Kirkpatrick Sparks Outrage With Apache As First Language Claim

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s comments about Senator Elizabeth Warren during a ceremony to honor Navajo Code Talkers, former congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick claimed in a Facebook post that Apache was her “first language.” The claim shocked close associates, who know that her native tongue is English.

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Kirkpatrick, like Warren, seems to have appropriated the Native American culture to advance her career, according to friends and family from Northern Arizona. While Kirkpatrick may have spent her early youth on the Apache reservation in northern Arizona, her father, an American of European descent, spoke Apache while running a trading post, according to sources. The trading post served members of the Apache Tribe and catered to mostly White pulp mill workers.

Both of Kirkpatrick’s parents are Americans of European descent. Generally speaking, a person’s “first language” is that language which is spoken at home. According to sources, Kirkpatrick may have had a babysitter, whose first language was Apache, but the language was not the primary language in thehome. When Kirkpatrick was in second grade, her family moved off the reservation to Pinetop-Lakeside. While Kirkpatrick may have uttered the Apache words mááʼ “mother,” or taa “father,” that would likely have been the extent of her “first language” say sources.

Sergio Arellano, a native to southern Arizona and community activist, questioned Kirkpatrick’s motives behind the claim. “This brings back memories of when Fred DuVal, who was running for governor at the time, sprayed himself tan and superimposed his image behind bottles of Dos Equis, trying to look Hispanic,” said Arellano in an interview on the James T. Harris show. “That exposed the fact that these Democrats are not only uncomfortable with their own identities; they lack diversity in their party. They have these Anglos moving in from other districts – coming down – trying to relate to the diverse population in another district – namely CD2. Then she claims that she speaks Apache, and that’s her first language?”

Just last month, a video was released for a short time, in which Kirkpatrick is seen trying to dodge a young Native American woman during a campaign event. The Native American woman wanted to know why Kirkpatrick was ignoring tribal issues. It was not the first video of Kirkpatrick dodging voters. A video of her literally running away from constituents has haunted her for years.

Kirkpatrick, who failed to win reelection during her first term in Congress, left her congressional seat in CD1 last election cycle to run against John McCain. She failed in that effort, and now she’s moved down to southern Arizona. The move has earned her criticism as a “carpetbagger.”


  1. Clearly, the only one Trump ridiculed was Faux-ahantas Elizabeth Warren, NO ONE ELSE but that is the DSemocrat Party way. They are always accusing their opponents , and often their victims, of the acts and crimes they are themselves committing. Of course, today the main sleaze media report these Democrat Party lies as true.

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    It’s now 11:42 A.M.
    Still nothing.
    That’s what I thought.
    0 accomplishments.

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    Vote Democrat,get the swamp back.
    Then we can watch Schumer and Pelosi tell us how great
    they are, as America gets flushed down the toilet.
    A challenge for all you Trump haters; make a list of all the positive
    things Democrats did during the 8 years of the Obama administration that had a positive effect on America.
    You know, stuff like we have to vote it into law so we can read what’s in it.
    Better yet, give us your answer to Americas big the tax issues, Korea, illegals being paid for by hard working Americans. Put them out there for everyone to see how you solve the issues.
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    Yes, I am a VET.

  4. How do you say Carpetbagger in Apache. What’s with Kirkpatrick who has spent the majority of her life in the Pinetop-Lakeside area (6 years in McNary)and all of a sudden She is running in CD2 the most southeast district in the state of Arizona.

    BTW for those who never ventured north of the Salt River, McNary (on Reservation) is less than 5 miles east of the White Mountain Country Club.

  5. “Chaa-duu-ba-itz-iidan” should be Kirkpatrick’s nickname from now on. That was the Chiricahua Apache name for Tommy Lee Jones’ character in the movie The Missing.

  6. What do you expect. She’s a Demoncrap and incapable of telling the truth. She thinks she’s get the Native American vote with the claim because it would be the only way she could win the Flakesters senate seat with the thought “If it worked for the lying Elizabeth Warren it would work for her.

  7. The article should have read: “Kirkpatrick may have uttered the Apache words mááʼ for “mother,” or taa for “father,” or fra for “fraud” that would likely have been the extent of her “first language””….
    Kirkpatrick’s zest for relevancy and thirst for power has driven her to enguage in a reckless abandonment of social sensitivity. She’s just another worthless misguided turd of the Democratic party pawning herself off as something special.
    Better keep those carpet bags close at hand Ann, you just might have to run for dog catcher over in Buzzards Breath Butte. Let me guess, when your not in group therapy for your pathological lying you can talk with the animals, or wear your tin foil thinking cap and speak to the aliens on planet wizzbag…..
    She’s toast, just another slice in the Flake loaf of losers…

    The Oracle

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