NFL Comeback! Sunday’s Comic

‘SportsCenter’ anchors among those expected to be axed by ESPN, per reports

ESPN is expected to cut at least another 100 employees after Thanksgiving, marking the company’s third round of layoffs in the last three years, Sports Illustrated reported on Thursday.

According to SI, the layoffs are expected to include several anchors from ESPN’s longest-running program “SportsCenter.” The layoffs are also expected to include other employees such as producers, executives and other staffers, SI reported.

The layoffs to end 2017 come just seven months after ESPN laid off nearly 100 reporters from its roster. Among those laid off were basketball reporter Andy Katz, baseball reporter Jayson Stark and SportsCenter anchor Jay Crawford, to name a few.

In 2015, ESPN laid off 300 employees, most of whom were behind the scenes staff.

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  1. The Oracle of Tucson | November 12, 2017 at 1:11 am | Reply

    I’ve never been a big fan of the No Fan League to begin with, so when the NFL imploded into self destruct mode my only heartburn was switching to Coors light from fan favorite Bid Light, but after the NFL and its employees exercised their right to free speech, I felt obligated exercise my right of free choice to boycott them, their sponsors as their products.
    I have never watched ESPN so when they morphed from a sports show into a mouthpiece of politically correct social justice, it was no great loss to see them go as well.
    The NFL, ESPN and their sponsors seemed to have made a colossal miscalculation over thier place in the grand scheme of things. I never went to church to watch TV for entertainment, and I sure the hell don’t watch TV to be preached to by people who are out of step and out of touch with my own values.
    The NFL in many ways reminds me of the once famous but now forgotten Dixie Chicks who mistakenly strayed out of entertainment and into politics only to completely lose their fan base.
    Perhaps the NFL, ESPN and the Dixie Chicks should have studied history a little better when they all decided to impulsively commit professional suicide, but hey it worked out for Joan Baez so why not?

    The Oracle

  2. yeah well… just say’n NFL – The NoFanLeague because the players killed it – and it ain’t over yet.

  3. ESPN so richly gets what it deserves. Politics and feminism has reared its ugly head at the network since Disney took over ownership. So tired of being preached to by has been athletes that won’t say a bad word about their “brothers” that are killing the sport. If you want to protest go to the unban plantation and do some good but just don’t bitch about it, do it. But no…. its easier for a bunch of rich millennial athletes that have never been told no to do what they want and kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Want to bitch about something worthwhile, bitch about Thursday night football that is eating up and ending careers because of injuries. Yea, lets play a game 72 hours after the body has absorbed a tremendous beating the last game and hasn’t had a chance to heal. All about player safety right ESPN and the NFL? Thought so. Bye ESPN, been good to know you. Disney made you a loser and now they are going to cut you lose.

  4. Is ESPN getting rid of the woman reporter who maliciously called our President a white supremacist? Probably not, ESPN is in the pocket of ABC which is participating in a determined effort to undermine the peaceful transfer of Presidential power because their choice Hillary lost the election. These people do not respect the rule of law, our nation`s fundamental governing principle, they want the mob rule of totalitarianism.

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