Trump: Flake’s Political Career Is “Toast”

On Sunday, President Donald Trump responded to Arizona Senator Jeff Flake(y)’s comment about the future of the Republican Party that caught by a hot mic at an event in Mesa last week.

Flake was talking with Mesa Mayor John Giles when his comment that if the Republican Party became “the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast,” was caught on the hot microphone.

Flake, one of the least popular members of Congress has opted not to run for re-election.

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In August, Cronkite News reported on a poll conducted in July by the website Morning Consult. Pollsters “looked at the popularity of each senator in his or her home state and put Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake in the bottom three – trailing only Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

In his book, “Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and A Return to Principle,” which has been widely panned, Flake claimed that the Republican Party has rejectied traditional conservative values. Flake also claimed that Republicans who support Trump are “in denial.”

Arizona politicos say it is Flake, who is in denial.


  1. He will simply switch parties and run as a democrat. He never was a Republican. If there was a Jerk party, he would be leader. Flakey…. move to Minnesota or some state that more reflects your values (or lack thereof).

  2. IMPEACHMENT and Justice.

    Jeff Flake that is your your mission. You must be willing to protect the people, environment, the working class, immigrants, women , children, public education, lgbtq, poor, non white Americans , religious believer who are not breed Christians, indigenous indeed the future of this Country.

    You still have time to block wrongful appointments and protect the people of this free Country.

    That will if you choose be your legacy.

    Richard Hernandez

  3. His political fortunes might be in shambles but his employability is far from over.
    He’ll swim in the swamp for awhile as a lobbyist or he’ll return home and run for local office.
    Flake for dog catcher 2018.

    The Oracle

    • If Flake remains true to his self interests and votes against the Tax package out of childish spite in stead of looking out for his Arizona constituents he should forever feel the contempt of the Arizona Voters and NEVER be elected to any office or be compensated with public monies. Even as Dog Catcher.

  4. Flake is damaging the LDS politics of the state, the hot mike comments have singled out that group, as a group, not representing all the constituents of the state… not a good position to have taken, not a good conversation to have engaged in – now all the other LDS representatives current and future will pay the price of his BIG MOUTH and FAT HEAD… Congratulations Flake you have alienated the state… Moron or Mormon? He’s lumped the two together

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