Trump Gets it Right!

Early on ,Donald Trump, as the Republican candidate for President against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, labeled her Crooked Hillary.  Now the chickens have come home to roost with multiple allegations of wrongdoing, ranging from division within her Democratic party to the national treasonous selling of 20% of our uranium ore to the Russians. I have empathy for the many loyal Democrats who in great disbelief cannot accept that Hillary is crooked.

So what does our Congress need to do? It is easy to speculate that an investigation should be made that requires the public sworn testimony of the Attorney General of the Obama administration and Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI at the time the sale was being arranged.  There are many laws concerning the protection of our atomic resources and they need to be shown as being violated.

Rather than give the Clinton clan the limelight, all is needed is a thorough audit of the “not for profit” Clinton Foundation of the facts on who gave what and when, prior to and during the negotiations for the sale of our uranium to Russia. To ensure that the chips may fall on the ears of the public it will require the fake news media to tell the truth as a legal obligation.  Any Hillary investigation should not be about vengeance, but about facts.  It should not be an investigation that is “smoke and mirrors” but an investigation to reveal the name of every individual representing government agencies that signed off or silently agreed to the sale of the Yellow Cake uranium ore. The big question is: Why wasn’t our U.S. Congress alerted to this sale and transport of the uranium to Russia via Canada?  Can we wonder if our concepts of a free marketplace has gone astray, when it is allowed for foreign countries to purchase our businesses, particularly our uranium mines and other national defense assets?  Perhaps Congress needs to consider a buy-back program so that American wealth is owned by Americans.

There are many examples of how our President Trump has it right on many things, which includes America First! America should be an attractive place to do business for foreign companies. Maybe the answer is that their ownership needs to be limited to a subsidiary company where the majority of the investment owners are American citizens. This is not strange belief, as it is not unusual for American firms who develop natural resources in a foreign country and the host country retains control.

There are three basic reasons for President Trump getting it right: First, he has been a businessman who understands you must protect your assets to make a profit. Second, he recognizes the collateral dangers a liberal proposal may create. Third, if a criminal activity is clearly apparent, he sees what is being stolen and is quick to identify the thief. President Trump’s war on political correctness is well-founded since it introduces a communication fog that completely obscures the message. There are many facets to understand in his approach to getting it right. Plain talk is disagreeable because you cannot duck the issue. Liberals do not get it right for two basic reasons.  First: They have for the most part never been in business or had to manage a complex and dangerous activity. Second, they are naïve in how the real world functions and are unable to perceive the collateral hazards of their liberal agenda.  On the international front, President Trump gets it right. His recent trip to Asia clearly identifies that patience with North Korea does not promote reform of their leadership.

For some 60 years after the truce with North Korea, they have become more and more hostile to South Korea and even threaten the U.S. with nuclear intercontinental missiles.  Their obvious goal is to conquer South Korea. As a child growing up in the 1930’s, I remember our Mount Tabor Church in Portland Oregon where the Presbyterian minister, who went by the title, Chaplain Beard, had joined the American Expeditionary Force in WWI.  Chaplain Beard continually warned our parents that: “Your children will inherit the worst war that the world has ever seen.” Chaplain Beard’s words soon became true as during the Postwar years when Hitler, Mussolini and Hideki Tōjō, a general of the Imperial Japanese Army were assembling their war machines, and the liberal British Prime Minister Chamberlain proclaimed “world peace in our time, however it was too late as WWII soon started.

David V MacCollum

Great leaders emerged during WWII, as the German air onslaught of England did not succeed, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was honest and to the point when he said “I can only offer blood, sweat and tears.” With the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt proclaimed a “day of infamy.”  At that time, the U.S. was ill prepared to fight just one war, and my generation inherited two wars – one in Europe, and one in the Pacific.

Worldwide and here at home, our nation is put at risk by the radical liberal left, who want to ignore provocations and criminal wrongdoing, which blatantly threatens our freedom by leaders of rogue nations. History will record President Trump as one of the leaders who Gets It Right!

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David V. MacCollum is a past president of the American Society of Safety Engineers and was a member of the first U.S. Secretary of Labor's Construction Safety Advisory Committee [1969-1972]. He is the author of: Construction Safety Planning (Jun 16, 1995) Crane Hazards and Their Prevention (Jan 1, 1991) Construction Safety Engineering Principles (McGraw-Hill Construction Series): Designing and Managing Safer Job Sites Jan 8, 2007) Building Design and Construction Hazards (May 15, 2005)