See No CK, Hear No CK, Speak No CK: Sunday’s Comic

Jon Stewart Laughed Off Louis C.K. Allegations Last Year
By Matt Wilstein

When Stewart was asked about the Louis C.K. rumors in 2016, his jokey response said a lot about the culture of complicity that is just now starting to crumble.

What a difference 18 months can make.

Last May, Jon Stewart sat down for a rare, long interview with former Obama adviser David Axelrod for his podcast The Axe Files in front of a live audience of students at the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics.

After a wide-ranging conversation that included Stewart’s assessment that Democrats had opened the door for Donald Trump by not governing effectively enough, a student stood up to ask him about some rumors surrounding Louis C.K., who had been his final guest on The Daily Show the previous summer. Knowing what we know now about C.K.’s disturbing history of sexual misconduct, Stewart’s answer was deeply problematic.

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2 Comments on "See No CK, Hear No CK, Speak No CK: Sunday’s Comic"

  1. I just love it when the cesspool in Hollywood is exposed. These are the people that what to tell us how to run our lives and they are some of the worst scum in the world. If the MSM would cover the real issues in Hollywood, they would have been exposed for what they were years ago, but no, the knowledge was there but no one wanted to rock the boat. Good going MSM one more crisis in the fabric of this country you helped create.

  2. There is very little in Hollywood worth emulating. Actors are paid large sums to wield guns and perform unbelievably brutal acts of violence for financial gain of movie producers, who for more than a hundred years, have been violating and leaning on their female stars and other employees for non-consensual sexual perks…not to mention paying them less than male stars. It’s all a fantasy and not an uplifting one…just one that contributes to depression, poor self image, and lack of touch with reality.

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