AZ Republicans Asking Who Is The Idiot After Flake, Giles Caught On Hot Mic

Sen. Jeff Flake and Mesa Mayor John Giles caught bashing republicans on hot mic [Screen shot from ABC15]

Mesa Republicans are asking just who is the idiot after Mesa Mayor John Giles and Sen. Jeff Flake were caught on a hot mic bashing the Republican Party, Roy Moore, and President Donald Trump. Flake, who opted not to run for re-election due to his sinking popularity, is a harsh critic of the Party that has rejected him.

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ABC15 caught the exchange between the two politicians:

“…[if we] become the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast,” Flake said.

“And I am not throwing smoke at you, but you are the guy,” Giles responded. “Just for fun, think about how much fun it would be, just to be the foil, you know, and point out what an idiot this guy [Trump] is.”

According to ABC15, the “camera began to roll mid-sentence, and Flake’s office told us the senator used the word “if we” before our cameras started.
The video does not prove this either way, but the original version of this story did not include Flake’s recollection.”

“Giles didn’t mention Trump by name, but he was apparently remarking about the president,” reported ABC15. “Giles’ office did not dispute the intent of the comment when specifically asked by ABC15.”

Because of his growing unpopularity, Flake now only appears at tightly controlled events. On Friday, Flake appeared before employees at GECO, an aerospace company.


  1. It is about time the Meathead & Gloria television dynamic retired completely. They, we, me, and my age group failed in the last 24 years miserably. Our incepted greed and myopic view of our neighbors. the understanding of realities rather then wants and ideals. Now we are left with point fingers at whats wrong and who’s doing the wrong. Until we all focus on a basis unwavering solid core values like working for a blind lady with scales. It is her and only her that get to add weight. This cant be lost or all is

  2. We already knew who and what they were. So nothing new here except what the left wing nuts in the State keeps voting for them.

  3. richard once again you are short sighted, the dems are the party that is what you are describing but they and the msm wont admit it. Hitlery was the final blow, thats why they are trying so hard to destroy any vestige of propriety in both both parties.

    Cant win so join the latest fad and make sex allegations, but be very quiet when own are shown to be part of the problem. remember they were the party of who cares when the same situation arose with klinton some 20+ years ago, and said the same during the last election cycle.

    Again trump may not be the best choice but he is heads and shoulders above what you and your party had to offer!

  4. History has proven most dynasty’s ate destroyed from the inside out. The Republican party is on that path.

    It so simple a third grader understand. Elected folks serve the people. That problem with Republican party , only selected people. Yes I can share a description it obvious that greed and special interest makes up that group.

    Richard Hernandez

    • Obama made the conscience and deliberate decision in the 2012 campaign for the Dems to abandon whites for the special interests of all other groups. In doing so, he lit the race war, the “Get Whitey” movement that radical chicanos had been promoting for some time via MEChA and LaRaza.

      Now the Dems have lost that white vote, they’ve lost state governorships, most lower houses and senates, the US Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court and almost every county in America.

    • Greed and special interests Richard? You mean like the Clintons and the CGF? You are right about one thing, we really need to drain the swamp of both Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are worthless.

  5. And one wonders why our political system is swamp scum. These two are prime examples. Both have not a clue how things really work and don’t really care. These are typical of most all of our elected lackeys. But surprise, the lackeys have taken over and we allowed them to do it to us. Shame on us…..

  6. Couldn’t be any bigotry toward non-Mormons going on here from these two turncoat ‘Republicans’ from the LDS could there?

  7. What’s in a name?
    At least the Flake is consistent. I’m thinking he’s obsessed with toast, but that does seem to describe him, burnt toast would be even better.

    The Oracle

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