    • You are going WAY off track and don’t make any sense Mr Mansfield ….What?? Sympathy for Mr. Tin?? He gave you clear facts & made clear points for you. Wonder what compels you to ramble so far off Track with information irrelevant to what Tin has stated❗️What Tin stated is powerful and Truth as these AMAZING Men were Gun Down DEAD in our America…❗️Wow

      • Michelle,
        His statements make no sense to me. And I do have sympathy for people who hold a position or belief on a very serious topic like guns in our country and can’t be understood. I simply respond to him, hoping to understand what in the world drives him to jump all over the place. Because I learned a very long time ago, that if there is a big pile of B.S. before me, there may be a pony in it. And presents few facts (he normally responds with emotion, not facts) and rarely ties his pronouncements to what he is responding to. I use similar “rambling” to his; hoping to get him to recognize what he is doing. I’ll recant if you can tell me what the connection to assassinated leaders/influential people (that they we assassinated with a gun is a fact) has with the facts I presented which invited his completely off the subject comments. (And mostly personal attack.)

        Tin may just be using a somewhat similar rhetorical device to change the subject, because he has no answer or fact–which is fine. The best answer he could give is, “I don’t care what the facts are. You just hold the wrong position.” But, trying to build a case to convince with conjecture and a bit of deception, I’ll call out every time. Politicians do that all the time. As do competitive debaters. Tin may be both. While politicians usually get a pass, competitive debaters lose points in the competition for doing what he is knowingly or unwittingly doing.

        Mr. Lasley has but forward a very critical topic in this last cartoon. We should treat it so. Maybe we can find some credible answers that saves lives. As I have stated, you did present one I had not heard before. Guess Tin doesn’t like that either. Or that there may be a building agreement that doesn’t fit his ends, even if it saves lives. So he tries to avoid it by obfuscation.

    • Thanks… but your sympathy should be for all the innocent victims being shot with guns, for there really is no such thing as gun control. Seems the person behind the gun decides his own rules.

      • I have great sympathy of them and all that are victims. You seem to only care about those killed by guns.
        That is very sad.

        • Geeeze….I care about anyone who loses their life in any manner❗️However, Guns and mass shootings is the subject matter❗️

      • Who the hell is talking abortions? That is a whole other subject….Besides, YOU are not a woman and YOU have NO RIGHT to tell me what to do with my body❗️Guns and abortion are separate issues……Mr Big Ooooooooooo?

  8. i,m never gunna win an argument for the good of the the snuffed out innocent people by sold, or stolen machine guns…ya see… i feel on my own when two expert gun owner,s are telling me about all there personal experiences with there cute guns ,.. …you’ve told me more than i need to know…i don’t know much about gun’s, and i don’t intend on learning much
    about them …iv’e never been packin ….jacksin …do you two experts: remember the day’s when you never needed a gun but your squirt gun ..your rubberband gun day’s..the patatoe gun ,the bb gun day’s ? ..how but the pellet gun day’s…the balsoe wood gun day’s..soap gun day’s.. ….the hand gesture gun motion day’s………..it was so much better back then….i’m just saying …when you actually own just one REAL gun ,or carry it around in your clothes somehow., …you have just entered the gun head mentality zone, which has a way of brain washing and your azzes.. cops need this trained mentality in the streets.for obvious reasons …no thanx …that’s your world,,, so try figuring out a way to intercept the money that the n r a spends on lawyers, to keep their dirty business deeds alive ..that’s making money for themselves..money money money…reminds me of o. j. simpson and his wonderful set of court lawyers…..money distorted the truth…people were killed..

    • Rick,
      You have got to get to the root cause for gun ownership. It’s not NRA members just waiting to kill someone. Many, most may have CHL’s; but don’t carry and those that do; mostly frequently. If our elected officials would deal with the considerable issues involved… You know the line. The growth in gun ownership is in response to ill conceived and ineffective elected officials’ gun policies and laws. I’ll say again, they don’t really want to protect us; they want to control most every aspect of our liberty. If they really wanted to protect us, they could. Have bump stocks been controlled yet? They are more interested in reelection than you or me after the voting done.

  9. Here is something else sickening regarding guns❗️A visual I saw….Trump’s son standing proudly with his rifle in one and an elephant ? tail in his other❗️The poor beautiful elephant dead at at his feet❗️Now explain to me WHY So many men think that guns Improves their manhood❗️This mentality is pathetic ❗️??

    • Where can we see this?
      Elephants are generally highly protected in Africa and India.
      May be true and if it is – shame on him.

      • This is true as I said I saw it! Google and you will see for ourself❗️There is also photos of both sons with other beautiful animals shot dead as they stand proud with their kill❗️The one I Saw was a African Safari about 2112 I believe …
        Yes, they try to protect elephants, but sadly they are slaughtered daily❗️Oh Geeze… what money will buy❗️❗️??????

        • The hunt, and picture was taken years ago well before Pres. Trump even ran for office, and the full photo was of both brothers. A old elephant, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck was taken while on a big game safari in Zimbabwe posted on hunting legends. All approved by the Government there, and sponcered by them. All meat went to the local people as did the funds paid for the hunt. I have hunted and fished there myself as well as many other Countries.

    • Yes, fire at me with your comments. You know how insensitive I am.

      What is Tin’s point? He never states it.

      Please enlighten me.

      I presented many facts. I can only guess that Tin and you agree with them? Because you don’t specifically rebut them.

      He assumes rather than comment on where I am incorrect.

      So, please you tell me where there are fact in his “observations.” I’ll give my shot at finding them.

      I am ALL (my emphasis) for guns. What does that mean? I miss his point as he does not make one. I did not say that, so not a fact. In fact, I am not.

      May be a fact that the NRA position is that responsible citizens be TRAINED and armed to defend themselves. You state first hand experience with being armed. There clearly could have been a different ending. But that is unknowable. Nat a fact. I’m glad you drove them off and maybe did not suffer the fate of the Connecticut family when I lived there 8 years ago. So where are Tin’s facts?

      How do you ever tell the good guys from the bad, Tin? Well the police are trained for that and so is the military (not every one wears a uniform any more). If someone is aggressive and says aggressive things and brandish a weapon you should begin to get an idea. If you mean, some one like the LV killer, you may have no good indicator. But having an arsenal may be a clue. Facts?

      Yes, our politicians don’t protect us. The police, fire department, EMS, and for external threats the military to include the Coast Guard do. I’d add mental health professionals try. And ultimately we do or should protect ourselves. And we should protect on an other. The point from some of the discussion over the opposing view to yours and Tin’s is that the politicians don’t work to support the laws on the books; to do all they can to ensure enforcement. They just don’t That’s a fact.

      Yes, it is a shame that our elected government representatives are so addicted money the lobbyists give them to get reelected. I’ll go with banning any and all lobbyists! I will count this a Tin fact; but probably not what he means.

      Got to agree that people can break and they can resort to violence. Been doing it for thousands of years. Here’s where facts come in. How may of us are killed with guns? Compare that with other causes of death done by another person or tool or prescription drug. Do you know how may people are spared death because of guns? Facts please.

      Yup, if an intruder gets the drop on you, and is intent on causing bodily harm, you are likely toast. That is a fact! Is your answer is just to take it and hope you live? You would not rather have some chance at deterring or elimination a physical threat that can scare you or a loved one emotionally and physically for life? The problem is really with you not having a house an intruder can enter? Or the light in the mall parking lot is out, so you are just randomly unlucky? It’s the victim’s fault, right? I’d be all for martial arts training in K-12 as PE. I think that would save a lot of females from horrible assaults. But would millions of people skilled in martial arts give the unhinged or thugs a new weapon set?

      Sadly, there are many non-gun stories like Tin or you relate. A first time driver that looses control of a car because of too much speed on an icy road will have the same life-time regrets because of the passenger killed in the wreck. Even experts can have accidents. The point? Those with many year’s of experience are victims or sometime even accidental killers. Interesting we have laws that are enforced for these events. And training and reminders to be careful with things we need that can kill us.

      Yes, through background checks should be done. The Texas killer should have not have had a gun. Our government failed all those murdered people. We should not have background checks to ban guns, but to be prudent with letting people have a deadly tool.

      Here is a Tin fact, at least so far. The NV killer seemed to be “normal,” and pass the checks. He wanted to kill and he did. He could have use an 18-wheeler. May have been less death and injury. Nothing alone is foolproof. That is why it takes many approaches. Banning is not one.

      You and the others don’t want to talk about protection. Just ban guns. Most gun owners I know understand why we need them and can enjoy then for recreational uses. And are not opposed to safeguards. BTW, I stated a position the NRA does not hold. Did you miss that?

      I can only assume you see no need for the private ownership of guns, and have considered all the logical reasons for people to have a gun if they choose…given the restrictions discussed, and find each and everyone unconvincing.

      Can’t agree with that. And until the politicians address the fundamental issues I see banning guns as an assault on our liberty. You, nor Tim or Rick and others don’t seem to want to touch this point. Why? I don’t hear any of the politicians pushing for a repeal of, or major revision to, the 2nd Amendment. Can you and Tin and Rick tell me “why?” I’ll answer the question for you all. It’s not the NRA’s money or 5 million members. Most of our voters don’t want do excise the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution; and the federal political class is not worried about our lives; they are worried about staying in power and living off our tax dollars. If the representatives and senators in Congress believe in banning guns so much, they should go to the source and sacrifice their current jobs and work there tails off to repeal or amend the Constitution. I’m sure they could find other jobs once they saved us. They won’t and they are foisting a hoax on you that they do care about saving lives.

      I have no doubt you believe guns should be banned. I will respect your fact based position. I hold a fact based opposite belief. There may be not be any comprise here. But I will accept the will of my fellow citizens if the Constitution is amended to ban guns or severely restrict there ownership. Until them we must try to save lives and liberty!

      • Another boring long and winding road of technical soulless pile of words! It’s as if I am reading the words written by a highly trained brainwashed robot!
        GANDHI DID NOT NEED A GUN! Many years later after his victory someone shoots him at 80 years old! Yes… Guns are great aren’t they? If he was here he would shame all of you. There is my point, there is my fact! Real simple! Here’s a few more: John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King…

      • Mr Tin❗️You have made solid & clear points❗️Your FACTS are stated with clarity ❗️If they don’t see it this time then they are simply in denial or they ARE Brainwashed ??Right on ❗️Bullseye ….?

    • Michelle,
      I suspect you find Tin’s more sensitive:”hope your happy with your next good shots…”?? Just checking.

  10. To all you gun lovers…
    Any American life can reach a deadly turning point at any moment. Family problems can breed domestic violence. Other circumstances might be Home intrusion ( such as the story I shared with you earlier), neighbors in disagreement with each other. This mind-set is going to be solved by a gun? These ordinary people can be in the heat of the moment and are not always nut-jobs with mental issues❗️As I mentioned in my home ? intrusion story earlier, I knew nothing about guns, but got lucky Faking them out as I yelled “ I will blow your Brains out”❗️They were drug induced and could have had the nerve to grab that shot gun from me❗️Or I could have blown their brains out❗️Either ending senorio would be horrible!

    There are thousands of disastrous gun stories….Even my kids great-grandmother got into her closet to grab from a shelve and gun went off & shot her in the stomach! They bullet was left in her stomach and years later she died of cancer of the stomach❗️
    Oh and remember the X- military expert at the shooting range who took the little girl out to shoot an oozy automatic with the parents permission?! She was instructed by the X-MILITARY gun expert to pick up the rifle and pull the oozy trigger when suddenly the gun reaction caused her to lose control of the automatic rifle! It resulted in killing the X-Military gun expert instantly ❗️That will live with the little girl for the rest of her life❗️

  11. The NRA solution is everyone should be armed…So tell me, how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys??!
    As far as I am concerned the NRA has become a terrorist organization as they work to weaken US gun law enforcement ❗️They are a “Gun Club” or “Gun Lobbyist” spending millions to control politicians on the hill.
    Shouldn’t our politicians be working to protect America citizens? What they are really doing is bending to control the NRA❗️

  12. That’s a very long winded way of say you’re all for guns, but anyways, the NRA solution is everyone should be armed. Well then, how can you tell the good guys from the bad guys?!? As far as I’m concerned the NRA has become a terrorist organization as
    they work to weaken US gun law enforcement. Are they a ‘Gun Club’ or ‘Gun Lobbyists’ spending millions to control politicians on the hill. Shouldn’t our politicians be working to protect American citizens? What they’re really doing is bending to the control of the NRA.

    Any American life can reach a deadly turning point at any moment. Family problems can breed violence. Other circumstances might be home intrusion, neighbors in disagreement with each other, religious, political, etc. This mind-set is going to be solved by a gun?! These ordinary people are not nut-jobs. It is false security to think a gun in your house will solve problems. If an intruder w/a gun enters your home an gets the drop on you, you’re toast! Even experts w/guns can screw-up………….this is one of thousands of disastrous gun stories………..

    An X-military gun expert at a shooting range took a 12 year old girl out to shoot an oozy automatic rifle with parent permission?!! She was instructed by the X-military gun expert to pick up the rifle and pull the oozy trigger when suddenly the gun reaction caused her to loose control of the automatic rifle. It resulted in killing the X-military gun expert instantly! She’ll have this to remember all her life!

    The NRA should take the millions they spend promoting more guns & paying off politicians & take
    these millions into developing & promoting smart guns that can only be fired by it’s registered owner .
    Thorough background checks are a must!!!

    The shooter in NV was a responsible millionaire & had no trouble getting all the guns and ammo he wanted!

      • Tin shares the same points and facts as I do❗️As a matter of a FACT, as I write this there is breaking news of another rampage of shootings in Tehama county Northern, CA❗️❗️THAT is The Point❗️ The seriousness of the problem and YOU declare FIRE AWAY❗️ Unbelievable ❗️

    • Who are You to speak of Tin’s obscenities?……Geeze Mr Big Ooooo you are the most obscene at this site❗️

  13. and one more thing…in the 1800’s the millitary gave, the indians,lots of winchesters, or the guns were stolen …the indians were clever worn’t they?.. ….the indians modified the dang gun to rapid fire ….pretty smart eh?…just messing with the trigger, the gun was much more effective……sounds like the tricky stuff that’s rigged with some of the gun’s of today, and then sold legally ,..”amazing”…. it was war back then ,the bullets dried up, the gun became useless.. that was an ingeeenious move by the bullet supplier’s of the time….. for the indians, the rest history…….. controlling gun modifications,controlling bullet supplies ..just an history example for the gun people in conrtol of this stuff of our times… seems the N R A has thrown there deck of cards in the air …..and then watch’s how this 52 pick mess, maimes and kills our innocent american people.. guess they make more money this way….oh yeh .. i forgot..it’s alway’s the loontatics fault …some of these sick people ask for emotional help before they crack …we need a task force finding these guy’s ……does any body have an idea? N R A IS CLUELESS…

    • Just a couple of points. The Indians didn’t do any modification to the 30-30 Winchester to make them rapid fire. They were still single fire rifles even when they were .44 cal.. Bullets didn’t dry up, and don’t as they are not black powder today or even then. Even the black powder doesn’t dry out because it is/was dry to begin with. It was when it got wet it became no good. Black powder went out back in the Civil War. No firearm ever killed or hurt anyone. They are nothing more than a tool like a knife or hammer. It takes a person to kill anything, and most of the time it’s not with a firearm when they do it. As for the NRA up into the late fifties they taught firearm safety in school, and are still leading in that field. What controls that are on firearms is because of them pushing for them. I have never heard of any person asking for help before they shoot anyone unless it’s for another gang member to help them kill. As for ideas how about enforcing all the laws on the books now.

      • Thanks Mike. Rick seems to have forgotten some facts.

        Maybe there is a reason the Plains Indians negotiated for Winchester rifles? I seem to recall they were fighting for their ancestral lands, their way of life and even the freedom they enjoyed. They stood in the way of progress, manifest destiny, right Rick. Could it be possible that some of their respected chief read Federalist Paper #46? I doubt Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph or Quanah Parker were big fans of banning guns, unless the land grabbing government, railroads and settlers had theirs banned too. If you don’t see the irony of you choice of example, I can try to explain it to you. You seem to indicate the Plains Indians had no reason to seek guns. And to use them in any way they could. They were just savage killers, right Rick? One historian of the longest and shameful war the US ever fought (war with the Plains Indians) made a point that it was a fight between the highest developed Neanderthal culture (based on the Plains Indians’ ways of living, not their physical stature or their intellect) with the lowest of form of US culture – a culture driven by greed and deception. Who are the greedy and the deceivers today who want to tell us how to live and take our guns, Rick?

        Easy to make assumptions Rick, and maybe even fudge the truth. Doesn’t give much support to your position. I’m guessing that there are 10x the number of people who read our weekly dialog or diatribe, which ever one would believe it is. They may be making up their minds on where to flop on the issue. Would be good to deal in facts. Using facts make for better decisions most of time.

        Would be good if giving up guns in the hands of responsible citizens was so clear cut. Thanks for the reminder that it is not, Rick! Your reminder of what happened to the Plains Indians certainly steadies my resolve. (Hope you read the Hitler quote from George Mason University. That is where my initial resolve is based.)

        BTW, I will again say that Michelle has given me something to thinks about concerning the number and types of guns we need to defend ourselves. More may not be better. Too bad we are not discussing that.

  14. and one more thing…in the 1800’s the millitary gave, the indians,lots of winchesters, or the guns were stolen …the indians were clever worn’t they?.. ….the indians modified the dang gun to rapid fire ….pretty smart eh?…just messing with the trigger, the gun was much more effective……sounds like the tricky stuff that’s rigged with some of the gun’s of today, and then sold legally ,..”amazing”…. it was war back then ,the bullets dried up, the gun became useless.. that was an ingeeenious move by the bullet supplier’s of the time….. for the indians, the rest history…….. controlling gun modifications,controlling bullet supplies ..just an history example for the gun people in contol of this stuff of our times… seems the N R A has thrown there deck of cards in the air …..and then watch’s how this 52 pick mess, kills our innocent american people.. guess they make more money way….oh yeh .. i forgot..it’s alway’s the loontatics fault …some of these guy’s ask for emotional help before they crack …we need a task force finding these guy’s ……does any body have an idea? N R A IS CLUELESS…

    • you’ve never seen a real archer work their skill.. as effective as a machine gun – but what ever you say it right, because you said it.. 90 million legal guns did nothing yesterday – how can that be?

      • Rick,
        The ability of the Plains Indians (particularly the Comanche) to shoot 10 or more arrows in a minute from a galloping horse and with deadly accuracy from 30+ yards; gave them the upper hand for years against the encroachment of the land grabbing “settlers.” They were so good the Spanish and later the Mexicans did not try to seriously take their lands. The gun of the time, the KY long rifle and other “muskets”, was no match. I’m sure you know the rest of the story. But I will point out to you, again, when repeating rifles and 5/6 shot pistols came on the scene, the Plains Indians started to use them (Winchesters), and even negotiated with the US Gov’t to get them (which they sometimes got). Many they bought or traded for from the Comancheros and settlers wanting to make a few bucks.

  15. p.s some of the name calling stuff is complete bullshit ”’ment to be rediculously funny”’….taken that part seeeriously?..well…we might need a little b s humor regarding this wonderful topic this week anyway””liten up some of ya all ..sticks and stones may break my bones.. but guns guns and more guns will alway’s kill you……

      • Would be absolutely wonderful if they were. Pronouncement don’t make the so. Addressing specific point raised would help the discussion. Asking for that is not throwing stones as far as I can tell.

    • Hey, there are some great books on B.S. Some are funny; some are satire; most are not personal attacks or based on assumptions. Sometimes “ridiculously funny” is only to the person saying or writing it.

      One of my favorites is Bulls#^& 101 by Patricia A. Ciambro. Lesson 33 – Bitching vs. Whining: The first paragraph is appropriate here.
      ” Bitching is therapeutic venting. I am honored when someone calls me a bitch because it’s evidence that I didn’t take his or her bullshit or stupid sob story or accept bad customer service. Bitching also is warranted when someone has screwed something up and you need to unscrew it.”

      BTW, I believe that Lasley is appropriately bitching through his cartoons.

      Lesson 19 – Always Be Appropriate
      “If you don’t want people to think you are crazy, then always be appropriate. By appropriate, I mean always adhere to “normal” societal norms. Being appropriate is not difficult. You control you temper, especially in public. You should have impeccable manners and be civil.
      “There is good crazy and bad crazy. Good crazy is a little eccentric and quirky, and you don’t do bizarre and bad things to other people. Bad crazy is acting like a lunatic, being an a__hole and deceitful.
      Let’s act more like the residents of Downton Abbey than Donald Trump.”

      Flame on!

  16. wingman 3 is flying high way out of kilter …you might consider growing a forth wing my friend…stable yourself like a dragon fly…this week you seem like the dragon man, wacky flying right into the dirt…there..you might find your so called civility rite in your face on this gun stuff…

  17. my next comment is coming up soon …meanwhile think of this my high high ..IQ..FRIENDS..remember steve erwin? the australian alligater man?..he was a professional …he be came a little overconfident with some dangerous animals..one day he introduced his 3 month old son to his biggest croc….wow.. it simply didn’t look right ..very very odd ..he was pretty close to that big dangerous beast.. he got alot of flack for that cute move..what’s my point?………the reality of a man with those rapid fire guns going off in vegas…..it’s realy realy fucked up out there……..steve… overconfidently went swimming with the big dogs of the sea the.. stinger ray …he finaly paid the ultimate price ..stung right in his heart……every one is being stung in the heart by the set gun rules of the day…… some of these gun regulations simply aren’t happening..thanx for reading this ,and i hope bin ladden wasn’t right with what he said with some of his last words……america will now live in fear……..

    • Rick – don’t drive in traffic – you might get killed out there, some dumb people, some dangerous situations, heck you may have felt comfortable and forgot to lock your seat belt, next thing your a squashed bug on the freeway… better ban cars – sounds like the sane solution doesn’t it, I mean look at the carnage on the road, the numbers of children getting killed or worse because their parents didn’t fasten that belt or put in them in the appropriate restraint – they were just going to get an ice cream what could go wrong with that right? …. or maybe the fertilizer will be turned into a bomb… or maybe the plane will fall out of the sky… or a nuclear bomb from Korea will land on your head.. I think under the covers, under the bed, in the bomb shelter under the house might be a good place.. bring the popcorn.

  18. But that is really cool! You had me looking for a great meaning! Billy’s post kinda sucked me in.
    Thanks for the clarification. LOL at me!

  19. How nice of you to stop by and pass such intellectual judgement Mr. Wingman3❗️The “neighborhood” hasn’t changed every Sunday❗️However, this weeks illustration is extremely important and emotional because mass shootings have become a
    NORM in our country ❗️Why don’t you share thoughts on subject matter rather than
    Dropping by to pass negative Judgment??

    • Again You flap your ? lips and make ZERO sense mr. big ooooooo……I am not a old Hungarian Man..ya NUT-JOB❗️?

  20. It appears there is an inverse ratio between IQ and emotional involvement. Along with that the more emotion, less civility there is less civility and intelligent comment. I get the feeling the neighborhood is deteriorating.

  21. ya all have one more chance to get it right..the right answer….whats the solution boy,s of summer? no one can agree that mixing gattlin gun style shooting, in the streets of america seems to be just fine with the rules of the day right?after all there’s many other violent way’s of checking out right? one day a maniac runs over people ,the next abortion is used to compare to maniac related death rate..next opyoid deaths ..well there’s plenty checking out there right? ..come up with all the examples you want to justify 1000’sand 1000….s…of military type gun used in our streets …theres a sickness lingering out there..a certain gun owning mantality issue…seems your probably weak individuals that need a emotional crutch ..does the gun make you all powering? as a sport i can understand..using your gun ownership to feed your big powerful ego’s for sport fun? for protection? to teach your children the responsiblty of owning guns…..YOUR WORLD IS HARD TO FIGURE ..maybe live in a better place where your kids our safe? use your inner self made powertrip, to make a difference in this country.. please get the clue i’m sending your way..you yourself are closer than you think to understanding the maniacs world of all impowerment…………the gun …isn’t it fun ? you can escape the problems of the world while shooting your …A K.. at your favorite desert location …just remember everytime you shoot that beautiful gun off yours ,many people have just been killed with that same type weapon…….hope your happy with your next good shots..oh look ..the target’s been polverized………

  22. BTW.. Mr. BIG Oooo… speaking of your Advanced Theory of second graders that You continually post; those first and second graders in grade school will NEVER have a chance to develop any theories in their lives because of MASS shooting ❗️You need to focus on addressing that NUMB-NUTS❗️

    • yup, now I can see you shooting.. junk – now there’s some truth – a junkie on the street withing to love but a warm load of heroin stuck in their vein… the only happiness they know… little reality mr power

      • Billy B… he is using a verse from a Beatle song??…get it now??
        I suspect Mr. Power is a musician not a junkie as I have noticed him using other lyrics from different songs to express his opinions ❗️…BIlly B…You are being very rude to Mr. Powers …shame on you❗️

        • Dear – the song is about doing heroin – the cooked drug in a spoon is the warm gun, (perhaps you don’t know how heroin is used) with the trigger being the hypodermic plunger – words have meanings.. that’s what these are about – that no one can do you no harm ; is your so stoned from the drugs effect you feel ‘nothing’ that what heroin addiction is about – you get it now? I was here for the first time around on this rodeo mam.

        • WHAT ❗️?? I have been around probably longer than you and I never heard that to be the meaning….And yes… I have not been around for drug or heroin rodeos… nor am I interested Sir❗️Geeze…..


    • Note: Remember the talk of having to have armed guards at the grade school??? OMG❗️Another SAD example of insanity that has evolved since the old Musket guns❗️❗️REALLY??? Seriously??

    • RIGHT ON Mr. POWERS❗️❗️All of your in put regarding the firearm INSANITY in our Country is totally RIGHT ON❗️All of these insulting Morons would feel differently if it were their second grade child blasted-shot dead sittings in class learning their ABC’s❗️God bless those sweet innocent children?

    • Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what has evolved regarding mass shootings on innocent American citizens ❗️The horrid fire arms and horrid Trump too❗️


  25. one more thing…specialized permit this thought..

    ‘ what again”…there are so many guns circulating around,

    that a large % have been lost or stolen, or robbed right out of our wonderful gun shops all over the place ..your permit saftey theory is completely assinine when it comes to keeping this illegal gun use in check

  26. i miss my bb gun .. i remember i named it william..it was alot of innocent fun..ahh ..!the good old day’s! billy the bb gun. .. i called it …what good memories, i hit the bulls eye every time..luckily i didn’t get hooked or paranoid concerned for my safety the rest of my life….no problem here! never owned a gun since ….na na nana na na

  27. it’s simply not excceptable to see any human being high.. high up in a sky riser window with 20 automatic rifles shooting down through a broken window on many normal american’s having fun dancing……….ozwald sent that message a long time ago….think about it..have we not learned anything from that day?…nooooooo…the mad man has been equipped with much better weapons these day’s…wasn’t it bad enough with the dear rifle back then..i guess the lee harvey rifle scope attack is old school now…..sure there are lots of ways to be killed ,as some of ya all have mentioned..does that justify selling usualt military rifles in numurous numbers to normal civilians ..something is way wrong with this picture ”i guess your saying you can steal any truck any car any train, bus any size any where any time and drive on the bike path as maniacs often do for example…right? get a clue folks, …comparing these two sinnnarrio’s is plain dumb…they don’t make specialized automobile company’s to build people smashing cars..that’s where the tabaco and arms co. makes you look pretty ridiculous… they know the meaning of these special special weapons that are made to kill you in fast rapid way’s………….disagree with me .. and this evil stuff will never get better .. as we watch this crap unfold on the daily news, on our last day on earth…..nothing justify’s or compares to the gun problem in this u s of a.. land of loonie finger happy morons …what i think pisses legal responsible gun owners off more than anything, is the evil crazy maniacs making them legal them look bad..lots of people are losing there lives, while you enjoy your desert target practice with these stupid big man machine guns ………………………

  28. Go re-read my writings ❗️You are so stuck on stupid and hate asYou are unable to communicate properly. You simply can’t handle opinions that differ from
    Yours……Get a grip on yourself ! Your behavior mirrors Mr. U-know- Who❗️??

    • Mr. Big Ooooooo, thanks to YOU it has become the NORM to be on guard with the mean-ness that SPEWS from you every Sunday❗️Your Hank Buddy Blatantly lies regarding me this Sunday and you two in particular have consistently attached every thought or opinions I share❗️So…why shouldn’t I be on guard for you? I have never be able “to say my piece & move”. I say my piece & get attached by all of you right wings❗️YOU….Mr BiG Oooo …have never been nice to me because I do not share your views❗️Let’s see what happens next Sunday❗️??

    • Again, I have NO clue what STFU is ❗️Something rude I would imagine coming from you as always…Mr. Big Oooooooo

  29. If I remember right last year or so michelle claimed she was a BAM and knew all about weapons. Anyone else remember that?
    Now she claims to be and INNOCENT know nothing (true one) but has ‘faced’ down intruders who wanted to rap her!

    Michell you do know a BAM is dont ya?

    • You’ve lost your Mind Mr Hank❗️I don’t know what the Hell you are talking about❗️As always you spew Bullshit❗️Shame on you…You mean old ? TURD❗️

      • He is a old Turd just like YOU Mr. Big Ooooooo❗️?
        Mean and cruel with OLD School thoughts❗️two matching old goats ??

  30. i looked up” billy b b ” on my wonderful computer…took a” shot in the dark”…who is this guy any way? i was told …………….down in arizona near the shrubs and the patios and the bbq’s..was a born suburban boy named billy b b…didn’t have much soul or country roots, but sure looked cute in his cowboy boots..he’s got that country music down in his bones, that play’s him some strait and play’s him some jones..billy b billy b billy be bad………….are you the son of singer, or have we gone mad …………………

  31. Note to Big O… No need to waste your time correcting my Caps/Typo’s/spelling such as knew and wear…..others are bright enough to figure out for themselves ?I certainly don’t waste my time correcting your hideous errors?….a heads up for ya Mr BIG Oooooooo this lovely Sunday morning ?

  32. Excellent illustration Mr Lasley❗️
    Personally, I would love to go to a concert to see Sting or Paul Mc Cartney when they come through Portland again..But ..I hesitate with disappointment thinking that maybe it will be normal to where a bulletproof vest to such events❗️Wow, then what, I will have to send my high school daughter to school in a vest too❗️Wow❗️Total food for thought Mr. Lasley❗️ Thank you again Sir ?

  33. Yes, absolutely emotional and mental health issues need to be reported and addressed ❗️Doing so would help, but much more than that needs to be addressed and changed…
    Go read how it works for those in Japan…Mr Big O

    • Using the most racist country on earth as an example?

      And how do you propose to take away guns from American citizens? House to house search and confiscation?

      fyi – Australia tried that. The guns are back.

    • Michelle – Go see how it works for those in Israel – where you would be in the Army for a term, trained, in the ARMY for a number of years, then always in the reserve and ARMED with ‘real machine guns’ – and it works out fine. IDF is an excellent Army, the laws work – they are always defensive against terror.

  34. To all my Sunday Buddy’s …
    From the 1700’s one-shot Muskets to present day nuclear bombs❗️
    Should citizens also be allowed to purchase Bazookas, grenades, machine guns, bumpstocks, hand held missiles, flame throwers, nuclear suitcases???❗️
    When & where do we as American citizens say enough IS enough ❗️
    Anyone who thinks any of the above weapons will protect us from the government is foolish ❗️
    The government has the nuclear bombs & if you all think you can protect yourself with the above “peashooters” you are sadly mistaken! Better think ?❗️
    As I have mentioned before..compromising
    For example:
    One rifle for hunting
    One hand gun for protection

    Personally, I have had an experience in my life where I New nothing about guns, but was in a situation where a loaded shot gun
    was available to survive from house intrusion and violence ❗️I was able to face
    the violent intruders away , but with my husband seriously left beaten❗️However, had the violent intruders crabbed the gun
    from me, I could have been rapped and/or my husband and I could have been dead❗️
    So you seen, I have thought deeply about the situations that arise regarding guns❗️
    Still, I state with passion that we as Americans must pull together to find a compromising solution ❗️
    BTW…the Nat’l Rifle Association is in control of our second amendment ❗️
    Yours truly, Michelle

    • So because you are afraid of guns, sport shooting will be banned? Or if I want one handgun for the bedroom, maybe a pocket pistol for when I’m out, maybe a shotgun for home defense, not allowed? Will the US pull out of Olympic shooting competitions? Archery also? And for hunting, ever tried to shoot a bird with a deer rifle or a deer with a shotgun.

      Arrogance and ignorance are a deadly combination. But more importantly, it publicly cements your position as a fool.

      • Take your ridiculous guns and shoot each other. You Arizonians are stuck in the cowboy days! I don’t own a gun or need one! I’m not a pussy like you!

      • Billy B❗️No one needs to be an “Expert” or know alll the gun laws to see the destruction & devastation that has evolved from guns in this country ❗️I am sharing my thoughts and suggestions to help with ideas for a compromising solution ❗️ To do Nothing is
        obviously not the answer ❗️Instead of insulting or judging, best for all to pull together and find a reasonable solution that helps to eliminate or reduce this major problem ❗️

        • 90 million legally owned guns did nothing.. since you are framing the gun in that manner I’m responding in kind. It’s not the gun, its the NUT gun owner. Do you propose banning rental trucks.. NYNY Terror, Olka. bombing.. the list goes on ‘rented trucks’ its not the truck is it? Oh it’s the human in charge of the item. Hmmmm the people loaded with drugs? Now there’s a problem don’t you think? How about alcohol? That’s a ‘root cause’ of millions of deaths – violence – illness – mental illness… the list goes on – oh we already tried that and the black market and tax money to the government won out. I know what your thinking.. but the guns have bullets.. yeah and the shooters have brains.

      • It takes a freak like you to be aware of gun laws… like they really matter to cocks like you! You trigger happy punk! People with guns make up their own law. Geeez come on!

  35. it is now very clear that the responce’s towards this gun stuff has caused total endless confusion..where’s the answer ? take your search right to the front door of the uncontrolled gun selling specialists…. billions are spent on the production of all kinds of weapons.. it’s the stupid machine gun stupid ..thats the ELEPHANT in the room.. our american right means we can buy any gun we want right? now isn’t that spiiieeecial..it’s not the gun it’s the “sick puppy’s” out there that cause the devil to arizzzzze right? can you gun loving people out there, actually look in the mirror and not realize the 2nd amendment right has been distorted into a sickness in itself? how about if these gun specialists donated a % of machine gun prophets, to organizations to track down some of these sick individuals…an extra effort,in any way, from these people in this regard, would be shell shocking.. ? don’t hold your breath on this folks..but then again ,it could be the last breath you take these day’s……………super good illustration by lasley ….a d i thnx….

    • RICK/Michelle,

      “it’s the stupid machine gun stupid ..thats the ELEPHANT in the room.. our american right means we can buy any gun we want right?”

      Answer – NO

      There aren’t many Americans so ignorant not to know you can’t buy machine guns without a very special permit process.

  36. This is the only way good citizens can protect themselves from the zealots and idiots in this country and the government who doesn’t have a clue and by the looks of it doesn’t want one either.

  37. I guess Lasley’s point is; there are so many thugs around this day and age that you are going to need these items to protect yourself, your freedom’s, your church, your everyday existence… cus things are getting pretty lousy.. and even the government is now unstable so no telling how far things could deteriorate – two weeks in a row ‘he’s got it right’ he’s on a roll.

  38. Richard Brinkley – died 1379 was an English Franciscan scholastic philosopher and theologian. He was at the university of Oxford in the min-fourteenth century; he produced a Summa Logicae in a nominalist vein in the 1350s or early 1370s, and other works.
    Richard Brinkley’s Theory of Sentential Reference ; “De Significato Propositioins” from Part V of His “Summa Nova de Logica” Leiden Brill 1987. Everyone knows that…

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