Report Shows Economic Impact Of Arizona Military Bases, BRACs

In September, Arizona Senator John McCain called for Base Realignment and Closures (BRACs) with the  support from the Pentagon. This week, a new report commissioned by the Arizona Commerce Authority shows that closures would have a massive impact on Arizona’s economy.

According to the report, three Arizona military installations fall on the list of Arizona’s ten largest private employers.

The State of Arizona commissioned the study to update the 2002 and 2008 studies of the Economic Impact of Arizona’s Principal Military Operations. According to the report, “the 2002 and 2008 studies demonstrated, one of the largest and yet frequently overlooked employers in Arizona is the United States Department of Defense.”

[Read Economic Impact Of Arizona Military Bases Report 2017 here]

The report found that military installations in the state continue to be major economic drivers, responsible for tens of thousands of jobs and over $250 million in local and state tax revenue.

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The report, prepared by the Maguire Company, states that Arizona’s six military installations and four National Guard operations are responsible for creating over 76,000 direct and indirect jobs and account for nearly $11.5 billion in annual economic output.

“Among the reasons for this study and the prior efforts, cited by the sponsors, are the continuing frequency of proposed state legislation involving the issues relating to the location and activities of the various military operations in the State, the continuing development of land adjacent to a near military facilities, and the continuing possibility of base closures by the Department of Defense,” noted the report’s authors.

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  1. Please retire John. We can’t afford you anymore.

  2. Oh dont worry, the closure of ft Huachuca and DMAFB wll have no impact according to the local pols and the NIMBY’s. Just ask them. Then ask them what will the do when both towns become GHOST TOWNS since tourism and retirees will not cover anything! Oh yes just remember the last couple of days when they had articles here on what really drives the local economy and no indicated these bases. What is the local economy other than county and city government and who will be able to pay ANY TAXes without a job of any sort? Dont worry the county and city will just raise more taxes and play stupid like they always do.

    As to mclame he has not done anything worth while for the state or nation for that matter in 40 years, the only reason he is still in office is the dems have not offered anything better, remember poor little wodney, could not make it on the clowncil so he moved to east la and ran for the seat from there! Just 1 example out of many.

  3. Keep your fingers crossed and hold you breath because DM will be on the list because their main mission is to support the A-10 which is due to be phased out in the next three or so years. Don’t worry about the new wings, if the AF has its way they will simply spend that money on something else new and shiney like the F-35. The A-10? The simply don’t want it or need it. They don’t want to play army anymore, they want to fight in space… They can simply move what is left after the A-10’s leave to another base and most likely will. But then I am sure that the Balloon shop will pick up the tax money and jobs that leave, right Chuck?? Though so. Oh, wait I forgot, the city is waiting to fill downtown with subsidized housing and are hoping the retail will follow. Yea, that will make up for the taxes and jobs to, right??? This area doesn’t have a chance under the enviros and their leader the Huckster. 8th poorest area in the country and damn proud of it. No growth, no jobs, no future. This ought to be the slogan of Pima County and the COT.

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